What Are The Types Of Emergency Contraception? Women's Help

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What Are The Types Of Emergency Contraception? Women's Help
What Are The Types Of Emergency Contraception? Women's Help

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emergency contraception
emergency contraception

It almost doesn't count - Natasha Koroleva sings. In general, the statement is true, unless we are talking about fertilization. In this case, even a little bit can change your life forever. To prevent unprotected sex from changing your passport and marital status, use emergency contraception.

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These are drugs that are used after unprotected intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

What are they? I

There are 2 groups of medicines that are used in such situations.

  • high dosage histogens that cause bleeding and impaired implantation;
  • antihistogens, i.e. blockers of progesterone receptors (a sex hormone that affects the menstrual cycle). Also progesterone is a hormone that prolongs this process. Naturally, when we disrupt its synthesis, its digestibility is disrupted and the pregnancy is interrupted.

If we consider their harm, then it is obvious. Because this is the termination of pregnancy in the earliest stages. Not a single such intervention, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can pass without a trace for a woman. It's all the same stresses, disruptions at the level of hormonal and metabolic processes that can affect female functions.

However, if you choose from the lesser evils, then it is better to use drugs of the second group, which violate the receptor sensitivity to progesterone. Their effect on the body is milder and you can buy them without a doctor's prescription. To interrupt an unplanned conception, it is necessary within 72 hours - three days, to understand that everything has taken place.

Some sources, in particular in the bulletin of the World Health Organization, allow a time gap of 5 days. However, even they note that most tablets are effective in the first 72 hours.



  • Ulipristal acetate is a substance that affects progesterone receptors. It is used once from 30 mg.
  • Levonorgestrel. The dosage is 1.5 mg once, or 0.75 mg every 12 hours.
  • Combined oral contraceptives, also known as COCs. They contain ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. They must be applied twice, after 12 hours. Dose: 100 mg E + 0.50 mg L.

The most popular trade names for such products are Postinor and Excapel. This is, one might say, a police tool that was previously used only for rape.

According to research data, on the first day, their effectiveness is 95%, on the second - 85%, on the third - no higher than 58%.

It should also be remembered that when overweight, the effect of using hormones is reduced by 2 times, and with obesity, even by 4.5. With ovulation, the same picture. The effect drops to 68% in the first day.

Now on the market there are emergency contraceptives without hormones, the effectiveness of which under all conditions is 98-99%. The most popular is Zhenale.

Typical side effects of these drugs are nausea and vomiting, minor bleeding, but irregular bleeding, and fatigue.

Copper containing intrauterine contraceptives3

If you use them in the first 120 hours, then the efficiency of use is more than 99%. However, the copper content of the IUD should not be administered after sexual assault, because the patient may be at risk of a large number of sexually transmitted infections.

intrauterine contraceptives
intrauterine contraceptives

Can I try to wash everything that gets there?

If you don't feel like taking pills, you can try douching. However, according to gynecologists, such activities are not effective. And the reason is not even that it is almost impossible to wash these 60,000,000 sperm cells. The fact is that they are actively moving - the tail gives a certain kinetic energy, and also, they are helped by special substances that allow them to slide along the mucous membrane of the genital organs. Therefore, it is almost impossible to wash or wash out the sperm.

Emergency contraception medications do not interrupt a pregnancy that has arisen and do not harm the developing embryo. If you come to your senses late, then only "Mifepristone" will help, it can be used within a month and a half. However, it should be understood that this is already a real medical abortion. They do not affect future fertility and do not delay fertility recovery.

It is important to remember that this is not a “every day” method of contraception. it is harmful to women's health. Emergency contraceptives were conceived and serve only as emergency medicines. Gynecologists do not recommend drinking such drugs more often than once a year, as they contain too large doses of hormones and can lead to problems with ovulation.

birth control pills
birth control pills

Read more about the types of contraception for frequent use in our article.

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