Why Men Can't Mint Or Harmful Flora For Men

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Why Men Can't Mint Or Harmful Flora For Men
Why Men Can't Mint Or Harmful Flora For Men

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Why men can't mint
Why men can't mint

Many men and women love the taste of mint. Tea with this herb helps to speed up the brain, as well as cope with colds. But if women can safely drink tea and decoctions based on mint, then some men do not use this plant with caution. The main reason why men should not mint is that it reduces potency.

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Why mint is dangerous for men

With regular consumption of mint-based products, the amount of testosterone in the body decreases. The lack of male hormone leads to a deterioration in potency. The reason for this is menthol contained in peppermint. A negative effect on the male body and, in particular, potency can be produced by: tea with mint and other decoctions, medicinal preparations which include the plant.

Scientists have conducted a study on the effect of mint, or rather tea made from it, on the body of men and women.

Men who were asked to consume mint regularly for four months showed the following results:

  • they have decreased sexual desire;
  • in 70% there was a decrease in sperm motility;
  • 85% had a decrease in erection.

While the results among women were more favorable:

  • decreased testosterone production;
  • hair on the arms and legs has become less common and less noticeable;
  • increased levels of progesterone (female hormone).
why can't mint
why can't mint

Participants in both groups experienced the following improvements after drinking mint tea:

  • falling asleep faster, better sleep and disappearance of nightmares;
  • improving digestion, eliminating signs of heartburn and other disorders;
  • lowering blood pressure, which has a beneficial effect on those suffering from hypertension;
  • slight weight loss due to the weak diuretic effect of the plant;
  • positive effect on the nervous system, calming and relaxing effect, gaining mental balance;
  • improved skin color.

Mint is a plant more suitable for women. It helps them to improve the production of progesterone necessary for the body. Women who want to tidy up the amount of hormones contained in the body are recommended to drink 5 cups of mint tea a day. While its main effect on the male body is reduced by lowering testosterone. Although decoctions with it reduce potency, but, nevertheless, mint has soothing, expectorant and antiemetic properties, as well as reduces blood pressure and helps to fall asleep. In addition, mint helps to slow down the aging process, normalize blood circulation and reduce sore throat.

herbs for men
herbs for men

Therefore, it is worth noting that men should not mint only with regular use. Drinking mint tea, chewing gum, and taking mint-based medications are okay, but not on a regular basis. At the same time, the body of each person is individual, and if one plant interrupts all sexual desire, then it will simply help others to calm down. How to increase potency in men ?! You just need to stop taking mint-based products.

What other herbs are dangerous for men2

There are some other types of herbs that are undesirable for men. These include plants such as:

  1. Licorice. This plant produces an excellent expectorant effect. Doctors prescribe a syrup based on licorice root for both adults and children with complications after ARVI. But if for children such a drug will only benefit, then an adult man needs to drink a syrup based on licorice for two weeks and the level of testosterone in his body will fall by 25%, and the level of progesterone, on the contrary, will increase by 17%. The result may be a decrease in potency during treatment and some period after it.
  2. Melissa looks like mint in appearance and also contains menthol. Therefore, it acts on the male body in a similar way. If you drink tea or decoctions with lemon balm on an ongoing basis, then in a man's body, as well as in a situation with mint, testosterone production will decrease, and its lack is fraught with problems with erection.
forbidden herbs
forbidden herbs

St. John's wort and oregano. Those men who consume tea with these herbs or other products in which they are included, libido decreases. St. John's wort itself is a plant that reduces the effect of certain medications, so it should be used with caution, but in addition it reduces testosterone production. Oregano also reduces desire - reduces libido

To change the male hormonal balance and impair potency, you must consume at least 5 cups of mint tea a day daily. So the main thing is to observe in all measure, and then the periodic use of mint tea, on the contrary, will benefit and improve male potency. After all, the main cause of powerlessness is often severe stress and overwork. Therefore, you can and should drink tea, but in small quantities.

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