Male Sexuality: A Thoroughbred Stallion Or A Mangy Mongrel

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Male Sexuality: A Thoroughbred Stallion Or A Mangy Mongrel
Male Sexuality: A Thoroughbred Stallion Or A Mangy Mongrel
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Male sexuality is a combination of many factors that allow a woman to make her choice in favor of one man or another. This parameter plays the most important role for every woman. And if at least some point flies out, then the man risks staying in the friend zone forever. Any man has to make a lot of effort to increase the cost, so to speak, to pump himself up in order to compete in the men's market. It is worth making out exactly which points are burning red in a woman's head when she evaluates a man.

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Men's wrapi

A man, absolutely anyone, should look as if he is ready for a photo shoot on the cover of a fashion magazine for women. This applies to everyone, without exception, even those who have been happily married for a long time. Appearance always plays a role. Of course, not all were born "Brad Pitas". What to do? Genes don't choose. But this point is easy to fix! Who said that it is shameful for a man to use creams or go to a beautician and a nail salon? If suddenly a man thinks that the appearance of a tractor driver is the embodiment of brutality, then he can rely exclusively on a milkmaid from the nearest Khatsapetovka. You need to be able to take care of yourself! Then even a bald head or lop-ears can be beaten so that they become the hallmark of an alpha male.

This also applies to clothing. There should not be any castoffs. Only with a needle, only neatly, only fresh. Even if the man is wearing ankle boots and a fishing suit. Do you still remember the scene in the train from the movie "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears"? A note about shoes? An excellent example of a man's assessment. Alentova's look said everything. No comments required.

Perfume. An integral part of a man. The body odor is pleasant only when a person is native to the board, provided that the skin is absolutely clean. In all other cases, a man with a body glistening with sweat is attractive exclusively from a distance and in a music video. So, an attempt to approach a beauty playing with biceps and sparkling with drops of sweat on a tanned body is a 100% fiasco. A man should exude a pleasant scent of cologne, not frantic pheromones.

From all this follows the next point of male sexuality - financial viability.

Money is not happiness2

Only lazy outsiders who have not achieved anything in life think so. The realities are such that even health now can only be afforded by a person with money.

male sexuality
male sexuality

It's not about iPhones, fur coats and convertibles. We are talking about a stable income, which can allow you to buy basic things: hygiene products, clothing, food, accommodation. The banal subway costs money, socks, underpants and shampoo cost money, even a temperature pill costs money. The conclusion is simple to the cramps in the jaws: no money - no woman.

In order to dress well and tastefully, eat right, and keep in shape, you need money. No need to frantically climb into the closet now and take out grandfather's dumbbells in order to proudly shake them to try to prove the opposite. It's not even about the ability to fulfill the natural needs of a person. A woman views any man from the point of view of a potential breadwinner for the family. But how much a man is able to feed offspring is an indicator of his male solvency.

This implies the following:

Social status. If a man is from a normal, well-to-do family, at least by average standards, then the probability of his earning ability is very high. Therefore, there are all the prerequisites for a safe and stable existence next to it. If he is the son of a janitor, but at the same time received a higher education, then his candidacy is not removed from consideration. Such a man can improve his status in just a few years. The son of an oligarch, in turn, under the condition of the "Eugene Onegin" syndrome, can hardly give stability: if the dad is gone, there will be no income, and the son will quickly go to the bottom of life

what is male sexuality
what is male sexuality

Appearance. Only an earning person can provide himself with a decent appearance from fingertips to crown. Even if his shampoo costs 100 rubles, and the haircut is done in a hairdresser around the corner. The main thing is that he can afford it. All these "freelance artists" with weekly fat on their heads and a mud jacket on their nails can continue to "paint", but with themselves

What is not taught in school3

A very important factor in sexuality is the ability to present oneself in society. The art of communication is not taught at school. You can only learn this yourself. This means that if the sight of a gorgeous blonde causes verbal paralysis, and in your head there is only a desire to pull a lock of hair, then pickup courses are simply vital. Well, the baggage of knowledge. Without it, nowhere. And every man should be able to charm a girl with stories about the types of clouds or historical facts about local attractions.

Women don't need much to assess male sexuality. It is enough to observe these three parameters to be sure of your attractiveness. And everything else is already "in the course of the play."

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