Ideal Relationship: Rescue Tips For First Dates

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Ideal Relationship: Rescue Tips For First Dates
Ideal Relationship: Rescue Tips For First Dates
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We each have our own idea of ​​the perfect first date. It is an indicator of the development of relations in the future. Therefore, it is very important to be fully prepared so that it goes perfectly.

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  • 1 Don't be afraid to talk about feelings
  • 2 Try to correspond more often
  • 3 Be original in conversation
  • 4 Whatever you do, no pretense or play is needed

A dilemma arises: I want to immediately show the girl that she is interesting, evokes positive emotions, and she likes it in the end. But at the same time, you do not want to express your feelings so quickly.

What to do? Some advise you to follow some rules: burn candles on the growing moon, pronouncing love words, and worship all the gods. It's a joke, of course, but many associate preparing for the first date with a supernatural ritual, which must be approached with the highest degree of responsibility.

In reality, everything is much simpler. Send different attitudes to hell - be yourself and show the lady how passionate you are with her. Having done it correctly and unobtrusively, the girl will melt, and possible roughness will not even be noticed.

Therefore, before counting countless minutes until the next meeting or anxiously waiting for her to respond to a message, it is recommended to take a breath, calm down and follow a little advice. They will become a kind of reference point on the path to achieving ideal relationships.

Don't be afraid to talk about feelings

Ask yourself: did you enjoy walking with her? Did you really like this goodbye kiss? Do you want to see her face again, instead of spending countless hours - and even days - communicating through boring correspondence? If so, tell her. A woman may not know how you feel and how serious your intentions are towards her.

rules of ideal relationship
rules of ideal relationship

You don't have to think about how to approach the dialogue - just say what is on your mind.

Remember, the more you delay in expressing feelings, the more likely it is that someone else will express them. But do not overdo it - a marriage proposal is not the best expression of feelings on a second date.

Chat more often2

If a girl grabs attention and you think you need this relationship, try to keep in touch, even when you're at a distance. Simple question: "How did you get home?" expresses your interest and desire to continue communication.

What's more, it will help break up a tense moment about who should write first. Sometimes relationships are cut short by stubborn people who think they shouldn't write first, or they just don't know what to write. Don't be afraid to take the initiative!

At the beginning of a relationship, it is extremely important to correspond frequently. If you write to her twice a week, she will think that you are keeping your distance and not yet ready to share most of your life with her. Eric Edwards, a family psychologist, recommends not waiting more than twenty-four hours to write to your potential girlfriend.

how to start a relationship
how to start a relationship

Be original in conversation3

You are worried, and it is extremely difficult to organize thoughts in your head. But believe me, you'd rather be silent for a couple of minutes and come up with an original question, remember a funny story from life, than speak with formulaic phrases like "How are you?" "What's new?" etc.

According to social surveys, girls are not attracted to guys who throw luscious and hackneyed expressions. How you present yourself in conversation largely determines the reality of a relationship in the long run. When the conversation becomes monotonous, boring, and predictable, it's a waste of time. After such a date, a woman is unlikely to want to have anything in common with you.

Talk about future plans, desired jobs, interests, and funny life stories. Topics like these are inspiring and make the conversation really interesting. The main thing is to tell and listen equally. Give an opportunity for each of you to tell about yourself.

first stages of relationship
first stages of relationship

Whatever you do, no pretense or play is needed4

When entering into a relationship, we do not show our emotions and desires to the fullest, not knowing how a person will react to them. But in vain, because sometimes it is difficult to understand your intentions and aspirations. Do not cheat yourself - take it easier. Be yourself and express the full range of emotions. Remember building the perfect relationship is a long and painstaking process.

Want to spend more time with her? Do you like her perfume? Is her figure stunning? Don't you want to let her go? Tell her that! Allow your relationship to develop in honesty, sincerity, and ease of communication right from the start. There is nothing worse than a pretense that is immediately noticeable. Honesty and openness are guides to healthy relationships to a happy scenario.

psychology of relationships
psychology of relationships

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what to do in a given situation. It is important to show the girl her importance to you, her interest in further relationships. And do not pretend to be who you are not - you will regret it. It's that simple!

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