6 Awesome Things Besides Sex

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6 Awesome Things Besides Sex
6 Awesome Things Besides Sex

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girl with a cup
girl with a cup

Yes, sex is great. Especially when he is with someone with whom he really wants, and not "for health" with the first one. In addition, the world of sensual pleasures is not limited to only one. You can quite experience real sensual pleasure without even wasting time and energy looking for a partner.

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  • 1 Taste
  • 2 Color
  • 3 Tactile sensations
  • 4 Good perfumery
  • 5 Warm weather
  • 6 Swimming in ponds and blowing warm wind
  • 7 What does sex have to do with it?


Yes, everyone remembers the joke about the fact that whatever you like makes you look fat. But you don't have to eat a ton of chocolate to get real sensual pleasure from food. One peach. One ice cream. One steak. But only at different times, without mixing sensations, and completely disconnected from the process of consuming information.

Imagine, our ancestors talked over food on abstract topics. Or they didn't waste time talking at all until the meal was over. We look at the feed at once in all social networks, actively like, write comments, correspond in three messengers. And this whole avalanche of communication is called "lunch."

Do you want sensual pleasures? Try only to feel the taste, but not to be distracted by all the other joys of being.


If good food costs money, then bright things are almost free. And we're not talking about clothes now. Some detail on the desktop, an accessory for the home, or a small clutch - in the same way cheers up and improves the vision of this world.

Nutritionists advise switching to colored foods to get more vitamins and minerals. Fashion critics are for colored clothes when compliments are needed and the center of attention is required. Color gives pleasure, even if it is a small detail. Try it.

Tactile sensations3

It's not just about clothes made from high-quality natural fabrics that caress the skin with one touch. Or rather, not only and not so much about office silk shirts. Sheets, home clothes, chic underwear - all these are not only elements of style, but also pieces of real pleasure.

Nice expensive upholstery of home furniture, leather for a purse - everything that touches hands and naked parts of the body. The development of tactile sensations allows you to sharpen the senses too.

What brings pleasure
What brings pleasure

Good perfumery4

Perfume is not just a part of the image, or some kind of cosmetics. Good expensive perfumery develops the capacity for sensual pleasure. The fragrances that unfold on the skin can pleasantly surprise not only those around, but also the one who wears them. Especially if there was no such experience before, and the perfume is selected from those that you really like.

By the way, it is not necessary to purchase something from well-known fashion houses. Little-known designers, selective and alternative fragrances are a real source of new sensations. Trends change every season, but it is worth noting that if you choose a fragrance not for the sake of fashion, but for yourself, you can not follow all trends.

Warm weather5

Sunshine is the most underrated pleasure. We spend too little time in the sun, meanwhile 20 minutes a day is a vital necessity, because only in this way can the human body produce vitamin D. This substance is responsible for many processes in the body, including hormonal balance and mood. We lose weight when there is enough of it, and in general we feel great.

How to have fun besides sex
How to have fun besides sex

So taking a walk under the sun is not only pleasant, but also very useful. But even from the standpoint of exclusively tactile sensations, walking under the sun in warm weather can perfectly relax and give a truly sensual pleasure.

Swimming in ponds and blowing warm wind6

It is not without reason that they say that after an unsuccessful romance one must go to the sea. And not at all for the hot local men, but a little behind the sun, a little behind the sea itself. Swimming in warm salt water can be the most pleasant tactile sensation.

Another nice thing that costs nothing at all. The warm breeze caresses the skin, gives an unforgettable sensation and helps relieve tension. It is worth taking a walk in the evening to feel the warm breeze and finally relax and enjoy a wonderful evening.

And what does sex have to do with it7

The fact is that our ability to enjoy in bed depends not only on the mood, and who we are with at the moment. The sensitivity of the whole body is a subtle criterion that develops only if we use all the senses, and touch, and smell, and taste. The development of the senses helps us to get more "voluminous" and multifaceted sensations in bed.

Pleasure other than sex
Pleasure other than sex

So things that, it would seem, have nothing to do with relationships, beautiful and high-quality clothes, perfumes, delicious food and walks, are not without reason considered a mandatory attribute of a lifestyle. They help you achieve the desired state for the perception of physical intimacy faster than constant practice with different people.

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