Why Do You Sometimes Need And Even Useful To Take A Break From Relationships

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Why Do You Sometimes Need And Even Useful To Take A Break From Relationships
Why Do You Sometimes Need And Even Useful To Take A Break From Relationships
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There comes a moment in the life of every man when he is strongly recommended to live alone. And not just one, but simply turn into an owl. Oh, well, you can easily live without sex for a while. But the restoration of vitality is much more important.

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  • 1 Moment of Truth
  • 2 Reboot all systems and processes
  • 3 "Where are you now, fellow soldiers …"
  • 4 "Live and learn"
  • 5 What is the bottom line?

Moment of Truthi

How do you determine the moment that loneliness is most important now? Everything is very simple: a vicious circle, a round dance of women and sheer disappointment with each new passion. The whole problem is that people think that next time … It won't be better next time. It's like high jumps in physical education class at school: one jump, two jump, three jump, and all are unsuccessful.

Fatigue grows and every time it becomes more difficult to reach the bar. In relationships, everything is the same: fatigue sets in, only mental. And this is worse than physical exhaustion. Everyone probably remembers the moment when relationships bring emptiness. They try to fill it with new ones, but nothing comes of it. So the moment of truth has come. The moment when it's time to take time out.

Reboot all systems and processes2

The first thing to do is get yourself some rest. It doesn't matter which one: active or passive. Just don't put roots on the couch, pouring beer and flavored with chips. This is not rest, it is a direct path to prolonged depression and degradation. A backpack on the shoulders or a ticket to the teeth, and go!

How great it is when you can fry yourself in the sun or cook your ear over the fire, and no one disturbs the peace with blunt calls, whims, control and other annoying actions. This is not called loneliness, this is called freedom. In all its glory. During such a period, it turns out that the salary is quite normal and a second job is not needed, because the money even remains.

You can eat a large, juicy piece of meat rather than a cabbage leaf. You can swim in the pool in the morning, and in the evening drive to the gym and, when you come home, go to sleep stupidly, and not participate in a circus performance with candles and peignoirs. And you can also get yourself a normal dog, and not an incomprehensible shaggy garbage that is afraid of its own tail, but at the same time vile crap, anywhere, just not on the street. The coolest time, by the way, if you don't overdo it with throwing socks and other chaos of protest.

taking a break from relationships is important
taking a break from relationships is important

"Where are you now, fellow soldiers …" 3

Before the relationship began, everyone had friends with whom they experienced a lot. But the vile deffka made a pestilence, and all the friends were blown away by the wind. It is unlikely that they are somewhere far away and have not forgiven the "love" betrayal. Most likely, they just hid and wait for the prisoner to find freedom. All that needs to be done is one call and make a dying groan into the receiver. In less than 5 minutes, the house will start a light death of funny idiots blowing up firecrackers in the toilet.

But it may happen that old friends have also been in captivity for a long time, and there is no way to return them to serenity. Then you need to make new friends. Where can I get them? Anywhere. At least at work. Of course, no one says that like-minded people will immediately be found. But everything is in our own hands and it is necessary to work in this direction.

Having acquired a new circle of friends, freedom will be painted with bright colors, will spin in a round dance of new events and knowledge. This can generally lead to a new level of living.

need to take a break from relationships
need to take a break from relationships

"Live and learn" 4

And how are your dreams doing there? A break in a relationship is a great excuse for self-realization. What seemed unattainable or was thrown into the attic of life, it's time to start putting it into practice. Did you want to become an electrician or master a motorcycle? So what's stopping you? Did you have a dream to read the entire Russian State Library? Well, that means it's time to issue a library card. Those who are bolder can go for a new level of knowledge and enroll in a university at a completely polar faculty. Suddenly a great psychologist or chemist lives inside. Loneliness, oh, no, freedom, opens up new horizons for everyone who is not burdened with relationships.

What is the bottom line? 5

How long can it take before there is an internal readiness for a new relationship. Nobody knows that. Someone meets a new love in a year, and someone gets so used to their freedom that they turn into an inveterate bachelor. But there is another option. A year later, in 2 - 3, a new self-sufficient personality is born from a person wrapped in problems. This person has a healthy, fit body, rich intellect, and a solid bank account.

it's good to take a break from relationships
it's good to take a break from relationships

The most stubborn can boast of their own square meters and a good car. An enviable candidate, by the way, there will be no end to the applicants. And only once a pause was taken. And this is where the fun begins. A person already knows what he wants, and who is worthy to be around, which means he becomes more selective and does not exchange for anyone. Then it's worth starting a new, healthy, productive relationship.

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