Looking At Each Other Or Looking In One Direction?

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Looking At Each Other Or Looking In One Direction?
Looking At Each Other Or Looking In One Direction?
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a beautiful couple
a beautiful couple

Relationships begin, develop … You have been together for a year, something is happening, there is no longer such a hassle before a date, everything is going on much calmer. How do you know that they have turned into something serious and have not begun to fade away? It is difficult to understand yourself, but how to figure out what is happening in the soul of another person? What if it was just a hobby or passion, safely approaching its logical conclusion? Let's try to analyze the situation.

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  • 2 Magnetism
  • 3 Sex
  • 4 Common acquaintances and interests
  • 5 Treason does not plant treason
  • 6 Attitude of others


Remember how at the very beginning you could not stop talking? There were many topics, you did not get tired of learning something new about each other, no matter if it concerned the person himself, his hobbies, watched films, read books, childhood and even relatives. It is clear that many of you now know by heart, but if now it is more comfortable for you to sit next to you, buried in gadgets, this is a bad call.

Try to throw a topic for conversation and gauge the reaction. Did you manage to talk? Was it interesting or did it come down to a couple of monosyllabic phrases? There is something to think about.


Everybody has some fun trying to push magnets together with the same poles or prevent different ones from sticking together. Sometimes the same thing happens to people. Do you feel good together or is it a habit? If at every opportunity you want to screw up somewhere alone, and the prospect of an evening together causes a yawn, this is not a good sign.

In the evenings and on weekends, more and more time is spent separately, because your friends are so different that a common company does not work out in any way, and without gatherings with friends you cannot. At the same time, no one protests against the fact that you will spend the next weekend away from each other. It is unlikely that your relationship has a future.

What connects you in general? Sex?


Situations with him can be very different.

Are you in general now connected only by him and bed - the only place where you are comfortable together? That, of course, is almost hopeless in terms of relationships, but sex is not the last spoke in the chariot, people sometimes live a happy family life, which is based only on stunning sex. If this is your case, then the future will depend only on the ability to negotiate. It is quite difficult to part for people who are doing well in bed. Maybe you just do not stop this activity?

Couple looking at each other
Couple looking at each other

The completely opposite situation also happens. Everything is fine, but there is less and less sex. Here, too, everything depends on the relationship between people and the needs of both. There are many couples for whom sex does not matter at all and is extremely rare. They are united by common interests, mutual respect, love, but for one reason or another, sex in this does not even play a secondary role. People are different, not everyone needs it, no matter how strange it may sound. If this situation is to the liking of both - bingo! You will be happy for years to come. If at least one partner is not satisfied with the amount of sex, there is a chance that in the near future you will become just good friends.

If there are no extremes, you feel good in bed, but this is not the main thing - it is rather a good sign.

Common acquaintances and interests4

How many statements would you agree with?

  • There are no mutual acquaintances on Instagram on the partner's page, and each photo requires an explanation.
  • You don't have common hobbies, for example, one loves sports and team games, and the other loves a sofa and books.
  • Once you went to rest together for a week and by the end of the trip you didn't know where to go and what to do.
  • The interests of each other do not evoke sympathy, but rather bewilderment and disgust.
  • You are annoyed by each other's friends.
  • There are absolutely no common topics for conversation, except for the weather, past and upcoming events.
  • When someone calls on the phone, you have to go to another room to talk - too much personal information.
  • Each has its own rich life, they do not intersect.
Look at each other
Look at each other

If you agree with at least a couple of these statements, then your relationship is at risk. Are you sure this will upset you?

Treason does not plant treason5

In a relationship, the presence of someone else has been felt for a long time, perhaps more than one, because you know for sure about the first one. Another person has long appeared in your life, this, of course, is not serious, but the feeling that there is still someone is constantly haunted. Not with you.

The most amazing thing: no one cares. Nobody makes scenes of jealousy. Indifference. This is the worst thing. This is the end.

Attitude of others6

Oddly enough, from the outside it is often more visible. What do parents and friends say? Sometimes it's worth listening to their opinion.

Parents only sigh, and beloved friend and girlfriend hiss like scalded cats at the sight of your halves? Perhaps they have good reasons for this. Maybe they just see your discrepancy to each other, and it also happens that there is a more compelling reason that they do not want to inform you about, for fear of causing distrust and a quarrel. Maybe it's time to listen?

Lovers look at each other
Lovers look at each other

The situation can be completely opposite. Parents ate both bald heads with questions about the wedding. Friends hint that they love big and noisy parties. There seems to be an affair between potential witnesses. Maybe it's time to listen, honestly, but for the wedding?

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