Why Does A Girl Blush - Or How She Can Be Embarrassed

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Why Does A Girl Blush - Or How She Can Be Embarrassed
Why Does A Girl Blush - Or How She Can Be Embarrassed

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Women are God's gift to humanity. They may appear so soft on the outside, but they can be very tough when the situation calls for it. As cute as they are, women become much more attractive when they are embarrassed and given a slight blush on their cheeks. But they are so unpredictable and extraordinary that sometimes it is difficult to guess why a girl blushes at one time or another. However, if you still manage to drive a woman into paint, this indicates that her heart begins to beat at an accelerated pace, forcing the blood to flow faster, the level of adrenaline rises, and … if the culprit of such reactions of the body is a man, then the woman unconsciously shows to interest to him.

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When a young man is courting a girl, there is nothing better than seeing her flushed face as she tries to suppress a smile. Seeing this is the main sign that he is heading in the right direction. However, it can often be difficult to get a girl to blush with romance (rather than anger), and it can take a lot of practice. Therefore, it is better to start learning and practicing today so that one day you will become a master, and when it comes to decisive action, be fully armed.

What a man needs to consider before trying to paint a girl i

In order to know and understand exactly why a girl can blush in the presence of a man, a lot of points should be taken into account.

How well do they know each other

A man should make sure he knows the woman well enough to say or do what she might find a little provocative. If you only met recently, you can use safer ways to make the girl blush, such as complimenting her. If in the thoughts of a man to please her with a bouquet of flowers, but he only knows the girl for a week, then it is better to refrain from such an impulse. Such a rapid development of events can cause unnecessary anxiety in the girl, which will cause her to stay away from the young man. In the case when a man and a woman have known each other for a long time, which allows him to be aware of her preferences and tastes, then such a situation allows for more persistent actions to make her embarrassed.

embarrass the girl
embarrass the girl

Girlfriend Relationship Status

If a man is in the status of a simple acquaintance or a long-time neighbor on the floor, then you can afford to communicate in a friendly manner, with jokes, laughter, talk about work. However, if a man is close to a girl so much that he can ask to visit her, then everything here is already "grown-up".

Do not overdo it

Almost anything done in excess can lead to very undesirable results. The same applies when a woman blushes. The main thing is to observe the correct pace and moderation.

Make sure the relationship is not offensive

A man should always be attentive to everyone around him, and especially to himself. Any words, gestures or actions can be perceived as an insult. In relationships with women, there is always a danger of waking up the tigress in her, and she will definitely not blush from embarrassment.

Be able to retreat in time

embarrass a girl
embarrass a girl

Some women are inclined to think that since a man feels "on horseback" with her, then on his part, attempts to pacify her are possible. This is the worst mistake. If it is obvious that she simply does not respond to all attempts to draw attention to herself, then perhaps it is worth considering a retreat. Yes, a woman can be taken by surprise, embarrassed and evoke a range of feelings that are reflected on her face, but after all, not everyone may like it, so you should respect this fact, and come to terms with defeat.

How to make a woman blush2

There are some tips for making a woman blush without risking offending her:

Make a compliment

A simple compliment about her beautiful eyes can make a woman feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. It is not necessary to focus on appearance, you can praise or emphasize talent, work done, good attitude to something.

Admire a girl

There is an expression "caress a woman with a glance", not to be confused with the word "undress". A woman should be admired, and this should also be done correctly, in a suitable situation: in transport, on the street, among people in the daytime. Not to stare, insolently looking at and grinning, namely to send her vibes through her eyes. Such an interest on the part of a man will certainly cause color in her.

cheer up a girl
cheer up a girl

Tell a funny story

A funny story will safely bring a man closer to a lady. It also ensures that he sees her blush-filled face laughing at another hilarious story.


A woman's surprise can also make her blush. It is enough to tell her about the very good news or give her the shoes she dreams of. Anything she doesn't expect will trigger a sudden surge of emotion in her, causing her to blush. It is worth remembering that emotions should only be positive.

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