Women Who Absolutely Cannot Live Without A Man

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Women Who Absolutely Cannot Live Without A Man
Women Who Absolutely Cannot Live Without A Man
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woman men
woman men

Women are romantic creatures who dream of meeting their loved one all their lives and living with them all their lives. However, some, independent feminists, calmly live their lives without a single representative of the stronger sex. But other women cannot imagine their everyday life without the presence of a man in them: a mustachioed, fat, thin, red-haired, bald.

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  • 1 Lack of self-love
  • 2 Do not sit up in girls …
  • 3 My protector
  • 4 Lover of the stronger sex
  • 5 Miss "I need a man"

Bad, but mine. One half of the women carefully selects a candidate for husbands or lovers, the latter desperately open their arms to the first person they meet. Loneliness seems to them the strongest torment, while other ladies revel in freedom with pleasure.

Why can't some women be single? There are several main reasons.

Lack of self-love

Low self-esteem in girls requires close attention to their person. The presence of a guy indicates that the young lady is attractive to the stronger sex. It emphasizes her status as a desirable and attractive woman. If a man is walking nearby, then someone needs her. If there is no man, another candidate is urgently sought to be near and give a feeling of security.

However, there is another contingent of insecure women, next to which flocks of men are constantly circling.

A girl who strictly evaluates her own external data, considering herself an unattractive ugly duckling, reveals deep inner qualities. She tries to be kind, caring, seductive, sociable, which attracts a fairly large audience of men.

When a man is absent from such ladies, they become really scared and uncomfortable. They consider themselves unnecessary, worthless, unattractive. They desperately look around looking for a suitable gentleman, often create a marriage relationship, or are in a love story. The main thing is that He, a man, was near.

can't live without male attention
can't live without male attention

Do not sit up in girls … 2

Some girls are trying to quickly start a family or get a crowd of fans, so as not to stay in the "old maids". Perhaps in their family, terrible stories about the great-grandmother, second-cousin aunt and sister-in-law of the second uncle's grandfather passed from mouth to mouth, and who created families. What - an old relative returned terribly frightened after the first wedding night with huge eyes and a firm decision: never to mess with men again.

She said how she cut it off, and imposed a terrible fate on the female half of the dynasty. From an early age, frightened mothers inspire their daughters that "the girl's age is short," if you miss the groom, you will be like grandmother Manka and aunt Tanka, alone - alone. So young maidens grow up with one single goal: to find and keep a man, since you really don't want to join the ranks of Manka - Tanka.

My protector3

There is another category of women who, from early childhood, are accustomed to male company. She was always guarded by her father and brothers. They paid attention to her, protected her, played, not allowing her to step on her own. As an adult, a girl feels strongly dependent on male attention. She urgently needs to have a strong and confident man next to her, who will continue to perform the function of a protector, benefactor, and caring suitor.

Women who love attention to themselves
Women who love attention to themselves

Strong sex lover4

The girl is a flirt, the goddess of flirting and male courtship, finds a certain meaning of life in conquering men's hearts. Her plans do not include the creation of strong family relationships, the birth and upbringing of children, she is eager to conquer most of the male population of the planet and is making every effort for this. Only the place of the gentleman next to her is vacated, the young lady immediately finds a new "victim".

Miss "I need a man" 5

The "lovers of men" have two sides of the coin. In their arsenal there are a lot of both pluses and minuses.

The advantages of such a lady include:

  • Well-groomed appearance (she must be attractive to the stronger sex);
  • Compliance, relaxedness, desire to please a man.
  • Understanding men.
  • The ability to please a gentleman in bed.

A woman who cannot live without a boyfriend tries to please him, both morally and physically. She will fill his space with affectionate messages, phone calls, care and attention.

They need male attention
They need male attention

The disadvantages of such a girl include the following:

  • Intrusiveness. She is so afraid of being without a man that she sees her future with the “first comer”. Before he could ask the lady out on a date, she mentally became engaged to him in a local church.
  • A large abundance of "former". As a rule, these ladies do not know how to realistically evaluate both their feelings for a man and the expectations that are associated with him. They do not work on relationships with any of them, and after hysterical evenings, they immediately find another applicant who "will make her happy." As a result, every new guy is followed by a string of "former unsuccessful romances."

Unfortunately, these women often do not know what they want. They chase every "blue bird" pinning great hopes on men, not thinking that they must first of all look for the way out on the path of Happiness in themselves.

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