Why Women Choose Older Men: Reasons And Benefits

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Why Women Choose Older Men: Reasons And Benefits
Why Women Choose Older Men: Reasons And Benefits
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adult man with beard
adult man with beard

Women are always attracted to older men due to many factors. But most of all with a thirst for seriousness. The answer to the question of why women choose older men may also be that young guys seem too windy.

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  • 1 The charm of age and responsibility
  • 2 What attracts an adult man
  • 3 Pitfalls and disadvantages

Age charm and responsibility

An insecure woman always chooses a man with a difference of more than eight years. This conclusion was made by psychologists on the basis of a study in which more than two hundred girls and women of different ages took part. They named the standard reasons:

  1. Will resolve all issues.
  2. Has its own housing / apartment / house.
  3. Can provide financially.
  4. Will not change.
  5. He does not need passion, but calm home comfort.

Asexual girls are also guided by the choice, preferring to create family relationships with minimization of intimacy. Age is associated with increased responsibility, nobility and courage (not to be confused with muscularity).

Regina, 32 years old

“My husband and I have a difference of seventeen years. I don't regret anything, in general. I look at young fools who are tormented with their peers and do not understand them. So good with a grown man. It is romantic, gentle, pleasant even to just sit and read together. There are no problems with social networks and other things"

What attracts in an adult man2

Certain criteria influence the choice of women. Naturally, they cover the position of the majority of those who took part in the experiment.

  1. Romance and feelings. The attraction of women to old men can be explained by a desire for romance. Pull up a chair, open the door, give flowers. Whereas the young rake will let go of a low-quality vulgar compliment or try to pinch it against the wall.
  2. Wisdom and intelligence. Life experience makes older men more attractive to women. Why wait for young guys to play enough online games and grab their heads when you can enter into a relationship with a "ready" man.
Why women choose older men
Why women choose older men
  1. You can stay yourself and relax. They do not try to change the girl or adjust her to themselves, accepting who she is. This can melt the heart of any woman. I don't care what color of nail polish, a pimple on my chin, a couple of gray hair. Old men just love their woman.
  2. Responsibility and authority. Sooner or later in the life of a young lady there comes a moment when she wants to be a woman, and not carry everything on fragile shoulders. A grown man is ready to take responsibility. She feels safe and secure in such a relationship.
  3. Money and financial stability. Older men no longer work on construction sites. They will definitely be able to ensure the stability of family well-being.
  4. The girl is not a trophy. Unlike young guys, old men don't chase the number of female fans. A calm evening with your beloved wife by the fireplace, gentle morning hours - what else is needed for happiness?
  5. Respect and straightforwardness. A grown man always knows what he wants from a woman. He does not take offense, does not hang up, but voices the problem directly. In addition, women also prefer them because they are not shy about showing respect to them.
Loving a mature man
Loving a mature man

Pitfalls and disadvantages3

Not everything is as smooth as it seems at first glance. Unfortunately, girls don't think about the disadvantages of such a relationship. Women choose old men, for some reason, without thinking about the difficulties.

  • Interests and values ​​are too different. What is important to a lady may not be important to a partner. Music, books, movies - all this can become a reason for quarrels.
  • Unpleasant comparisons. An aged man either had many women or few. In the latter case, the relationship becomes a habit. He can reproach the young wife for the fact that she does not cook like that, does not treat him like that.
  • There will be no child. Age, the presence of children from past marriages - all this pushes the old man to the fact that he does not want to become a father anymore. For many girls, this becomes an advantage.
  • Lack of harmony. Various degrees of activity, involvement in social life. If partners are willing to spend time separately from each other, then the problem can be minimized.
Girl loves an old man
Girl loves an old man

Alice, 26 years old

“My husband and I had a very big age difference. He attracted me with his seriousness, responsibility and the fact that he did not want children. Everything was perfect until the love passed. Everyday life began. I didn't cook the borscht, salted the pilaf, and so on. I got divorced, but I still can't build a relationship. Young guys are annoying with their superficiality"

The answer to the question why women choose older men is simple. Practicing psychologists insist that the reason may not always be in responsibility, respect, consistency. Sometimes relationships are caused by pathology, unresolved problems in childhood.

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