Frank Questions To A Girl - What You Can Ask About And What You Shouldn't

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Frank Questions To A Girl - What You Can Ask About And What You Shouldn't
Frank Questions To A Girl - What You Can Ask About And What You Shouldn't

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guy with a box on his head
guy with a box on his head

Many men, when meeting, prefer to ask frank questions to a girl in order to find out her reaction to them, discover new things about her, and in general there is a lot of why.

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  • 1 Where to start?
  • 2 What can you ask?
  • 3 Which is definitely not worth asking
  • 4 Conclusion

And if some points help to get to know each other better, to reveal that part of sexuality that is not yet available, but is in the future, then some questions can confuse the fair sex and even embarrass (or lead to thoughts: is not a maniac sitting here ?). We will talk about all the tricky frank questions to the girl in this article.

Where to start? I

Before asking a girl frank questions, you must first get to know her well, as a person, as a person. From the doorway, asking how many partners you had was not tactful, and even alarming. A girl must see that a young man, a man, is interested in her (in her, and not in sex with her).

Many girls are currently quite open to communication on the topic of vulgarity and bed, so when they are ready, when they trust the interlocutor in the slightest degree, they can calmly start such a conversation on their own. Then it will be possible to safely ask anything, it will only spur the excitement of the interlocutors.

It is also important to remember that you cannot throw a stream of questions, it will at least seem strange. A girl may feel like she is under interrogation, think that a man is inclined to control everything, and she definitely does not need a sick relationship.

What can you ask? 2

Below is a list of what you can do, and in some cases you even need to ask the girl.

  • What does a girl like about men? This question is absolutely standard, quite adequate. After all, if a guy wants to be liked, then, of course, he will be interested in finding out what type of men attracts a girl. In accordance with this, certain conclusions can be drawn.
  • How old are men attracted? Quite an interesting question, and it does not mean at all that if a girl prefers men older than herself, then these should be "daddies with money." Handsome Vincent Cassel, for example, found happiness with a young Tina Kunaki, who suits him as a daughter. All ages are submissive to love.
Vincent Cassel
Vincent Cassel

Actor Vincent Cassel with his wife Tina Kunakey

  • Which celebrity is most sexually attracted to? And what, dreaming is not harmful!
  • Was there sexual contact? This is a very important question, because if a girl is a virgin, then both partners will have to work hard, and not all men are able to take on such responsibility.
  • Have you had any experience of sexual intercourse with girls?
  • Does penis size matter? This is probably the question on which it will immediately become clear what the girl expects from the relationship - whether only sex, or a serious relationship.
  • What does the girl think about cheating? Most are categorical in their answers, and some, if they do not encourage cheating, then I can forgive. And that also says a lot.
  • Has the girl ever had an orgasm. If not, then what's the problem with helping her? And if so, you can ask about her feelings at the same time, what kind of orgasm was achieved and how often it happens.
to ask or not
to ask or not

Is sex obligatory for love or not? Of course, love without sex is hardly possible, because sex is also an opportunity to be closer to a partner, to be a part of him, it is something intimate and intimate. But sex without love may well exist, and the girl's attitude to such pleasure should also be clarified

Which is definitely not worth asking3

The following list of questions can be asked, but not desirable, as they will carry certain consequences. Go!

  • Has she ever masturbated? Why this question is not worth asking, because, it would seem, there is nothing like that. But many girls, even the most passionate and active in bed, prefer to keep silent about this, because this is their personal, intimate. They don't masturbate in front of someone, they do it in private. Therefore, such a question can confuse or even offend the lady.
  • Does she watch porn movies and how often? This question continues the essence of the first. Not all girls like to admit that they are watching someone else's sex.
don't ask this
don't ask this

How many partners were there? If the question of virginity is somehow included in the range of reasonable and correct, then the question of how many partners a girl had is extremely unceremonious. Is the quantity important? Maybe there were 5 of them, but the reasons are different for everyone

Conclusion 4

It is important to remember that the setting and nature of the conversation play a decisive role in asking frank questions to a girl. If a man is close to a girl, then, in principle, any question is appropriate. If this is one of the dates, then it is not advisable to ask questions from the second list, as they can ruin everything.

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