How To Understand When A Man Needs To Marry In Order To Be Happy?

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How To Understand When A Man Needs To Marry In Order To Be Happy?
How To Understand When A Man Needs To Marry In Order To Be Happy?

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When to get married
When to get married

"When should you get married?" - the most common question among guys. Some do not think about serious life at all, they only, but this is only part of the guys. There are individuals who do not see any sense in parties, alcohol and frivolous relationships. Unfortunately, there are few of them, but they still exist.

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  • 2 What needs to be done before getting married?

But the thing is that sooner or later a young man will want, at least, to continue his family, start a family, settle down.

Then the question arises, at what point in life is it best done? One young man married his girlfriend right after leaving school, they lived and live together to this day, they already have a child, a home, and everything turned out just fine. Also, there is a man who is already over 30, and he never found a girl worthy for himself, although he already has a stable income, an apartment, but does not want his future wife to be led only by his wealth. He needs love and care.

Everyone has different ideas about the ideal life. Someone marries a girl because they consider her the best candidate for the role of wife, someone wants children, and someone just wants to find sex for one night. Yes, and there are such.

Should I get married early? I

Although this question is still very subjective, a group of young people decided to conduct a study to determine the ideal age for marriage. Men were selected who were married before they turned 25. They expressed their opinion on this. The survey was anonymous, because this way young people could honestly express their opinions about how old they should get married and whether they regret getting married early.

60% said it was the best decision in their life. Together with his wife, they were able to go through difficult moments that, most likely, they would not have coped alone. But men are not advised to run to the registry office with the first person they meet.

40% answered that they had lived a fairly happy life, but some are either divorced or regret that they had no experience with a large number of girls in their youth. Others were advised to wait until at least 25 years.

it's time to get married
it's time to get married

As you can see from the survey, most men are still in favor of getting married early. But, unfortunately, not all marriages have existed long enough, many couples get divorced for completely different reasons. But this is everyone's business.

What needs to be done before getting married? 2

There is no way to make a to-do list that every man must do before he decides to get married. At least, because it is very difficult to collect all the tips and make them universal. Each young man has his own needs, but it still does not hurt to read the list that will be given below.

Fixed salary

Perhaps this point is very subjective, but, according to the majority, a man must have a stable income that can withstand all the expenses necessary during family life. Bachelors are used to spending very little money on themselves, because of this, difficulties and misunderstandings can arise during the conduct of family life.

It is necessary to "walk up"

how to understand that you need to get married
how to understand that you need to get married

Whoever says what, but it is important for a man how to break away during his bachelor life. And now it's not just about sex. A young man needs to walk, have fun, think about himself, spend time with friends. During any relationship, it may be difficult for a man to want to have fun with friends all night, and a woman does not let him go. Although this behavior of a girl may indicate distrust of her partner.

A wish

Without the desire to start a family, things will not get off the ground. If a man does not feel that he is ready for family life, then you should not run to the registry office. Especially, do not listen to the advice of friends or relatives when they say that it is time to get stronger and start a family.

No need to marry anyone

It seems not worth explaining the reasons for the existence of this paragraph, and why it is still worth observing. The most elementary example is that the conclusion of, roughly speaking, a thoughtless marriage leads to divorce, although this is not the worst thing. Since divorce can be mutual. This is wasted time, effort and nerves, which is much more important.

is it time to get married
is it time to get married

Marriage is not a tradition

You don't have to run to the registry office if you find the one. Marriage is like a mutual agreement for an indefinite period. It has its own nuances, and there are a lot of them. For example, in a divorce, all property that was acquired during the marriage is divided in half. Regardless of who and how much have invested their own money in it. Therefore, you should not take marriage as a tradition.

So when should you get married? In fact, there is no answer to this question and cannot be, for the reason that everything happens for everyone at different times. Marriage is a serious matter, you should not take it lightly, thinking that you can divorce at any time. Divorce is not easy. Before entering into family relationships, it is worth checking your partner, living together for a while, assessing the level of trust.

But, one way or another, this is everyone's business. Do not forget that a very great responsibility lies with every act you do.

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