Girl, Would You Like To Meet The Oligarch? Is It Worth It?

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Girl, Would You Like To Meet The Oligarch? Is It Worth It?
Girl, Would You Like To Meet The Oligarch? Is It Worth It?
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Meet the oligarch
Meet the oligarch

There is hardly a woman in the world who, at least once in her life, would not think about the fact that it would be nice to meet an oligarch. Sometimes it's nice to imagine that a handsome prince appears out of nowhere (as oligarchs used to be called naive Cinderella) and, on the wings of love, takes them to a country where there are no worries. You don't need to think about what to live on. No need to rent a room in a communal apartment and look for branded clothes in second-hand shops.

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  • 1 "Oligarch" is too general a concept. Specifying the goal
  • 2 A clear plan of action is almost half the battle
  • 3 "Hunting" for a candidate
  • 4 Get acquainted, attract attention, interest

For most girls, these thoughts will flash and disappear. However, not all. There are no exact statistics on this issue, but some part of young women makes acquaintance with a billionaire the goal of their life.

"Oligarch" is too general a concept. Specifying the goal i

How? Very simple, thanks to the worldwide Internet. The list of the richest people on the planet, very carefully compiled by Forbes magazine, is available.

Ordinary people can browse it out of curiosity, oligarchs to see how many billions they need to take the lead. If your goal is to get to know one of the Forbes list, you will have to treat it like a directory.

We look and choose. The first three: Jeff Bezos with his 149 billion, Bill Gates, a computer genius known even to preschoolers, Warren Buffett, a genius American investor.

Too big fish? All the same, you do not need to cross out candidates for dating from your list.

Our compatriots are in the first hundred too. Andrey Melnichenko, who owns controlling stakes in three large companies, Mikhail Fridman, with 14 billion in capital, Leonid Mikhelson, head of the board of an oil holding.

The first hundred points of Forbes, of course, should not be limited. The list, for example, "500 richest businessmen in Russia" will significantly increase the real chances of getting to know the oligarch.

Just looking at the names, surnames and numbers that indicate the size of the fortune will not help the achievement of the goal. Therefore, the Forbes list will have to be adapted to suit your requirements.

A clear plan of action is almost half the battle2

If you just need to get to know one of the oligarchs in order to get an autograph and take a picture together, you won't have to come up with complicated schemes. The same Bill Gates is a sociable man and shaking his hand at one of the charity events organized by his wife is more than real.

meet the oligarch
meet the oligarch

O, sure. What autographs? This is not the purpose of dating. Then Mr. Gates and other foreign, happily married billionaires are best left alone for now. You need to pay attention to: single, suitable for age (however, someone over 70 is suitable) and, preferably, but not necessarily, living in Russia.

The list has been reduced, we continue. You need more information about each of the candidates in order to choose who exactly to focus your efforts on first. Were you able to identify 5-10 suitable applicants? Fine. It is on acquaintance with them that one should work.

Nastya Rybka met billionaire Deripaska. This scenario, as in their case, will not suit? Then the question should be approached more seriously than Nastya.

"Hunting" for a candidate3

Traveling to ski resorts and signing up for all elite clubs in a row is futile and ruinous. Better to act for sure. If there is Wi-Fi, it is not a problem to find out which events, presentations and resorts are in the immediate plans of a particular candidate.

For example: Alexey Ananyev, a Russian oligarch, will take part in the Infoforum, which will take place, say, on August 10, in the government building on Novy Arbat.

World Economic Forum in Davos: When, Who Will Visit, and Will Oleg Deripaska Be Allowed This Time?

meet the oligarch
meet the oligarch

Potanin is currently resting in Courchevel and plans to stay there for at least another week (by the way, he is married).

The meaning is clear. Collect information, prepare and be in the right place at the right time with a specific goal: to meet the oligarch. Not hypothetical, but specific.

Get to know, attract attention, interest4

The oligarchs have high requirements for the appearance of girls. To comply, you will have to prepare seriously, having invested a lot of your hard-earned funds.

How exactly? Clothes: branded, albeit from secondhand or borrowed from a friend. Not defiant and not vulgar. It is better not to create an explicit image of a "rich man hunter."

Appearance: self-care according to the full (and not the cheapest) program. Fitness (it is also good to do yoga, dancing), spa, solarium and so on. It's sad, but in order to be competitive, plastic will most likely have to be done. But becoming a freak like Olesya Malibu is completely redundant.

Intelligence. In all honesty, trying to hit the oligarch with the coefficient of his mental development is unlikely to succeed, and this is not necessary. But you need to be interesting, original, to speak coherently and competently.

about meeting the oligarch
about meeting the oligarch

Did you manage to get into the oligarch's field of vision and interest him? That's not all. We'll have to think about how to consolidate the acquaintance, continue communication and translate it into the desired format.

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