Desperate Woman In Love: Follow You Even To The Ends Of The World

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Desperate Woman In Love: Follow You Even To The Ends Of The World
Desperate Woman In Love: Follow You Even To The Ends Of The World
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girl in love
girl in love

Previously, knights sought the favor of a lady dear to their hearts and went on the most dangerous and dizzying actions: they fought in tournaments, killed dragons (at least they say so), sang serenades under the windows, conquered cities and countries. The beautiful mademoiselles sighed sweetly and lowered the handkerchief to the ground, which did not have time to reach the earth's surface, caught by a dexterous male palm.

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  • 1 Hijacked you, hijacked
  • 2 We will have a baby!
  • 3 Stop! Hands up!
  • 4 Follow you to the end of the world

Yes, for the sake of his beloved, the man of the Middle Ages was ready for anything. But not one act of a selfless knight, heroic Prometheus can be compared with the actions and plans of a desperately in love woman. Even in the old days, some ladies secretly sighed over embroidery, while others fearlessly marched on military campaigns, changed into men's outfits, hounded mistresses and arranged an escape from the dungeon for their beloved man.

Since then, nothing has changed in order to achieve the location of the desired man, girls are capable of much.

I hijacked you, hijacked you

In the struggle for the stronger sex, girls do not disdain by any means. They are able to betray family members, close friends, to sacrifice pride and self-respect.

Yesterday the girlfriends swore to each other in devotion and eternal friendship, and today one of them makes eyes at the boyfriend of her friend, whom she loves for half her life, for the sake of "sports interest", self-affirmation or personal love interest.

The girls conduct frank dialogues, devoting the "named sister" to the most intimate secrets, which she easily uses for her own purposes - to get someone else's man.

what a woman in love is ready for
what a woman in love is ready for

While a friend prepares tea, spends time at work, walks the cat, the "insidious friend" enters into the man's trust, blurts out secrets, seasoning with her own imagination, uses the trump cards that are so lacking in a friend's relationship: heart-to-heart conversation, homemade cakes, looseness in communication, quality blowjob, finally. A man, like a child, reaches out for "snacks" and gradually becomes a traitor. More precisely, an accomplice of a great Betrayal, both on the part of a friend and as an unfaithful partner.

We will have a baby! 2

Unplanned pregnancy ranks second in the ranking of “hunting for men”. In principle, it is "unplanned" only for the stronger sex. TV series and popular films in great abundance present the viewers with a situation when a desperate girl, wanting to get a lover, arranges a situation of her own fertilization, or skillfully lies about pregnancy.

In life, such situations arise in abundance. The girls persuade the guys to agree to unprotected sex, and later they present them with a "kinder surprise", with dignity. Here, look what happened! We have to get married … The trap slammed shut.

what will a woman in love do
what will a woman in love do

Usually in the future such marriages will sooner or later lead to a break in relations, but at first women have a great opportunity to revel in the helplessness and dedication of the “future daddy”.

Stand! Hands up! 3

Controlling a soul mate is the third place in the list "What am I ready for for my beloved." Women who have a tremendous sense of passion and burning love for a man experience tremendous feelings of jealousy and concern. They are so afraid of losing their sweetheart that they try in every possible way to control his behavior, the presence of familiar girls, free time with friends and relatives.

Any look of a partner directed towards a saleswoman, hairdresser, usher, doctor, neighbor, causes a wave of alertness and psychoanalysis in a woman: “What does this look mean? Did she interest him? Do they know each other? They slept??"

When going to visit friends, the guy will have to call back every half hour in order to notify his girlfriend in detail where and with whom they are sitting, whether there are women in sight, what time he will be at home, whether men with wives have come or not, and is there anything there are at least some fairer sex nearby …

what a desperate woman in love is ready for
what a desperate woman in love is ready for

Unfortunately, this behavior sooner or later causes a man's only desire: to run away to the ends of the world!

They get tired of such control, boring questioning and constant stress. They are more attracted to a self-confident woman who, with a smile, lets go to the bachelor party and inquires about whether he is alive, only on the third day. But, apparently, in addition to self-control, indifference reigns in the feelings of such a lady, instead of the selfless love of a woman - hysterical.

Follow you to the end of the world4

A truly loving woman who despaired of seeking the favor of her beloved man is ready for other extravagances:

  • Marry another guy.
  • Leave the country.
  • To look after his dying great-grandmother.
  • Shave your bald head.
  • Wait for a loved one all my life.
what would a desperate woman in love do
what would a desperate woman in love do

In the Soviet film "I Can't Say Goodbye", a girl in love comes to the village to look after and raise her beloved boyfriend, a disabled person, who had previously betrayed her and ridiculed her. As a result, a happy ending awaited them. This is what a woman's true love is like.

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