How And When Is It Possible To Leave The Friend Zone: “the Ice Is Melting Between Us”?

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How And When Is It Possible To Leave The Friend Zone: “the Ice Is Melting Between Us”?
How And When Is It Possible To Leave The Friend Zone: “the Ice Is Melting Between Us”?

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When can I leave the friend zone
When can I leave the friend zone

Violation of the boundaries of the friend zone is a very dangerous event. Determining the moment when a girl is not against rapprochement can be very difficult. But there are many signs that it's time to stop being friends. Here are a few feminine lotions that will help you understand this issue.

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  • 1 Hot as a flame, cold as ice
  • 2 "Waiting for an answer like a nightingale of summer"
  • 3 She is always free
  • 4 "My light, mirror, tell me …"
  • 5 Skeletons in the closet
  • 6 Joke humor
  • 7 "Stirlitz, and I ask you to stay …"
  • 8 Silence is golden
  • 9 Neither yes nor no, but where is the answer?
  • 10 "I miss you …"
  • 11 "Wait, locomotive, don't knock the wheels …"

Hot as a flame, cold as ice

Girls are very eccentric creatures. Today they are affectionate puski, and tomorrow they can begin to play the role of the Snow Queen. This is normal and has nothing to do with PMS. Thus, the girl flirts.

Banal check of guys for adequacy. This is nature: first smack-smack and, bam, sharp bite. You don't need to panic and read books on psychiatry. A friend has normal, ordinary cockroaches in her head. She just flirts like that, and at the same time probes the guy's character.

"I'm waiting for an answer, like a nightingale of summer" 2

If a girl is interested in a man, then she will answer an SMS even while she is in a nail salon. The speed with which she responds to messages is a direct indicator that she is waiting for the next "popping" notification and keeps the phone at hand.

She is always free3

Yes, even a flood! She is always ready to meet. If a girl does not refuse to spend time together, and is ready to leave in an hour, then this says only one thing: she is interested in the guy, she wants communication, it is important for her to be there at any time.

"My light, mirror, tell me …" 4

Any showcase, phone screen, car mirror - everything performs one single function: an assessment of appearance. A girl can look anything, but not a single curl will come out of her hair, even if it is a banal ponytail. Even if the guy invited for a potato, she will be fully armed and will be the sexiest potato digger.

Skeletons in the closet5

When and how to leave the friend zone, the girl herself will tell you. She invites a guy to visit her "Narnia". Themes are sincere, no abstraction: family, past, childhood. Moreover, she begins to extract similar information from a friend. This moment of rapprochement directly indicates that she wants closer communication, that she trusts.

Joke of humor6

Do not think that a bunch of barbs, verbal sores and stupid jokes are an attempt to humiliate. Well, girls do not know how to joke in any other way. Not all comedy women. She is just comfortable and safe.


Even if the joke is more than unsuccessful, you should not fall into prostration. It is enough to laugh it off gently or pretend to be sad. The girl brakes in her wits attraction and begins to console. There is a chance to break the kiss.

"Stirlitz, and I ask you to stay …" 7

Despite the fact that a girl can invite a guy with her past, she often leaves some veil of secrecy. But this does not mean that she is hiding something. This means that she wants to continue some scouting game. After all, if a man is interested in her, then he will certainly want to know what is impossible. So it's time to start a reconnaissance operation, the girl will definitely not mind, moreover, she wants it.

Silence is gold8

But not in the sense that you need to turn into a deaf-mute. Here is another meaning of the saying. To check how ready a girl is to leave the friend zone, you need to be silent for a while. And here there are two options for the development of events: either the girl also disappears from the horizon of communication and does not care, or she begins to attack with messages.

leave the friend zone
leave the friend zone

They can contain anything: an invitation to take a walk, trivial questions about "how are you" and stories about a past day or event.

Neither yes nor no, but where is the answer?

Oh, the girls are so cunning. They are only straightforward if they are definitely not going to start a relationship. Then it’s not just a refusal. Showing perseverance, you can run into rudeness. But if the girl is not against the development of relations, then she will definitely start playing hide and seek. Well, girls love to play around, to amuse their female essence. The feeling of hunting is very important for girls, that it is sought, wanted, conquered. Isn't it difficult to play along?

"I miss you …" 10

This is one of the coolest features of girls. She will endlessly shy away from meetings, finding a lot of excuses, but at the same time spreading endless "mi-mi-mi" on the topic "I miss you." All you have to do is actively attack your friend. If there are doubts that she powders the brains, then the item "silence is gold" is applied. It worked? Hence the continuation follows. No - well, no, and no trial. It didn’t grow together.

"Wait, locomotive, don't knock the wheels …" 11

how to leave the friend zone
how to leave the friend zone

Girls love pauses. They can be inconsistent in their decisions, their behavior is devoid of logic, they can throw out such kandibobers that at least stop, stop falling. Yes, then no - this is in the order of things. There is no need to go into prostration and give up. This is just a test for lice. Withstood - get a prize. Baked - sushi paddles. It's simple.

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