Female Bisexuality: Norm Or Pathology. How To Check Yourself?

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Female Bisexuality: Norm Or Pathology. How To Check Yourself?
Female Bisexuality: Norm Or Pathology. How To Check Yourself?

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Female bisexuality
Female bisexuality

The opportunity for a woman to have sex, both with a partner of the same sex, and the opposite in sexology is designated as - female bisexuality. Such a phenomenon occurs not only among representatives of humanity, but also in the natural world, in the absence of males. The difference between humans and the animal world lies in the fact that the former start such a relationship of their own free will, but animals only as a last resort.

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  • 1 What is the reason for the emergence of bisexuality
  • 2 How to test yourself?
  • 3 Bisexuals are obsessed with sex
  • 4 Education as one of the factors in the manifestation of bisexuality
  • 5 Is it worth trying?

Scientists have conducted studies that have shown that most women on earth are bisexual girls. It's just that not everyone can recognize this fact in favor of morality and morality. The only factor holding women back is the negative attitude of those around them towards people of non-traditional orientation. Who knows, perhaps if humanity were tolerant, the ladies would not be shy about their desires.

What is the reason for the emergence of bisexualityi

Of all those surveyed, only 30% of women admitted that they are bisexual. This figure is growing rapidly, scientists assure that in a few decades there will be more such ladies in society. Why do women decide to take such a step and what is the main reason? There is a fashion for unconventional relationships in the modern world. Basically, famous people declare their orientation, their fans are ready to imitate them. The experts described the reasons for bisexuality:

  • Good relationship between girlfriends. As a rule, girls who do not have a life partner become bisexual. However, they have a close friend who can support them in any difficult situation. For such ladies, any sad relationship with a man is a kind of impetus.
  • They begin to complain to a close friend, and suddenly both realize that they are very comfortable together. But same-sex relationships do not always have a successful outcome, as a rule, friends eventually stop communicating and try to completely forget about this "misunderstanding".
  • Dislike for the male sex. An elementary resentment and a long absence of a loved one often cause the appearance of bisexual tendencies. As a rule, a woman begins to look for shortcomings in men and, the most interesting thing, finds a lot of leads, because of which she does not want to have anything to do with them.
  • Experiments on female love end quickly as soon as one of the ladies has an attractive friend on the way.
  • The desire to be different. Female bisexuality often begins with the words - I don't want to be like everyone else! This behavior is inherent in young girls who seek to stand out among their peers. Such relationships quickly end, as soon as the girl grows up. And this is not strange - every woman dreams of a normal family, lover and children.

How to check yourself? 2

In order to find out how much a woman's sympathy is stronger than a normal relationship, it is important to analyze your feelings. Bisexuality is not only a sexual interest in a person of the same sex, it is also an irresistible desire to create a family, care. That is, you must transfer the entire range of sensations that is available in a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex.

what is female bisexuality
what is female bisexuality

If you are sometimes attracted to girls, but you are not considering the prospect of a serious relationship, then you have the first signs of female bisexuality. But you shouldn't call yourself bisexual.

Bisexuals Obsessed With Sex3

There is a perception that bisexuals are more likely to have sex because they like both men and women. However, in life everything is different, bisexuality has nothing to do with the messy sex life. Do not think that such people enjoy excessive sex and constant lust.

Each person decides for himself how he relates to intimate relationships. People with the prefix "bi" are no exception, they are also able to direct their own level of sexual activity.

Education as one of the factors in the manifestation of bisexuality4

From the first year of life, the sex of the child acquires a psychological orientation. If a girl was expected to be born in the family, but a boy was born, then the person will strive to show feminine qualities. Not always, but such situations take place.

female bisexuality
female bisexuality

If a mother takes an active "masculine position" in raising a child, the girl will begin to acquire the features of the stronger sex. Accordingly, with growing up, such a person will choose a gentle and affectionate partner, different from the "evil" mother. Hence, female bisexuality manifests itself.

Should you try? five

There is a theory according to which a woman, who is very jealous of her beloved for a certain young lady, would gladly have sex with her. Given the fact that this theory was told by a man, there is no point in believing it completely.

He proved that the desire of a woman to have sex with a partner of the same sex for many is not a pathology, but rather the norm. Although in our time many things, even the most indecent ones, can be considered the norm. It all depends on the addictions of the person. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether to try or not, the main thing is to think it over well so as not to regret it later.

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