How To Determine That A Girl Is Lying By Her Gestures And Speech?

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How To Determine That A Girl Is Lying By Her Gestures And Speech?
How To Determine That A Girl Is Lying By Her Gestures And Speech?
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the girl is lying
the girl is lying

Something has changed in the behavior of her beloved, and her words are increasingly suspicious. How to understand that a girl is lying without making hasty conclusions.

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Almost all people lie, under-talk, embellish. Sometimes they themselves do not understand why they are doing it. Women's lies, like logic, can be very different from men's. The stronger sex lies to protect yourself, to protect yourself. For women, the reasons are completely different: they want to explain, first of all to themselves, the conflicting feelings that arose during a situation.

Men lie to women, usually right away, without inventing anything, saying the first thing that comes to mind. Girls approach this business more thoroughly. They think it over, weigh it, calculate it. A million fictional details and details are born in their head, which create a rather coherent story. And most importantly, women themselves believe in what they say, so their lies are very difficult to recognize.

The fair sex naturally has an artistic talent, so they perfectly manage to pass a lie for the truth. But it is very difficult to keep everything under control, so there are signs by which you can determine whether she is lying or not.

Non-verbal signsi

Gestures and facial expressions are what any person can betray. They are usually very difficult to control. Physiognomists, based on observations, have identified several of the most typical gestures that a person makes when he lies:

  • rubs the eyelid;
  • constantly touches the nose;
  • scratches the neck;
  • scratches or three ear;
  • pull back the collar;
  • put a finger in your mouth (or a pen, cigarettes, etc.);
  • cover your mouth with your hand.

Experts have found that lying causes itching in the muscles of the neck and face. It is important not to jump to conclusions when the girl scratched her nose during her speech. Perhaps she has allergies, irritation, her hair tickles, her clothes create discomfort.

the girl is lying
the girl is lying

As for the closed mouth and fingers in it, it all comes from childhood. This is such a protection, containment. The hand covers the mouth so that the brain detains truthful words at the subconscious level. It is interesting that when a person listens to another, while covering his mouth with his hand, it means that he believes that the interlocutor is lying, or shows disagreement.

How to understand that a girl is lying? Observe how reactions replace each other. For someone who lies, they are usually slowed down. She begins to express emotions with a delay, but at the same time more violently, and then abruptly cut off everything. There is a pause between her words and the subsequent emotion. That is, for example, at first the girl says that she likes the new image of the guy, and only then she smiles. Because it takes some time for a person to realize what has been said. Truthful words and reactions to them go together.

A few more non-verbal signs:

  • Raised shoulders. Thus, she creates a shell around herself.
  • Frequent blinking is also one of the clear signs of lying. True, it can still mean that the conversation is unpleasant to her.
  • Keeps distance. She moves away, sits down or completely transplants, lets go of her hand, leaves, it is possible that she is lying. Thus, a person creates an obstacle to recognizing a lie.
when a girl lies
when a girl lies
  • Hands can be hidden in pockets or folded into a lock.
  • The girl can avoid direct eye contact.
  • She can use red herrings. Twirl something in her hands, rearrange, tap or use what nature has awarded her.
  • Blushes, licks her lips, sweats, in general, she is clearly under stress, as a natural reaction to a lie.


Repetition or re-asking may be a sign that she is lying. This technique gives you time to figure out what to say.

The voice can also betray a liar. If the pitch rises or her voice trembles, she may be lying.

Reservations say that a person thinks about one thing, and says something completely different. True, a girl may simply be worried, afraid to simply say something wrong, and not a lie.

girl lies
girl lies

Slowing down her speech may indicate that she needs time to come up with a lie. There is one simple, but interesting and effective technique for finding out if a person is lying or not. You need to ask to repeat the story in reverse order. For someone who speaks the truth, it will not be difficult, the details stuck in the head. But what is invented usually quickly evaporates from consciousness, and the sequence is difficult to remember.

It could be the other way around. Fast, clear speech, without hesitation, as if memorized, most likely it is. The girl thought in advance what to say and considered possible questions. This is especially worth paying attention to if she has not previously seen such oratory skills.

If a guy decides to ask a girl directly if she is hiding something from him, but only gets aggression and irritation, the mood changes sharply for the worse - this is one of the possible signs of a lie. The girl seems to defend herself, while attacking in response. Also, she may simply be uncomfortable with the distrust of a loved one.

liar girl
liar girl

It should be understood that everyone has different characters. Gestures can be a habit, pauses in words can be excitement, and so on. Methods for detecting lies often only work with those you know well. So it turns out to determine the difference in behavior.

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