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What Kind Of Men Like Skinny Girls? Let's Tell All About It

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What Kind Of Men Like Skinny Girls? Let's Tell All About It
What Kind Of Men Like Skinny Girls? Let's Tell All About It

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thin girl
thin girl

If we talk about which men like thin companions, first of all, it should be noted that fragile women are most interested in mature, self-sufficient men. They are subconsciously perceived by them as younger and, accordingly, more suitable for carrying and giving birth to healthy children. This fact has even received scientific confirmation.

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The conclusion that thin women are always associated with the age of 18-20 years, came a team of scientists from the University of Aberdeen, led by Professor Speakman. Also, a stereotype has long been formed in society that a thin woman takes care of herself more carefully, she knows how to control her desires and emotions (for example, not ordering another pizza at three in the morning.)

Historical patternsi

It's no secret that throughout human history, the standards of female attractiveness have undergone changes more than once. Thin women were highly prized by the ancient Egyptians. At the same time, most eras, on the contrary, are characterized by a predominance of magnificent female forms.

In our time, when thin, long-legged models, considered the standard of female beauty, are watching us from TV screens here and there. How many women, in order to meet them, exhaust themselves with the most severe diets and unthinkable feats in the gym. However, the fact that the overwhelming number of men choose fragile and, practically weightless women as companions, makes the ladies do the impossible and control every calorie that entered the body.

Wealthy men2

It is these stereotypes that have developed in society that make thin women especially attractive to wealthy men. After all, they are already at a subconscious level used to choosing the best. If a car, then Bentley, if an apartment, then a luxurious penthouse, if a companion, then a skinny girl with a model appearance.

Men "in the body" 3

A well-established pattern suggests that opposites attract. So there is nothing surprising that big men prefer to choose fragile life companions for themselves. He will take care of such a woman, and carry in his arms. It is unlikely that with a weight of 150 kg, a man will be pleased to carry a lady with the same parameters in his arms.

What kind of girls do men like
What kind of girls do men like

It should be noted that this means not only overweight men, but also the owners of gorgeous muscle mass with large body dimensions. Having a thin girl in companions, they emphasize their own appearance very favorably. And men, as you know, are still lovers of showing off.


Not very self-confident representatives of the stronger sex often pay attention to thin girls. Here the factor is triggered that every man instinctively, at a subconscious level, feels a defender.

In this case, it is quite difficult to feel like a kind of Rambo with a lady of 150 kilograms. So, despite the fact that true beauty is, by and large, a phenomenon of social origin, many representatives of the male tribe prefer delicate fragile girls.


Many men, again unconsciously, like to consider themselves to be caregivers in some way. That is, to feel like a guardian, a father. Such desires most often arise in older "macho". They tend to choose not only younger, but also more fragile ladies as partners. After all, it is much easier to embody paternal instincts with them than with large women, especially if they are “in weight”.

What kind of girls do men prefer
What kind of girls do men prefer

"Bed benefits" 6

All men like women who are active in intimate relationships. So all males with an increased level of sexual activity prefer to see a girl with a thin physique next to them.

There is nothing surprising. "Easy on the rise" partner is able to do extraordinary miracles in bed. The little girl is incapable of this simply on the physical level.

Gluttony stereotype7

Oddly enough, overweight women cause men to think about their gastronomic insatiability. Here, according to the logic of things, it turns out that the fuller a woman is, the more money will be required to feed her.

Hence the logical conclusion that stingy men who spare every extra penny will definitely like thin, and, accordingly, more economical females.

Skinny girls
Skinny girls

Summing up8

That's all the definitive answers to the question of which men like thin ones. Given the seriousness of the media's influence on the human psyche, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the obvious majority of men prefer skinny women. Of course, we are not talking about the painful thinness of women suffering from anorexia, but about quite normal slender thinness.

Such women look after themselves, most likely, go to the gym and control excess calories. Most often they are carried away by large men and middle-aged males.

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