When Is Money The Main Thing In A Relationship? Experts' Opinions

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When Is Money The Main Thing In A Relationship? Experts' Opinions
When Is Money The Main Thing In A Relationship? Experts' Opinions
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the main thing in a relationship
the main thing in a relationship

From childhood, they try to convey to every child that money is not the main thing in a relationship. However, statistics show that lack of funds is one of the most important reasons for divorce. Does finance really affect relationships that much? Unfortunately yes.

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  • 2 Lack of money
  • 3 Financial inequality
  • 4 Excessive requirements
  • 5 How to avoid conflict

Causes of conflicts

The modern world is full of kept women and gigolos who distort the idea of ​​a normal family. Money has become a kind of cult for which many are ready to do anything. This was the reason why men began to consider girls as mercantile, and women, in turn, see in the representatives of the opposite sex only lazy people who are not ready to take responsibility. Unfortunately, this way of things makes it difficult to fully appreciate the value of money in a relationship.

Since ancient times, it has been believed that a man is a breadwinner and is obliged to provide his family with food. The woman, in turn, should be engaged in the arrangement of life and raising children. It is this model of relationships that has been instilled in children since childhood. A woman on a subconscious level chooses a partner for herself who could provide not only her, but also their offspring.

First of all, the girl does not look at how much money the man has in his wallet. She assesses his potential, because no one wants to build a family with a person who does not want and does not know how to earn money. As a rule, it is these men who most often shout about the commercialism of the ladies.

Psychologists say that the root of almost any conflict is the financial issue. They identify several main reasons for the conflict:

Lack of money2

The biggest stumbling block in a relationship is a lack of financial security. A man who is under the burden of responsibility and the understanding that he is not coping is unable to control his emotions. However, like a woman who can barely make ends meet.

When money is the main thing in a relationship
When money is the main thing in a relationship

There can be no a priori happiness in such a family. Unfortunately, the well-known proverb “with a lovely paradise and in a hut” does not work in real life. Over time, the romance passes, and questions begin to arise: "Why is the neighbor's hut bigger and cleaner?" This state of affairs in most cases leads to divorce.

Financial inequality3

The second reason for serious conflict can be the humiliation of a man's dignity. This is how the representatives of the stronger sex assess the situation when a girl becomes more successful. Many modern women earn no less than their husbands, and sometimes more.

For some men, this arrangement of things has completely tripled: they happily changed roles with their wives and now they are improving their life and raising children. However, most still do not agree to try on the role of housewives. According to them, the idea that the girl earns more hurts for a living. As a rule, such a relationship is also not durable and soon the couple breaks up.

Excessive requirements4

Unfortunately, not all women can soberly assess the capabilities of their man. Some people expect too much and not get it, they get depressed. Demanding a vacation on the islands and an iPhone of the latest model, the girl herself does not help to improve her financial situation.

When money is the main thing in a relationship
When money is the main thing in a relationship

In such families, the husband is like a driven horse: wanting to please his wife, he works 2-3 jobs, but does not receive gratitude. In such cases, divorce becomes a breath of freedom for a man.

How to avoid conflict5

To avoid financial conflicts, all issues should be discussed before the decision to start a family is made.

First of all, you need to decide who will be the main earner. In this situation, one should not be equal to generally accepted foundations. It is necessary to make a decision only based on the personal situation. If the girl earns more and the guy is happy with it, then why not? If all the nuances were discussed by a couple, then the chance of a conflict is reduced to zero.

The biggest mistake many couples make is imitation and envy. Especially if there are more successful couples among friends. Constantly comparing financial capabilities destroys relationships. The only way out of this situation is to try to resolve it together. If the wife has not contributed to the family budget before this time, then maybe it's time to start. A man, on the other hand, should try to change his job for a higher paid one. In most cases, the problems are solvable, there would be a desire.

In the modern world, it is generally accepted that money is the main thing in a relationship. And this is partly true. They have no small influence on the choice of a partner. If a man is unable to feed himself and is used to relying only on the support of his parents, no girl wants to connect her life with him.

When money is the main thing in a relationship
When money is the main thing in a relationship

In turn, the guy will never seriously look at a woman who is ready to do anything for money. However, couples should not forget that mutual understanding and mutual assistance are also important for a strong family. Money is acquired, but true love cannot be bought.

But about what is most important in a relationship, you can find out in our article further on the link.

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