How To Be Friends With Your Ex So That The Current One Is Not Jealous?

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How To Be Friends With Your Ex So That The Current One Is Not Jealous?
How To Be Friends With Your Ex So That The Current One Is Not Jealous?
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a man and two girls
a man and two girls

So, you stayed on good terms with your ex. Wonderful! You are an adult who knows how to forget the past and live in the present! But know that such a friendship threatens with serious consequences for the relationship with the current woman. Dating a man who is friends with his ex is one of the items on every girl's list of nightmares.

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  • 1 Don't get angry if she admits to being jealous
  • 2 Convince her that the relationship with the ex is in an irrevocable past
  • 3 Never compare your ex to your current
  • 4 Make sure your current girlfriend knows she's your priority
  • 5 Set some boundaries and stick to them
  • 6 Schedule a meeting for the three of you

If your lady is sarcastic about such a friendship, don't panic. This is completely natural, and there are some easy ways to ease her anxiety! Below, we'll give you some tips on what to do (and what should never be done) to keep all three comfortable. It might take a lot of work, but you need a healthy relationship, right?

Don't be angry if she confesses that she is jealous

Jealousy is a natural process. Especially when it comes to old relationships. It is important to respond correctly to a woman's indignation. Getting angry is the worst possible way to deal with a situation. For starters, it will only confirm her worst fears if you go to defend your ex. Guilty people do this! So stop this and try to step into her place for a minute. How would you feel if she was constantly hanging out with her ex (the guy people often mistake for Hemsworth's brother)? Not very good, right?

Don't be harsh. Being friends with your ex is unusual, and it's perfectly understandable that your woman will feel uncomfortable. Understand her feelings, and she will be grateful to you for it. Imbued with understanding and endurance - you will have to argue on this topic more than once.

Convince her that her relationship with her ex is in an irrevocable past

You need to explain why your ex is not a threat to your current relationship. Don't say lightly, “Oh, we're just friends now,” that's all. Support words with facts and arguments. Your girlfriend feels insecure and thinks that at any time you want to return to your previous relationship with your ex. Convince her that this is not the case. Give a couple of undeniable arguments.

friendship with ex
friendship with ex

But in any case, do not move away from the conversation. You do not want to talk on this topic, because for yourself you know that friendship with the ex does not threaten anything, and therefore the arguments in the opposite that your passion will lead will seem absurd. She will think that you just do not know what to say and in every possible way dodge the conversation.

Never compare your ex to your current 3

Especially if, by some criterion, the former girlfriend surpassed the current one. This will radically affect the self-esteem of your significant other. And now she will think that you miss your previous relationship.

Of course, subconsciously you will be comparing these two people, but never say it out loud - you can run into trouble! Over time, your girlfriend will calm down and become much more relaxed - if you stop flattering your ex and praising her specific qualities.

ex girlfriend
ex girlfriend

Make sure your current girlfriend knows she's your priority

“I know we are having dinner with your aunt tonight, but do you mind if I refuse? Lera needs help to move to a new place,”you say to your girlfriend. This kind of proposal is a horror movie script! If both girls ask you to meet, with something to help, always make a choice in favor of your beloved. Your woman should never feel like she comes second, or like she should be fighting for your affection. Both women have their place in your life: do not confuse the two roles.

Set some boundaries and stick to them5

You can be friends with your ex-girlfriend, but that doesn't mean that she's a friend just like all other friends! For example, you should never discuss a relationship with her - this is inappropriate. Staying overnight with her is also impermissible. Just set some limits and follow them.

Ask your sweetheart about what will make her feel comfortable. Say, "I know you may have some concerns: what can I do to rid you of them?" It may seem annoying and somewhat humiliating to make rules right now, but later on they will save you a lot of problems.

how to be friends with an ex
how to be friends with an ex

Schedule a meeting for the three of you6

For many, such an alignment will not be the most successful prospect, but this is only at first. When you all meet in a movie or restaurant, the girl will see how your communication with your ex is going, and she herself will make sure that she has no reason to worry. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times! Moreover, girls will be able to make friends and become better opinions of each other. Who knows, maybe they will truly become friends, and will meet from now on even without your presence? Anyway, good luck figuring out this triangle!

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