The Main Gender Characteristics Of The Behavior Of Women And Men

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The Main Gender Characteristics Of The Behavior Of Women And Men
The Main Gender Characteristics Of The Behavior Of Women And Men

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Man and woman
Man and woman

The two opposite sexes differ in their behavior, worldview and values. These differences are due to gender characteristics. What are the gender characteristics of the behavior of men and women?

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  • 1 Types of gender behavior
  • 2 Communication differences
  • 3 Non-verbal communication
  • 4 Moral behavior

By gender we mean a social concept, that is, a person as a social unit of society. This is not due to its biological differences and the anatomical structure of women and men. These are characteristics that describe the differences between two groups in a society that have qualities that are characteristic of a given group of people. Men and women behave in a way that is characteristic of gender roles. That is, they meet the norms and expectations of these roles.

Gender characteristics have always been relevant. So, for violation of the behavior in 1979, prescribed for the weaker sex, women were executed during the reign of Ayatollah Khomeini.

Types of gender behaviori

The gender role is instilled through upbringing and education, it can be performed by a person, violated, accepted or rejected. There is also gender identity - this is a person's inner self-awareness, belonging to a certain article.

People who do not feel like the gender they are have other characteristics of the opposite sex. When forming a man and a woman, they are tied and imposed on principles, behaviors and requirements.

  • Compliance. A person lives the way people around him tell him, the media. He is told that there is a big difference between a man and a woman in many areas of life, so he takes this statement as the norm, the truth and meets the expectations. He obeys the system, concedes, although he disagrees on something, but agrees.
  • Approval, internalization. The person himself recognizes the established gender norms and behaves as it should in society.
  • Identification. A person behaves simply by repeating, copying other people, he really wants to acquire the characteristic features of gender, which he is.
Behavior of men and women
Behavior of men and women

Scientists have always tried to prove what is the difference between two opposite sexes. Starting the study from the very beginning, when men fought to feed their families, and women took care of children and kept the hearth.

So A. Gesel established the gender characteristics of the behavior of men and women:

  • Girls have a large vocabulary, clarity of speech, but they are inferior in intelligence to men.
  • Females have better perception and attentiveness to various elements, males have better technical abilities.
  • Women are much more emotional; they are sensitive, responsive, anxious, empathic, diligent, diligent and outgoing. The man is rational, firm, authoritative, impassive, threatening, active, withdrawn, silent.
  • It is easy for a man to adapt to changes in activity and quickly change its direction to another. It is easier for a girl to begin to communicate with people, they are very sensitive to failures in their personal life and work.
How guys behave in society
How guys behave in society

Communication differences2

Women tend to speak from the first person, they rarely interrupt a person, their speech is more correct, competent, less often they laugh it off and call names, do not use slang. But women love unfinished sentences with connotations. Girls are well versed in colors and shades, they often use adjectives.

Persistent, demanding, aggressive speech is peculiar to men. They have a better understanding of technical concepts. And they are inclined to use various specific words, harsh obscene statements, but women have recently overlapped this gender difference, it has been proven by science.

Non-verbal communication 3

Researchers found that girls are more likely to smile when they talk, they look longer in the eyes of the narrator than when they speak. Guys act the same way when they listen and talk. They have developed tactile contact, they want to touch the interlocutor, especially pretty girls.

How girls behave next to a guy
How girls behave next to a guy

Moral behavior4

This parameter defines an honest and respectful attitude towards other people. So, psychologists found out what values ​​people consider important. People of the opposite sex chose from 15 suggested values, women put “honesty” in 7th place, “truthfulness” in 11. Men of “honesty” ranked 6th, and “truthfulness” 9. At that time in the United States, both sexes consider these values ​​the most important … That is, both sexes lie and under-talk.

This means that in the gender sense there is no significant difference between a man and a woman, initially it is just a person, a set of characteristics and how he becomes depends on the society and the environment that are next to him. Therefore, the gender characteristics of the behavior of men and women are determined by traditional roles in society.

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