Who Is She - The Perfect Woman? Men's Speculation And Life Truth

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Who Is She - The Perfect Woman? Men's Speculation And Life Truth
Who Is She - The Perfect Woman? Men's Speculation And Life Truth

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Who is the ideal woman? Each person has their own ideals and views on how Lady Perfection should look and act. Girls have their own opinions, guys have theirs. A man dreams of meeting that one, the most - the most, ideal and best goddess. She must meet the parameters that create the image of the ideal girl. But for the most part, the guys do not find Miss Standard, or over time they may become disappointed in her.

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  • 1 Beautiful all day long
  • 2 There would be a cute one nearby and nothing else is needed
  • 3 I'm not jealous, I don't call, I don't cry
  • 4 Tireless Tigress
  • 5 Jack of all trades
  • 6 Not a goddess, but a babin

There are myths about an impeccable woman that do not always correspond to reality.

Beautiful all day long

The ideal woman always looks great. She is well-groomed, slender (at least fit), she knows how to teach herself in any way. The woman looks fresh and pleasant, charming and seductive (not to be confused with vulgarity).

But in fact, there are a dime a dozen such women around: beautiful, fit. Yes, not every one of them will be able to make a hairstyle and salad out of "nothing", but there are a lot of experienced beauties who know how to present their own dignity in the best possible light. But even the most ideal girl among no cannot look perfect 24 hours a day. She falls into depression, PMS, some kind of malaise, and at such moments a woman does not think so much about her appearance as about her inner state.

There would be a cute one nearby and nothing else is needed2

Men dream of meeting a woman who does not encroach on his finances, does not expect gifts, does not ask for expensive perfumes and presents. And such young ladies certainly exist. They indignantly reject the purchase of a new phone or fashionable sandals, embarrassedly, and with the highest gratitude, accept obligatory gifts on holidays. With such a woman it is very convenient, she does not require anything, and she earns money for her own needs on her own.

Perfect girl
Perfect girl

But on the other hand, the young lady will definitely pay attention to the fact that her boyfriends give her boyfriends cute trinkets and bouquets of flowers, but her beloved person does not. And these thoughts will not cheer her up.

Women need gifts, they are like indispensable signs of attention, proof of male feelings and admiration.

I'm not jealous, I don't call, I don't cry3

A worthy girl always behaves calmly, worthy of a queen, does not create tantrums and does not allow a shadow of jealousy. She easily lets her beloved go to bachelor parties and parties, is not annoyed when he talks with a sexy friend and, with a smile from grandfather Mazay, listens to his stories about former passions. Such a young lady is the ultimate dream and dreams of any man, but the following must be remembered:

  • Option one: perhaps the girl does an excellent job of playing the role of an angel so as not to alienate the gentleman and make a pleasant impression on him. Some time will pass, and a furious devil will jump out from under the robe of the nun, who will remember all the former, future and non-existent girls in the life of a man.
  • Option two: the girl doesn't care. A man is not so dear to her that she is afraid of losing him. He does not evoke special feelings and values, so that his festivities and classmates somehow affect her feelings. Complete indifference.
Perfect girl what she is
Perfect girl what she is

Tireless Tigress4

Sexy goddess. She longs for intimacy always and everywhere, she is ready to go for any experiments. He didn’t have time to come home from work, as she was naked fries cutlets in the kitchen, waiting for his hot embrace …

Most likely, the young have a honeymoon. Or a global truce after a big fight. Such an idyll cannot last a vein. No one in nature has canceled headaches and critical women's days, they were, are and will be. Sooner or later, the girl will cease to enthusiastically perceive the desire for sexual intimacy and will prefer reading a boring book with cold coffee to hot sex. This is female nature.

Jack of all trades5

A woman knows how to do everything herself. She prepares food, fixes outlets, screw in light bulbs, takes out the trash, and in general does a great job without male help. She is so independent and independent that she absolutely does not need any other half. What for? She is herself an electrician, carpenter, locksmith, gardener. For sex? But even in this moment, the woman has enough skill and adaptations. One gets the impression that next to such "ideal ladies" a man is really superfluous.

The perfect girl for a guy
The perfect girl for a guy

Not a goddess, but a babin __8212

Men need to remember the following: to be close to the ideal woman, you should correspond to the impeccable gentleman. In addition, those lovely women who are jealous, fall into hysterics, crave sweets and flowers, cuddle up to a guy with their "headache" and a rumpled displeased face, know how to love with simple, sincere love. Perhaps such frank feelings are not inherent in those special, perfect beings who fall into the category: the ideal woman.

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