Pinocchio Complex Or A Man Exaggerates His Merits

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Pinocchio Complex Or A Man Exaggerates His Merits
Pinocchio Complex Or A Man Exaggerates His Merits

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Online dating is a fairly popular way of communication. A virtual conversation perfectly liberates people, since it allows only those facts that he himself provides to reveal about a person.

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  • 1 Handsome, deceiver …
  • 2 My name is Chef …
  • 3 Look what I have!
  • 4 You are lucky, you are not like everyone else
  • 5 Jeanette, Lunette, Babette, Georgette
  • 6 See you hardly
  • 7 Advice for guys

A stout maiden from Khatsapetovka has the opportunity to establish herself as a slender fashion model from the capital, a simple provincial boy can demonstrate himself as a sports major, and only a close study of the page, a keen eye and great intuition, which was inherited from the grandmother - the seer will help to understand the real essence of a person by the other side of the monitor.

Guys wanting to impress people of the opposite sex tend to exaggerate their dignity, material income and general idea of ​​their person. Recognizing a liar is not always an easy task, but after carefully analyzing the opponent's profile, the girl will calculate the "asshole" and insincere "interlocutor".

Handsome, deceiver … i

A photo on a man's page can tell a lot about him. If the stronger sex in most cases appears in front of the camera in sunglasses, a hood, in hats, in poorly lit rooms or in a crowd of friends, then he has certain problems with self-esteem. Or with external data. Perhaps the guy is trying to embellish his personality, to give some charm to an ordinary appearance.

My name is Chef … 2

The name of the young man, the nickname under which he is signed can tell a lot about his owner. If the full name and surname are written, the girl has a rather mature personality, but if the name contains some important title like “Strong”, “Cool”, “Handsome”, “Sexy”, then the boy is likely exaggerating his dignity. He himself is not sure if he is suitable enough for such a title, and writes attractive adjectives to convince others of this information. Yes, he's cool. It is the coolest, so read it and see for yourself its coolness and importance. Or sexuality.

a man exaggerates his dignity
a man exaggerates his dignity

Look what I have! 3

Demonstration of some parts of the body also speaks of some exaggeration of the merits. A real athlete does not need a large-scale photo shoot of a cube on his stomach, he appears in front of the camera in full growth, on simulators, with a bottle of water, proudly demonstrating a healthy lifestyle. Pseudo pitching in every possible way strains the fifth point, arms and stomach, so that in a suitable position, with appropriate lighting, to demonstrate a kind of pumped-up physique.

You are lucky, you are not like everyone else4

Beautiful in their naivety are the guys who describe a large financial income, material well-being and, at the same time, post photographs against the background of old furniture, worn wallpaper or in a cheap tracksuit. With slippers. If a man has his own business, or a stable job that brings substantial income, he will try to somehow keep the interlocutor up to date, and will not brush off an incomprehensible, superficial phrase.

The guy who sits online 24 hours a day also raises huge doubts about his employment. A busy person, in whose hands monetary transactions take place, does not have so much free time to sit at the monitor.

low self-esteem in men
low self-esteem in men

Jeanette, Lunetta, Babette, Georgette5

A man with low self-esteem talks too much about his former passions, about his achievements on the love front. He excessively exaggerates personal exploits, carefully predicting who, when, in what year and how he sought his attention from the girls. He can show photos of failed brides, all kinds of beauties to convince a new acquaintance of his own irresistibility.

I'll hardly see you6

A girl should be extremely wary of the personality of a guy who is delaying the moment of meeting. A month before the desired event, he painted in all sorts of colors how they would see each other, where they would spend the time, where he wanted to invite her, but as the date approached, he stopped mentioning the meeting or postponed it to an indefinite day. This behavior gives in with the guts of a guy who pretends to be a completely different person.

Instead of a successful businessman, he is an ordinary transporter, instead of toned muscles, his body is filled with cellulite or skinny depressions. He so strongly outlined a tempting picture of his own personality that he has great fears of disclosed deception and prefers not to meet with the young lady who is fascinated by him, rather than being branded as a "rogue" and "balabol".

men care about penis size
men care about penis size

Advice for guys7

Young men should remember the following: to be themselves, regardless of the allurement of virtual communication. You don't need to portray a playboy, a millionaire or a pumped-up handsome man if the man is not. Each product has its own merchant, and he, being himself, will be able to find a suitable girl in front of whom he will not have to blush when he meets.

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