How To Find A Simple Girl: 5 Simple Tips To Make Your Dreams Come True

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How To Find A Simple Girl: 5 Simple Tips To Make Your Dreams Come True
How To Find A Simple Girl: 5 Simple Tips To Make Your Dreams Come True

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how to find a simple girl
how to find a simple girl

In this article, we'll show you how to find a simple girl with five steps to help you get things done. If you are empty on the personal front, then the following material is written precisely with the aim of overcoming these problems.

The content of the article

  • 1 Do not seek to find a girl
  • 2 Don't be ahead of the curve
  • 3 Decide who you are looking for
  • 4 Begin to be active and meet more often
  • 5 The most important thing is starting a relationship

Do not seek to find a girl

It sounds strange, but it really is. Many are literally obsessed with how to find a common girl. They put some conditions, the time during which they need to find it, and so on. Do not do this. You need to be as unobtrusive as possible, and if you get the opportunity to get to know each other, then you should not impose your candidacy on the lady as her young man. Give her the opportunity to enjoy gradually growing sympathy for you.

Girls feel interested in you and turn them off. They like the feeling that they are almost there as much as men. Plus, it's a great opportunity to show off your flirting skills. Therefore, you should not push too hard and insist on a relationship.

Don't be ahead of the curve2

Another common mistake is to rush. For example, a girl just agreed to an acquaintance, and the guy has already thought through everything in his head up to the wedding. And after these dreams collapse on the stones of harsh reality, and then the male representatives are disappointed in relationships and in women in general, thereby starting to mix anger on all the girls with their unpleasant and boorish behavior towards them. In addition, if you dream for a long time, you can completely lose the course of events in real life, and it is likely that your new little-known "beloved" will refuse you even an elementary friendship. Be careful with this and live for today, and not illusions about a possible future.

girl on a chair
girl on a chair

Decide who you are looking for3

Before you go hunting and look for a girlfriend, you should decide on who you are looking for. Think over everything as detailed as possible. Think about which girls you liked and find out what united them. Perhaps it's dark hair or green eyes. Based on this, make up your portrait of the future girl. But also do not over-embellish, making your search almost doomed to failure. In addition, you are wondering how to find a simple girl, therefore, it is definitely not worth it to be wise.

If you think that drawing a portrait is useless, then we advise you to just give it a try. You will be surprised, but you will begin to notice more often the girls who suit exactly your desires.

Get active and get to know each other more often4

Now that you have been able to compose a rough portrait of someone you like, you need to start getting to know those who fit the description perfectly. Do not be afraid and worry. By doing this, you only spoil everything, since under severe stress you can say or do something wrong and later you will be incredibly ashamed of it.

You can practice with your friends first. They will tell you if something goes wrong, thereby each time you will become more confident and soon you will be able to demonstrate your skills on a real girl. To overcome your fears, before dating the girl of your dreams, you can set a goal for yourself and, for example, meet 10, or even more, girls in a week.

simple girl dreams
simple girl dreams

The most important thing is starting a relationship5

Let's imagine that you found the one and were able to get to know her. Now the most important thing is to start hinting at a possible continuation of your acquaintance. You should start with simple gifts like flowers, chocolate, and so on. When this step is passed, then it is worth going on the offensive, namely calling out on a date.

Choosing what to do on a date is necessary according to the girl's preferences. If, for example, she loves animals, then you can call her to the zoo or oceanarium. If a girl loves extreme sports, then you can arrange a date by helicopter. There are tons of options, and it's up to you to decide exactly what your date will be. The main thing is that what you are doing pleases you and your companion, otherwise it can lead to a possible termination of communication, which you would hardly want to allow.

During a date, monitor the lady's reaction and then you can understand for sure whether she is teaching the pleasure of the time she spends with you. Then you can determine if your feelings are mutual.

advice how to find a girl
advice how to find a girl

And don't forget that after such a busy day, you should definitely go to dinner. It is better to book a table in any institution in advance so that you do not have to search for a long time, where you can finally enjoy each other's company and food.

When these steps are completed, then little remains to be done. Starting a relationship is much easier than gaining affection and mutual sympathy from the lady of your heart. The main thing is to decide what you want to get from the girl and the relationship, and then the question is "how to find a simple girl?" will disappear by itself.

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