When Should You Get Tested For Genital Infections?

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When Should You Get Tested For Genital Infections?
When Should You Get Tested For Genital Infections?

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genital infections
genital infections

In an age when there are more fatal diseases than ever before, a person has every right to ask a partner about the presence / absence of sexually transmitted diseases before going to bed with him. You may also be asked about this. Many people try to avoid such questions.

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And this is understandable - for people it may seem offensive. This makes it harder to ask your spouse to get tested. It is worth understanding that a person cares about health, and inquires about infection, not because something seems questionable in the appearance of a partner, in his lifestyle. This is a precautionary measure.

Don't be shy to ask. Think what is more serious - a moment of awkwardness or a significant deterioration in health due to the fear of just asking? Take this seriously. The following tips will help you determine when to get tested and how to ask your beloved to do the same.

New relationshipi

When entering a new relationship, get general testing for sexually transmitted diseases. If you ask only a girl to get tested, she will think that you are more focused on protecting your health than you want to help her. Also, mutual testing will help avoid accusations and outbursts of mistrust - the two of you equally want to drop into a local clinic for peace of mind.

If she refuses to go to the clinic in horror, that's okay. In women, this procedure takes place in a more complex form, and many prefer to replace such a burden with a trip to their gynecologist. This is also a good way out - it's great if the woman chooses one of the options.

However, if she categorically refuses any type of examination, this may mean that she is afraid to find out the answer. This suggests that she is not alien to risky behavior. You should not assume that the woman is 100% infected, but in this situation it is reasonable to use a condom until the passion proves the absence of an STI.

genital infections
genital infections

When trying to get pregnant2

If a couple's primary goal is to become a parent, both of them need to be screened for STDs before trying to conceive. Moreover, this must be done, even if at the beginning of the relationship testing was carried out. What for? The fact is that most sexually transmitted diseases may not show signs of life for many years. It is possible that during the first examination the result for infection was negative, since the disease was in a "dormant" state.

It is important to note that the outcome of both partners is immensely important; a man may have an infection that the woman has not yet picked up, but may do so during pregnancy. Screening is important because diseases such as syphilis and hepatitis B (blood-borne infections that can be asymptomatic for decades) can be passed from mother to fetus, sometimes resulting in premature birth or stillbirth.

If the girl has not yet offered to be examined, you are the initiator. Tell them that you are most likely both clean, but will do anything to keep your child healthy. The woman will take the offer nice.


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Some of you have changed3

If any of you have cheated, you just need to get tested without delay and objection. Even if contraception was used. It reduces risk, but does not eliminate it entirely. For example, if a girl has had oral sex with someone, she can easily become infected with chlamydia and gonorrhea, and pass it on to someone according to the same principle. Bacterial STDs, such as the aforementioned chlamydia and gonorrhea, do not require intercourse to transmit the infection; petting is all that is needed. The same goes for incurable diseases like herpes. Cheating is like opening a box of rotten candy; you never know what you will get, but whatever it is, it will not be pleasant.

One of you notices a physical change4

As we mentioned earlier, most sexually transmitted diseases have a period of time during which they can go unnoticed. For example, if your girlfriend develops an unusual genital ulcer, after a while after the examination, it is more logical to go to the doctor again - perhaps the disease has passed into a more advanced stage, and it will become much easier to identify.

venereal diseases
venereal diseases

The same goes for you; if she notices a significant change in the smell or color of your semen, you should not be offended if she brings this to your attention and asks to be tested. Subsequent testing is in the interests of both. Tell her that you have noticed some changes in her body and ask how she is feeling. Tell her that you are worried about her and think that she should see a gynecologist to rule out an infection.

Do not immediately declare the possibility of contracting an STD. Mention the symptoms, let her draw her own conclusions. If she doesn't understand what you are driving at, tell her that it would be nice if you both got tested. This will sound more like a genuine concern than an accusation.

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