Which Men Do Women Prefer Or Argue About Tastes

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Which Men Do Women Prefer Or Argue About Tastes
Which Men Do Women Prefer Or Argue About Tastes
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What kind of men do women prefer
What kind of men do women prefer

For a long time, there has been constant debate on the topic: "What kind of men do women prefer?" This dispute continues to this day. However, there are a lot of psychological studies that give a fairly clear answer to this burning question.

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  • 1 Nice guy syndrome
  • 2 Man for one night
  • 3 Experiment by Joffrey Urbaniak and Peter Killman
  • 4 The ideal man
  • 5 What traits do ladies dislike?
  • 6 Conclusion

Nice Guy Syndromei

"You're so cute. I like talking to you so much. What? In love since childhood? I'm sorry, but we're just friends. " Such statements can often be heard by insecure men. In psychology, this type of people is called a "nice guy."

Do not think that kind and sympathetic men are loved by everyone. However, "glorious", in this case, has a slightly different meaning. In fact, such a person puts the interests of others above his own. He just goes with the flow, while constantly accumulating internal aggression. It seems to him that the world must bend under him. After all, he has pure karma, and he is ready to help everyone. But such people forget about the most important thing in life - about their own I.

Girls cannot date such men for a long time. They get tired of their negativity and passivity. They want an inner core and, no, this is not a dirty joke. A man must have ambition. He must strive forward and never stop. Glorious is not capable of this.

One Night Man 2

From all of the above, it seems that the ladies prefer the rebels. Real macho who will be taken into the sunset on an iron horse. But it’s not that simple.

What kind of men like
What kind of men like

Everyone has watched a classic romantic comedy at least once in their life, in which a girl is ready to escape from a wedding with a tough guy. Does this happen in life? Perhaps, but extremely rare.

The fact is that women often choose such "cool guys" as a temporary refuge. For her, he is a transit point, a man for one night. Therefore, she will not build a long-term relationship with such a person.

Experiment by Joffrey Urbaniak and Peter Killman3

Stop. It turns out some kind of porridge. Nice girls don't suit, cool girls too! Are all women lesbians? Of course not.

One day, two psychologists set up a social experiment. They compiled three male questionnaires. The first one described a “good guy” - for him, ideal relationships are built on trust, while he is ready to go to great lengths for the sake of his betrothed. The second guy is an ordinary, so-called middle peasant. The third is a rebel, for whom only his interests are important (in other words, a woman - cook borscht while I am having fun).

What kind of men do women like
What kind of men do women like

200 women were asked the question: with whom would you build a long-term relationship? The choice fell on the first candidate, almost 70% of women. Paradox.

Perfect man4

So it turns out you can be a nice guy and enjoy life? Again, it's not that simple. Life is not divided into black and white, because it is gray.

A man who has a lot of positive qualities attracts a woman much more. She sees in him an ideal life companion. He believes that he will be able to lead her through all the thorns and bumps.

However, he must have character. After all, a man is always a man. He must be able to say the word "no". At the same time, be reasonable and not turn into a tyrant.

In addition, girls like it when their interests are shared. Couples with similar interests last much longer than others.

What kind of man do you want
What kind of man do you want

What traits do ladies dislike? five

First of all, girls hate talkative ones. Of course, they love with their ears. But, as I all know, a man must still use his hands competently in order to fully satisfy his partner.

Empty chatter repels. It must be backed up by action. Don't make empty promises. They only break a fragile girl's heart.

In addition, there must be balance in everything, especially in personal care. Yin and Yang. Men who spend more time in the shower than girls are intimidated. Unkempt and unkempt, in turn, do not sexually arouse.

Also, do not constantly throw compliments. Women are also owners. The lady of the heart should be the main valve. Only she drives the blood through the veins. The rest are just passers-by who should not be overlooked.

Which man to choose
Which man to choose

Girls love gifts. They should be given periodically and ideally for no reason. After all, a present on a holiday is pleasant, but a spontaneous surprise is triple pleasant. Pamper your beloved, and she will fulfill any whim, not even for money.


So what kind of men do women want? Let's try to systematize everything and draw a portrait of the ideal man.

The guy should be with a rod. He should have his own opinion on any issue. Moreover, it should have many positive qualities. He is ready to make concessions and compromises. And most importantly, he really loves his chosen one and will do anything for her sake. Complicated? Of course, but for the sake of light feelings people are ready for a lot. Therefore, do not be afraid to plunge into this pool.

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