How To Become The Perfect Woman: Granny's Tips

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How To Become The Perfect Woman: Granny's Tips
How To Become The Perfect Woman: Granny's Tips

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how to become the perfect woman
how to become the perfect woman

Women's publications, TV shows, websites and "ladies' communities" in a huge excess provide a lot of useful information for the fairer sex to care for their appearance, hair, teeth, body and wardrobe. Girls, big lovers of telling each other which cream and where to use so that the skin is elastic for many years, which cocktails should be used for the thickness and growth of hair.

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  • 1 Good morning, country!
  • 2 Grow the braid to the waist
  • 3 "… Oh, I can still use a typewriter … and I can embroider"
  • 4 Don't falsely testify against your neighbor

And, also in the women's company they like to give advice about relationships, love for the only one, and the arrangement of personal life. Most modern views on the behavior and psychology of women are far from true femininity, which is capable of "saving the world, stopping a rushing horse, extinguishing a fire in a hut." Recently, the ladies have been acting unworthily, stupidly, which greatly repel the stronger sex.

At the same time, women like to repeat that men have stopped seeking women. Previously, there were "real knights" who actively looked after the "ladies of the heart", but now: "the men went wrong …". Perhaps the secret of male behavior is not some kind of evolution of the stronger sex, but some kind of degradation of the female half of humanity?

Modern girls are so lacking in those feminine qualities and lines of behavior that their grandmothers perfectly mastered! Some old-fashioned advice for young women of the present time will help restore the gloss and charm for which the soul of the stronger sex has longed.

Good morning country! I

Politeness and correct manners cannot spoil femininity. It is so important for girls to follow simple rules of good manners, to be cultured, respectful to the environment and sincere, grateful with their boyfriend.

ideal woman
ideal woman

Men are like children, they need a warm smile and sincere praise! Any little thing that a man does for the sake of a woman's "thank you" awakens in him a desire to do bigger things, "move mountains", achieve success in business, and all for the sake of the fact that she smiled and said: "thank you, my hero."

A polite attitude towards people around: a janitor, a cleaner, a controller, a waiter, makes a woman even more remarkable and pretty. While arrogant rude, with excellent physical data, disgust and desire to leave their society.

Grow braid to the waist2

The appearance of a feminine lady of the twentieth century implied a soft silhouette in a delicate dress with long flowing hair. Modern girls abuse jeans, men's shoes, short haircuts, which does not make them more attractive.

Men are very attracted to women with long hair, seductive or flying skirts. They really like to touch soft curls, to run their palm into luxurious female strands. Fashionable haircuts and wild hair colors deprive women of special attractiveness, and men - the pleasure of watching a second half with a disheveled shock of hair.

how to become perfect
how to become perfect

"… Oh, I can still use a typewriter … and I can embroider" 3

Women of the new generation learn to drive, do yoga, speak a foreign language, understand Morse code and sign language, computer programming and play the guitar. The girls abandoned such exciting female fun as: sewing clothes, embroidery, cooking, knitting. Hobbies for such activities not only bring a certain amount of pleasure, but help their own creation of comfort and practical things in the house.

No matter how a man gets carried away by a seductive girl who, apart from a striptease in an apron, has nothing else to do in the kitchen, a girl is a needlewoman, he will consider a true treasure.

Yes, let Raisa do a wonderful erotic massage, know a lot about wines and smoke a hookah beautifully, but Nadenka bakes delicious pies, sewed him new jeans and knitted a warm scarf. Attention to the question: which of the two lovely women, Fedor wants to see as a wife? The answer seems to be obvious.

Do not falsely testify against your neighbor4

In the old days, one of the fairer sex came up with a wise proverb: "Do not wash dirty linen in public." But modern ladies can't even live a day so as not to notify her friends about what is happening in her relationship with a man, in bed, at the table, and another stage of communication.

what does an ideal woman look like?
what does an ideal woman look like?

The best friend of a woman knows all the subtleties and weaknesses of her man, down to what he was ill with in childhood, where he has acne and birthmarks, where are the sizes, advantages and disadvantages. Such frankness makes men angry and annoying. They have a huge dislike for their partner's friends, suggesting that she, as if "sees right through them."

Do not forget that such gossip gives rise to a bunch of gossip, envy, slander and misunderstanding. A woman needs to keep her mouth shut and be firmly aware of what and to whom she should say.

Grandma's advice on the "device" of an ideal woman is quite simple and real. To be a real woman, a modern lady needs to be: gentle, polite, grateful and economical. Nothing complicated. And how to become an ideal wife, you will learn from our next article on the link.

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