A Few Ideas Where To Find A Rich Lover In Moscow

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A Few Ideas Where To Find A Rich Lover In Moscow
A Few Ideas Where To Find A Rich Lover In Moscow

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de find a rich lover
de find a rich lover

A woman can look for a wealthy companion for various reasons. Do you want to find a successful man? Or find a partner who can support you financially? In any case, it will be important for you to know where to find a rich lover in Moscow. Places and ways of meeting wealthy men differ from each other. You can choose the one that suits you best.

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  • 1 Hotels
  • 2 Restaurants
  • 3 Cafe in the downtown
  • 4 Travel companies
  • 5 Elite sports clubs
  • 6 Internet dating


You can get a job in the tourism industry even without special education. Working in an expensive hotel, you will come across many businessmen every day who visit Moscow on business. Most of them will be either foreigners or residents of other cities, but you can also meet the indigenous inhabitants of Moscow: business meetings and conferences are often held in hotels.

You will have to try to get noticed and appreciated. Still, hotel work is one of the most budget-friendly and safest ways to meet a man for a serious relationship. If you do not mind changing jobs and are ready to go to work in the service sector, feel free to choose this method.


Meeting at a restaurant is a proven and well-known way, but very expensive. Even the simplest drinks like coffee and tea cost a lot of money. But you will look odd sitting alone with the only cappuccino you can afford. Dating in restaurants is pretty popular, and people will immediately suspect you are just another wealth hunter.

The best option is to go to restaurants on weekends after having saved enough money for food and entertainment.

Where in Moscow it is definitely possible to find a rich lover is in these restaurants:

  • White Rabbit (average bill: 2.7 thousand rubles);
  • MEGUmi (average check: 4.5 thousand rubles);
  • Mario (average bill: 2.5 thousand rubles);
  • Soluxe Club (average bill: 2.5 thousand rubles);
  • La Maree (average bill 2.5 thousand rubles).

Cafe in the downtown3

Luxurious restaurants are side by side with cafes where wealthy people who are not so prone to waste dine. You can visit them every day: the quality of food and drinks is not worse here, but the price is much more pleasant. A daily lunch in the downtown area can help you meet a respectable man even faster than occasional visits to an expensive restaurant.

Dating in a cafe will help you not only save money, but also maintain your self-esteem in a relationship with a wealthy man. He will have no reason to think that you were specifically looking for a meeting with a rich man.

Travel companies4

Rich people rarely travel without a plan. Usually they turn to the agency so as not to buy tickets on their own, choose a hotel, transport in a foreign country, and many other issues related to travel.

wealthy man
wealthy man

Becoming the operator of a prestigious travel company, you can make many useful contacts with wealthy people in Moscow. Even if you do not meet the man of your dreams at work, you will meet many wealthy women who can take you to a private or expensive club if they want.

In addition, as a company representative, you can be sent to places where you can meet rich people - that is, to continuing education courses, exhibitions, presentations, major cultural events, prestigious hotels and business centers.

Working in tourism is even more promising than working in the hotel business, but getting a position in it is more difficult. However, an expensive travel agency is another place where you can meet a wealthy man or make good connections.

Elite sports clubs5

Another option is to find a job for yourself in a sports club. You can always try to get a job at the reception, the name is only good external data. But if you have the right qualifications, you can also work as a trainer or massage therapist.

rich man
rich man

You can purchase a membership to a prestigious sports club if you can afford it. Today, many wealthy men monitor their shape and health, so the chances of making a dream acquaintance in the gym are very high.

The gym is visited regularly, so one day you will definitely have the opportunity to make a personal acquaintance with an interesting client.

Online dating6

Online dating is a quick and effective way to meet a rich groom. You can register either on special sites for finding a sponsor, or on regular dating sites.

The relationship with the sponsor will differ from the natural relationship that develops between equal partners who are equally interested in each other. Finding a patron is a good way to get financial support quickly, but not the best option if you want a serious relationship.

rich lover
rich lover

You can also find a rich man in Moscow on ordinary dating sites. It will take you more time to search, but the relationship between you is likely to be warmer and more trusting.

You will find more about where to meet a man for a serious relationship in our article.

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