How Do You Know If A Married Man Likes You? Analyzing

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How Do You Know If A Married Man Likes You? Analyzing
How Do You Know If A Married Man Likes You? Analyzing

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married man
married man

To understand that you evoke sympathy can be quite difficult. Here, the matter on a catastrophic scale is complicated by the fact that the man is married. It is unlikely that he will show his sympathy openly, unless he is a womanizer and is not looking for a connection for one night. Otherwise, you will have to strain to confirm his sympathy for yourself. Then how do you know that a married man likes you?

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  • 1 High mood
  • 2 Focus on the eyes
  • 3 Special treatment
  • 4 Good memory
  • 5 Movement
  • 6 Casual, not casual encounters
  • 7 Indirect assistance
  • 8 Avoidance
  • 9 A little experiment

Every man in love with a woman shows several signs of sympathy - verbal and non-verbal. In a situation with a married man, you should rely on the non-verbal (gestures, facial expressions, looks, body position). The behavior of a person when he falls in love inevitably changes. It is on him that you need to pay attention.

High spirits i

If you notice that during each meeting a man smiles, jokes and is on a positive wave - this may be a sign of falling in love. It would be nice to ask his good acquaintances how he behaves in ordinary situations. If in life he is calm and balanced - a point in favor of the fact that he likes you.

Attention to the eyes2

Watch how he looks at other women. If you find it difficult to be objective, ask a friend. His sympathy for you can be seen in his eyes. If his gaze in your direction differs from his gaze at others, he looks at you more often than necessary - perhaps you made the correct assumption about his sympathy. The hallmark will be that he looks at you while you do not notice it, but looks away when you turn.

We reveal all the secrets of how to understand that a guy likes you.

Special Treatment 3

Men will not invent a nickname for every woman. If he calls you not by name, but by an invented affectionate word or a word with a grain of good humor, you should think about his attitude towards you.

attention of a married
attention of a married

Good memory4

Does he remember all sorts of little things that you accidentally let slip? Remember what you like and demonstrate this knowledge? Do not convince yourself that this is just a very attentive man who does this to everyone.

Information that is not emotionally motivated is very poorly retained in our memory. If he remembered something about you, then he wanted to remember it.


We are so arranged that at the subconscious level we try to be closer to the object of our sympathy. During a conversation, he may inadvertently lean in your direction, reach out with his hand, or constantly turn towards you. It is worth paying attention to the opposite gesture: one hand is clasped on the wrist with the other. This closed pose is often taken as a signal of dislike, but it has a completely different meaning. By clasping his hands, he tries to restrain himself and prevent impulsive touching you.

signs of a married man in love
signs of a married man in love

Casual not casual meetings 6

A married man cannot make an appointment with you because he is afraid of condemnation or that his wife will know about it. But he is also not able to be inactive. If you notice that you meet him by chance in different places, you should think about his attitude towards you.

Indirect assistance7

How do you know if a married man likes you? If he becomes aware that you have a problem, he will try to solve it. But, again, it is problematic to do it openly. Most likely, he will use the service of your mutual acquaintances. If you notice this in his behavior, this is another proof that you are not indifferent to him.

Avoidance 8

Sometimes men do not show any signs of attention to the girl they fell in love with. If a man before that was absolutely loyal to his wife, then he will be afraid of the appearance of interest in you. Most often this manifests itself in a deliberate avoidance of meetings, coldness, refusal to attend the event where you will be, referring to unconvincing excuses.

married shows interest
married shows interest

But this behavior should not be confused with rudeness. If a man avoids you - perhaps he is in love, but if he is rude to you and simply treats you with disrespect - there can be no question of any love. After all, respect and human attitude are the basis for falling in love.

Little Experiment 9

No matter how hard a man tries to hide his attitude towards you, his jealousy will be immediately visible. You can play on this. Start an innocent flirtation with another man in his company, or pretend to be called by a man you are interested in. His gaze will immediately change, he will show discontent or upset. Let it not be expressed in words, but the non-verbal speaks for itself. If his behavior during your flirting has changed - draw conclusions about his attitude towards you.

married flirting
married flirting

Men who are married are much more careful in expressing their feelings. If you are interested in this man, sometimes you need to take the first step to show that you are interested.

And how to understand that a man is married, you will learn from our article further on the link.

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