Saw Woman: How To Stop Taking Out A Guy's Brain

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Saw Woman: How To Stop Taking Out A Guy's Brain
Saw Woman: How To Stop Taking Out A Guy's Brain

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how to stop taking out a guy's brain
how to stop taking out a guy's brain

To create a strong, happy family in which there is no place for conflicts and swearing is the dream of every woman. A confident husband who pays attention to his beloved, a kind and caring wife, children growing up in love. Everything seems to be simple. But sometimes she herself is to blame for the fact that there is no happiness.

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There is a type of ladies who "nag" the beloved day after day. Unfortunately, they are common. One half of the representatives of the "saw" type admits a mistake and tries to find an answer to the question of how to stop taking out the guy's brain. And the second one destroys the relationship and thinks that she is right.

"Saw Woman" i

Dear women, remember. Man human. He has desires, attitudes, principles, habits, advantages and disadvantages, like any person, including you. So answer, why should he obey, do as you want and when you want? Why so, and not vice versa? Do you think you are right or are you better versed in any situations? And who said that you are right, and not your man?

A person is looking for a partner, companion or companion. Expects from the relationship of peace of mind and comfort. And in the end, either the guy takes out the brains, or the girl. In this situation, most likely your paths will diverge.

If you have any doubts, here are some signs that indirectly indicate that you "saw".

  • The man can't hear you. You tell him about your day or something important. He nods his head or says “uh huh”. Everything seems to be fine. But after a period of time, when it comes to the fact, it turns out he turned a deaf ear. It's a shame. It is very offensive to talk about what seems to be important to you, but he does not hear.
  • There is no strength to restrain, the resentment boils, and discontent breaks out. Complaints, mutual insults, irritation flare up like firewood on which gasoline has been spilled. Vicious circle.

Let's try to help. Take a look at 7 actionable tips.

7 Tips to Stop Waking Up Your Guy's Brain

Start working on yourself and find something you like

Self-improvement is not an easy job. If you decide to change, don't stop. It may not work right away, try again. A broken car can be repaired, but it takes effort. Analyze your behavior. Get a notebook, and write down all situations: where you restrained yourself and where you behaved correctly. This will help you learn to see mistakes.

saw woman
saw woman

Find something to do. Excessive free time makes you concentrate too much on trifles. Housewife - Sign up for a gym or take an English course.

Give the man time

Your beloved came from work, do not pounce on him with stories, reproaches or requests. The man is tired. Give him some time to forget about work and rest, do not "warm" your head. Let him have dinner and relax, then tell me whatever you want.

Don't be a parrot

Don't repeat the same thing a hundred times. Remember, if a man does not hear (or does not want to hear), this is a sign of a “gash down” man. Set up an experiment. Ask once. Do not remind, do not make a displeased face, shut up. Surprisingly, it works. Of course, he will not get up this minute and will not rush, for example, to take out the trash. But he will do as he sees fit. And this is his right.

Speak straight

Some women make the mistake of naively believing that it is necessary to ask or speak about something in hints. Men are simple creatures. They do not build complex logical chains where there is no need. "Oh, and Vaska gave Lenka such a ring!" or "How many dirty dishes, but I'm so tired." He may not betray the significance of the ring of a certain Lenka. Don't do this, ask them to wash the dishes directly, without hints. But don't forget about tip number 3.

how not to endure the brain
how not to endure the brain

Do not poke, do not order or compel

Respect your loved one, do not allow yourself to poke or insult him. Do not tell me what to do, you are not his mother, do not order, you are not Major General. Be a soft, gentle kitty. The man is the protector, the head of the family.

Turn off discontent

More than one man has disliked a disgruntled woman. Especially if he expresses his dissatisfaction in society or a circle of friends. Understand, in this way you humiliate him. Even if there really is a reason, keep silent, continue the conversation at home.

Buy a rubber band

The one that is tied up with a wad of money or medicine at the pharmacy. Put on your arm and wear for at least a month. Every time you could not resist, click it on your hand. Painful, but effective. Over time, before yelling, you will remember the rubber band that gives you pain. A psychological technique for eradicating bad habits and strengthening new ones.

how to stop nagging a guy
how to stop nagging a guy

Sometimes a person is not able to change on their own. In this case, a psychologist will help to understand the reasons and help with the problems of such behavior. Already no one is surprised by trips to him. On the contrary, now people are happy to visit a psychologist and understand life. He will then be able to give an answer to the question of how to stop enduring the guy's brain. Do not neglect, no one will judge. Do not glue the broken thicket, it is better to save it.

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