So Young And Very Beautiful, But Why So Alone?

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So Young And Very Beautiful, But Why So Alone?
So Young And Very Beautiful, But Why So Alone?

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beautiful girl
beautiful girl

Strange things happen in the world: plain women make acquaintances, change guys like gloves, every year they impress with new husbands, and girls - beauties, a female ideal, remain alone - alone … Their well-groomed beautiful appearance, impeccable demeanor bring up a lot of questions: what is wrong with beautiful women? Why are they left alone, such perfect and charming goddesses?

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  • 1 Each queen has a king
  • 2 Only serious relationships
  • 3 Bright saturated world
  • 4 Disarming beauty
  • 5 Sex? Only for love!

Unfortunately, being perfect is not easy. An old folk wisdom says: "Don't be born beautiful, but be born happy." This is the whole problem. Being beautiful is not an easy destiny, which not only helps, but most likely interferes with the organization of your personal life. There are not so few reasons for the loneliness of a beautiful girl.

Each princess has a king

The ideal princess is most eager to find a prince on a white horse. She devotes so much time to external appearance and internal content that she will consider it beneath her dignity to pay attention to a man who does not correspond to both the first quality and the second.

There are not so many princes among the modern representatives of the silt sex, and "… there are not enough of them for all", as was sung in a certain modern song. So lovely beauties have to while away the evening all alone, secretly sighing and fantasizing about meeting there "the one and only."

Serious relationship only2

Beautiful women clearly pursue life goals: they left kindergarten, graduated from school, acquired a profession, made a career, got married. In the list of their priorities, there is no place for such "incomprehensible" moments as dating for entertainment, partner for sex. They only date guys who are suitable for the role of potential husbands, and only with a clearly defined purpose.

If a young man does not cause in their cold heart a desire to start a family, the girl will not waste time on him. Even if he is an interesting conversationalist, with the appearance of Brad Pete and the jokes of Garik Martirosyan. If she did not see in him a fateful personality, the future father of her children, he will not share a place with her in the cinema and in bed. He is familiar - nothing more.

Why are pretty girls lonely
Why are pretty girls lonely

Bright saturated world3

In the life of a beautiful woman, there is no place for emptiness and loneliness. She herself is a multilaterally developed personality, she has many hobbies, interesting activities, acquaintances, creative people and funny friends. She is never bored. She is a very sociable girl, she has a fairly rich leisure time, in which there is no place for boredom and primitive personalities.

A young lady with a rich baggage of inner wealth is drawn only to someone who has the same golden composition. The rest of the men seem to her to be insipid and boring, and the one who meets the inner qualities may not impress with their appearance or be not charming enough. This is how the woman's age lives alone, one of the few beauties of the local spill.

Disarming Beauty 4

One of the reasons a beautiful and spectacular lady lives the days of her life all alone is her impeccable appearance. A beautiful lady without a flaw, dressed stylishly and stunning, not only arouses admiration and interest in men, but also a certain sense of fear. A man believes that she has everything so: men, relationships, happy love. She looks so successful and contented that there is absolutely no doubt about her popularity among the male half of humanity.

Beautiful lonely girl
Beautiful lonely girl

Such Miss Perfection raises a flurry of male questions in a pensive, doubting head: “Who is she, and who am I?” (humiliate, hurt, offend, offend …) It is difficult for a man to accept a refusal, and in most cases he prefers to pensively glance at a beautiful nymph, smoothly walking along the city streets.

The girl proudly defiles and secretly hopes that it is this man who will call her, call her, offer to make or continue an acquaintance, and he stands, with the toe of his boot draws a heart on the dusty sidewalk and blows bubbles under his nose. Oh, here is a pretty kvass saleswoman, less pretty, but more down-to-earth and sociable, I will invite her for a walk! And, a beautiful lady goes home, where she is expected: a blanket, a cat, coffee, a book, an interesting TV series.

Sex? Only for love! 5

Offer such a confident and charming beauty - sex without obligation, and she will easily send a man to hell! Even if I forgot what it means, this very sex. Beautiful women are very serious about the temple, their body, take care of themselves for one single man, who in the future will be called a spouse. Or at least for someone who can touch the soul before touching a beautiful body. And, such gentlemen are few. So the beauties walk alone and restless.

Lonely girl
Lonely girl

However, the overestimated requirements for men sometimes lower the stick, and then a simple, not ideal man appears in the life of Lady Perfection, who can make her beloved goddess happy.

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