From Macho To Mattress: TOP - 4 Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys

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From Macho To Mattress: TOP - 4 Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys
From Macho To Mattress: TOP - 4 Reasons Why Girls Reject Guys
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man with cookies
man with cookies

Women's desires and preferences are one big mystery. While some are thrilled with cubic romance, rose petals and teddy bears at the door, others like the typical boors who don’t value her, they are rude and ride bikes. What controls the ladies at this moment is not always known, however, the male population is inclined to consider this a manifestation of the notorious “female logic”.

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  • 2 Loving boyfriend
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But if we leave all the demagoguery overboard, then in some cases the representatives of the stronger sex, under the influence of various stereotypes, make mistakes. Someone will hear that it is necessary to pay less attention to the soulmate so that she burns with desire, and then she is indignant: why did she leave? Or, on the contrary, boys brought up in a matriarchal-despotic family cannot say a word across, and grow into "eternal virgins" who have only erotic dreams from their intimate life. However, there are at least 4 reasons why men cannot find personal happiness: the girl fools her head and keeps her in the friend zone.

Knights of the Order of Idlers

This is exactly the case when guys are piously sure that it is enough to simply exist for the object of love to fall at their feet. And this is depressing, because it has long been known that water does not flow under a lying stone, and a girl does not lie down under a passive young man. The imposed stereotypes unanimously broadcast from television screens: just be yourself, do not attract too much attention, or even better - do a stupid thing so that feelings in her are kindled, as if by magic. But it's worth remembering that guys themselves don't like it when girls behave indifferently, so what are they waiting for doing the same?

It is important here to be persistent, but not harsh. Ladies love it when gentlemen somehow show their interest in them. First, it is an indicator of female sexuality. Like, look, someone likes me. And secondly, this is a sign of a confident man. After all, another simply would not dare even open his mouth in the presence of a secret beloved.

Loving Boyfriend 2

As often happens in life, that a man, on the wave of his feelings, begins to broadcast everywhere about his desire to get closer to his lady of the heart. And it might look cute, but from the outside it looks more like a gorilla dancing with spermatoxicosis. This is a rather fatal mistake - it's too early to talk about sex, when there was not even banal communication yet. Girls love to feel wanted, but they hate it when it all comes down to vagina and dick. And this is understandable, because no one wants to feel like just a sex toy.

Why did the girl reject
Why did the girl reject

The problem is solved simply - be restrained in matters of intimacy and do not advertise your erotic thirst. The time will come, and you will be able to get enough and calm down, but for now it is worthwhile to wait so as not to end up on the bench or even outcast.

A hint of feelings 3

Often women themselves sin with this mistake, but they are forgivable, because the female nature is softer and more compliant. However, the reluctance to speak directly about their own desires becomes a real pain in the ass of any modern guy. Hazy half-hints, phrases with double meanings and other riddles only confuse girls. And even if she correctly grasped the meaning of all the gibberish that you gave her, she will wait for direct and understandable answers.

What could be easier! I like it - say, fell in love - say, you can't live without her - tell me! The main thing is not to do it unceremoniously and head-on. Be tactful, because it takes a lot of patience to win the heart of a beauty. But the result will be a cloudless future in the company of your beloved, one and only.

Irresponsible Hero4

Endless promises that will never come true are the main superpowers of such heroes. They are used to showering their future girlfriend with a million tempting offers, but they are not used to fulfilling their promises. No one will like a person who fails over and over again at the right moment. Irresponsibility infuriates women even more than socks on the floor and an unopened tube of toothpaste. That is why it is important for men to be able to take responsibility for their actions and words. Even if it's hard and almost impossible. Otherwise, you shouldn't have promised at all.

Why did the girl refuse
Why did the girl refuse

Feelings and emotions are different for both sexes. And although they say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, life without each other becomes painful and boring. And in order not to while away the days alone and find a worthy life partner, guys just need to justify the title of the stronger sex. After all, every girl dreams of finding such a hero, behind whose back it will be possible to hide from any problems. And if the bogatyr is Hamlo, and his back is so-so, then how can you make plans for the future with him?

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