A Girl Cannot Give Birth To A Child: How To Tell A Man About This?

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A Girl Cannot Give Birth To A Child: How To Tell A Man About This?
A Girl Cannot Give Birth To A Child: How To Tell A Man About This?
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Men and women, creating relationships, dream of a joint child, an heir, who will be proof of great love, who has absorbed the best features of appearance and character from two loving people. Unfortunately, some girls do not have the happy opportunity to produce offspring. A terrible medical report - infertility, destroys the dreams of happy motherhood and the opportunity to reward a beloved man with a small miracle.

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  • 1 Tell a man the truth
  • 2 Inquire about his dreams
  • 3 Look positively into the future
  • 4 Give an opportunity to decide

In modern days, sterility does not carry such a tragic imprint. Many couples get along well with this diagnosis, finding other ways out of the situation. A woman who is faced with a similar problem should understand that she is not alone, try to accept this fact and reasonably present it to her partner.

Tell a man the truth

You can't keep silent to a man the fact that a woman will never give birth to a child. Silence for many months and years, hoping for a miracle is not the best option. An honest conversation with a guy is better than any concealment and lies. Perhaps a man is far from wanting to become a father, and is happy to consider the prospect of living a life for himself, he dreams of travel and other fulfilled desires.

As a favorite object to which the couple will pay great attention and care, the guy is ready to purchase a luxurious doggie, or a Persian cat, a parrot, fish or a peach hamster. Recently, the public outlook, views on family values ​​and the continuation of the family have changed somewhat than they were in previous generations.

Many families suffer from a lack of paternal love. A rash decision to have a child leads to the fact that the young dad is not at all ready to raise and love someone else besides himself.

Therefore, most couples are in no hurry to have a child, and some never come to such a decision. So is it worth hiding the fact of female infertility? This may not be disastrous news for the man, and his support will calm the worried woman.

Inquire about his dreams2

The conversation about infertility should start when the relationship takes on a more serious direction. The girl needs to find the right time and place to talk to her sweetheart about the future family. Before starting a frank conversation, you need to ask the guy how he sees the future family, whether there are children in it, and how important it is for him to have them.

how to tell a guy that you can't give birth
how to tell a guy that you can't give birth

Whatever his answer is, starting from “Darling, I think that for full happiness, we shouldn't have little people,” or “Yes, I dream of a big family with five kids, will you give me strong sons?” a man needs to tell the truth and only the truth, regardless of subsequent actions.

Look positively into the future3

A couple of lovers may come to an alternative solution to the problem: adopt a child (and even two), use IVF services or a surrogate mother. Both man and woman should not hide feelings, expectations and various fears associated with infertility and solving the problem. They can study a lot of information taken from the Internet or talk with other people who are faced with infertility and come to a certain decision.

The girl should not rush the man with the answer to the news received. He should consider the difficulties that have arisen as much as possible, weigh the pros and cons, and then express his opinion.

Women may feel guilty and desperate and apologize to a man for robbing him of the joy of becoming a biological father. This behavior will only make the situation worse. You should not blame yourself and your fate for failed motherhood. If this happened, then a different fate is destined for the girl than to become a mother, this fact does not make a woman flawed, in comparison with other, childbearing ladies.

how to tell a man that you cannot give birth
how to tell a man that you cannot give birth

Own fears, feelings of guilt and insecurity can destroy the relationship in a couple, and not the absence of a common child. Oppressed thoughts will poison the mood of both the woman and her partner, so you should sweep aside any negative thoughts and experiences and live a normal, full-fledged life, finding joy in self-improvement, in each other, career, hobbies.

Give an opportunity to decide4

No matter how much a man loves his chosen one, a woman should be prepared for the fact that upon hearing the news of infertility, he will put an end to the development of relations. If a girl is faced with such a situation, she should not grieve unnecessarily and blame herself for the breakup. If a man decided to leave, then he did not love her enough, and did not accept her essence as it is.

With the diagnosis of infertility, many couples become happy families, caring parents, and live full and fulfilling lives.

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