What Is An Unforgettable Kiss: How To Achieve It. Ideal Options

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What Is An Unforgettable Kiss: How To Achieve It. Ideal Options
What Is An Unforgettable Kiss: How To Achieve It. Ideal Options
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The mouth and lips are the most sensitive area on the human body. That is why kissing has long been the best expression of love and affection. When we touch other lips with our lips, then in this way we say that we appreciate and feel sympathy for this person, and that in response to your kiss speaks of mutual feelings. There are many kisses, and they are all different, and in this article we will tell you about what an unforgettable kiss is.

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The first thing that should help you ensure a memorable kiss is to be sincere about your feelings for that person. Only with the help of real feelings will you be able to produce the desired effect on the one you are kissing. He will feel your emotions and how you kiss him, how sincerely.

In addition, it would be nice to organize a real romantic, so that after seeing all this, your object of sympathy will understand your true intentions. The best thing to create a memorable kiss is to give up natural light and use candles as an alternative. They create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere that further relaxes and attracts a person to you.

Remember that a kiss is not only a touch of your lips, but also a kind of dance of your body. Unleash your hands, let them touch your partner wherever you want, but, of course, within the limits of what is permissible. You don't need to do this on purpose. Just relax and do not limit yourself, and your hands will begin to involuntarily reach for the object of sighing.

Don't plan anything. Let everything be unexpected. And never ask if this is your first kiss. So you run the risk of getting a refusal from the fear of passion, so just act if, of course, you are sure of the reciprocity of feelings.

Do not hesitate, relax and let things go. Everyone will kiss sooner or later, so why delay? Just understand that it is pleasant and there is nothing to be afraid of. Your lack of self-confidence can ruin the romance and the beauty of this moment. If you do not want to remember him with shame, then it is better to follow this advice.

best kiss
best kiss

How to kiss him so that he will remember for a long time2

If you are a girl and want to charm and surprise a guy, then it would be nice to know how to make an unforgettable kiss. So that even after a few years he would remember it with warmth and awe.

Scarlett O'Hara

Surely you are familiar with such a movie as "Gone with the Wind" and you must remember that kiss episode. For many, he literally sunk into the soul, and someone even practiced this in life. Alas, we do not know whether it was successful or not. But we can say for sure that you should try it! Act like a hurricane - unexpectedly and abruptly. The most important thing is to snuggle up to your partner and not close your eyes until your lips touch. This technique will add more intrigue and pleasant, agonizing anticipation of the very moment of the kiss.


Almost everyone knows how to sign SOS. But what if you translate it into a kiss? It will be strange and pleasant at the same time. In this case, the signal should be given by your lips and tongue. For example, a dot is a fleeting but quite tangible kiss on the lips, and a dash is a tongue connection. Thus, you will get something interesting and unusual for both you and your "subject". But the feeling is worth it.

how to kiss correctly
how to kiss correctly


It's almost like a first kiss - it will be filled with sincerity, embarrassment and tenderness. It is important for you to present all this in such a way that everything is as gentle, awkward, but also pleasant at the same time. There is no need to rush here, since this technique does not tolerate sharp and fast movements. Do everything gradually and what your body tells you. This is a very sweet kiss that will leave a lasting impression.

Wet and nice

You can try wet kissing. To do this, you will need to moderately wet your lips with water. By kissing your partner in this way, you transfer your warmth to him through the water on your lips. This is very pleasant and many people are delighted with this practice. It is also undesirable to rush here. Do everything gradually, each time increasing the pressure and even including the tongue in the process. That's all - enjoy!

Add sweets

When you kiss a person, you are sure of what will happen next. In general, you don't expect any trick. That is why you can cheat and surprise your soul mate. Lick your lips and lightly sprinkle with sugar or powdered sugar and go up to your boyfriend and kiss him. It will be unexpected and exciting from that. You can experiment and choose other goodies instead of sugar, such as coconut, cinnamon, vanilla. In general, it all depends on your taste and imagination. And it will be useful, before experimenting, to make sure that there is no allergy to any products, otherwise nothing good should be expected.

to remember the kiss
to remember the kiss

For an even more detailed answer to the question of how to kiss a guy, read our article.

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