The Best Male And Female Character Traits - TOP-20

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The Best Male And Female Character Traits - TOP-20
The Best Male And Female Character Traits - TOP-20

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Yin and yang, black and white, man and woman. These are all extreme opposites. But, as you know, they are attracted, and the best male and female qualities complement each other. What character traits are considered the most important for men and women, and are there points of intersection?

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The best feminine qualitiesi

Let's start with the fair sex. What does a girl need to possess in order to win men's hearts and constantly stir up interest in her person?

  1. Kindness. A woman is associated with home, warmth, comfort. She always greets with a smile and love. She emanates care and tenderness. All these qualities are facets of kindness. It is difficult to overestimate their importance !;
  2. Wisdom. A wise woman is a happy woman. She knows when to say and what, and when to remain silent. This quality is acquired over the years. Wisdom is understanding yourself and your partner. It is this that makes both the woman and her man happy;
Best feminine qualities
Best feminine qualities
  1. Beauty. You could argue that this is not quality. But no matter how it is. Beauty is hidden in every woman and it depends only on her how she presents her. A girl must first fall in love with herself, and only then this beauty will be seen by others. Remember how many women in the world are strikingly different from beauty standards? And men are crazy about them, they emanate from some incredible strength. Mental beauty, sometimes brighter than external;
  2. Intelligence. Refined behavior, ability to present oneself, willingness to maintain a conversation and proper appearance;
  3. Mind. A woman should be smart, whoever says what. Only next to an intelligent woman is a man ready to grow. She motivates him. This happens sometimes even on a subconscious level. One should not only go too far and, in personal relationships, portray a professor lecturing at the department;
  4. Ability to love. Love moves the world and can warm any soul. You can talk a lot, but here everything should be clear without words: love is either there or it is not;
  5. Openness. Sincere emotions and open communication help partners feel better about each other. In a woman, of course, there should remain a mystery, but not a mystery covered in darkness;
  6. Sexuality. Internal state. It cannot be described. But it is insanely important for keeping the fire going between a man and a woman;
The best qualities
The best qualities
  1. Fidelity. When there is confidence and a reliable rear, then all the vicissitudes of life are in no way;
  2. Thrift. The ability to keep yourself, your loved one, and your home clean is an important trait for every mother and wife. Do not forget that a woman from time immemorial is the keeper of the hearth.

As you can see, the qualities are all quite simple and mundane. There is nothing difficult to maintain and develop. But the most important thing is that in any situation you need to remain yourself and do everything only with sincere intentions.

The best male qualities2

I wonder what set of qualities makes a man ideal and desirable for any woman? Here you can argue for a long time, because sometimes a woman herself does not know what she wants. But the fact that every woman of the fair sex will definitely pay attention to a man with the following features is a fact:

  1. Responsibility. No matter what social status a man belongs to, it should be reliable with him. He takes responsibility for himself and for his family. This is the guarantor of stability in any relationship;
  2. Purposefulness. A woman needs not only protection, but also a guaranteed better tomorrow. A man who sets goals for himself necessarily achieves them;
  3. Self-confidence. It's not always just muscles that give masculinity. When a man is confident in himself, when he radiates reliability and stability, then you want to follow him, you want to support him;
The best qualities of a man
The best qualities of a man
  1. Generosity. How much is a man willing to spend on his beloved? The question is very important. A woman needs signs of attention. This is not about expensive gifts, but they are certainly welcome. It all depends on how much a man earns and how much of this amount he is ready to allocate for his beloved woman;
  2. Sense of humor. A cheerful character, easygoingness - qualities that help to perceive life a little easier than it really is. Such a man will always be the center of attention in any company and in difficult times will be able to cheer up his woman;
  3. Care. The severity of a man and his brutality should remain outside the threshold of the house. In happy families, it is customary to take care of each other. It is tenderness and affection that helps to feel needed and loved;
  4. Attention. Another side of concern. To please your woman, say pleasant words, help with chores around the house, worry - love consists of such signs of attention;
  5. Fidelity. Any girl in a relationship gives all of herself and wants the same in return. It is important for women to feel alone, trust their partner and believe in him without reservations;
  6. Mind. A man who is ready to grow and develop - at least not bored with him. If it's no joke, then with such a man you can be confident in the future. A woman is looking for stability, and with an intelligent man she will always find it;
What are the best qualities
What are the best qualities

Sexuality. This is a collection of external data, lifestyle, behavior. Without this quality, maintaining a long-term relationship filled with love is very difficult. Please note, the best male and female qualities are unthinkable without sexuality. These are chemical processes that are difficult to explain, but so easy to feel

The listed qualities are very much appreciated in each other by representatives of both sexes. If you understand that any of them is not well developed in you, then if you wish, you can fix everything. Work on yourself, because any relationship is work that, with due effort, is rewarded a hundredfold.

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