How To Recognize A Lesbian: Obvious And Not So Obvious Signs

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How To Recognize A Lesbian: Obvious And Not So Obvious Signs
How To Recognize A Lesbian: Obvious And Not So Obvious Signs

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how to recognize a lesbian
how to recognize a lesbian

Of course, one cannot say that such stories happen every day, but it still happens that men fall in love with girls of non-traditional sexual orientation, and they fall in love seriously. And they simply cannot reciprocate, so the story ends up being very sad. So men should know how to recognize a lesbian. And for the girls themselves, if they doubt their sexual orientation, such information will not hurt.

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  • 1 A girl who looks like a man
  • 2 Dykes are well-groomed but not feminine
  • 3 Fem - Feminine Lesbian
  • 4 Signs that not everyone sees
  • 5 What else a man needs to know

Indeed, in fact, a girl who likes other girls can not only not stand out from the crowd, but often she herself does not notice anything strange about herself. So what are the characteristics of a lesbian? Of course, they are based to a certain extent on stereotypes, but still, the likelihood that a certain type of girl will turn out to be a lesbian is quite high.


A girl who looks like a man

In the language of the LGBT community, she is called “butch” and is generally considered a kind of average stereotype, but it cannot be denied that such young ladies really exist. She is quite masculine in appearance, and she behaves more like a man than like a representative of the fair sex. As a rule, they find out about their orientation quickly enough, are rarely shy about it and are able to openly show sympathy for girls. They, in fact, have nothing to recognize - everything is in plain sight.

Dykes - well-groomed, but not feminine_8212

Such girls really try to take care of themselves, they look very stylish, while preferring a short haircut and almost complete absence of makeup. Their clothes are also quite men's - shirts and trouser suits, without bright and any pretentious details. If the work requires it, they will put on heels and a skirt, but the first will definitely be stable, and the second strict. Outside of work, you definitely won't see a dyke in anything other than trousers and other emphatically masculine clothing.

How to distinguish such a girl? By the fact that for all her grooming, she seems to deny her feminine principle and in every possible way emphasizes her belonging to the masculine principle. Their style is as strict as possible, without any hint of sexuality.

lesbian or not
lesbian or not

Fem - Feminine Lesbian_8212-2

It is as difficult as possible to recognize her, because if the previous two types are lesbian boys, then this is a lesbian girl. They look like heterosexual women, so it's easy to make a mistake. At the same time, as soon as a man begins to look after her, it becomes clear that the girl's attention is rather disgusting, because she really wants to go into a gentle female embrace. With such girls, everything is quite complicated, and a simple instruction on how to recognize a lesbian does not work here for sure. Moreover, they themselves do not always realize their nature, coming to understand it just in the process of courtship.

Girls who realized that they are Lesbians usually begin to behave with other girls the way they would with a man: they invite them for a walk, watch a romantic movie and look languidly in the eyes. At the same time, the topic of men is simply never touched upon by them.

Signs that not everyone sees2

If a girl realized her lesbian nature and became part of the corresponding community, she usually carries symbols with her, just not everyone is able to recognize such hidden signals. So, if the rainbow flag is heard today, so that the meaning of this particular symbol is understood by everyone, then a simple ring on the thumb is unlikely to attract attention. Nevertheless, it usually speaks of a gay girl, only this symbol should be very minimalistic and sleek.

how to know if a lesbian or not
how to know if a lesbian or not

Two “mirrors of Venus” in one image - this is another fairly traditional sign by which lesbians recognize each other.

Some prefer the classics, which were born even before the rainbow - the black triangle - became the symbol of the LGBT community. But today it is used less and less.

What else a man needs to know3

In fact, even if a girl wears a sign, this may not mean that she is part of the LGBT community, but that she sympathizes with him. In fact, direct courtship can be the only correct way, and you need to behave as correctly as possible.

By a certain age, most lesbians are already aware of their preferences, so you can simply ask the lady you like, demonstrating that this is not an insult. Something like this: “I like you very much, and I would like to invite you to dinner, but I think you would rather get an invitation from a pretty blonde in the accounting department. By the way, she is free. " Such a relaxed phrase will make it clear to the girl that they are not laughing at her, and if the man is mistaken in his assumptions, it will become a reason for the mass of the stock. In any case, no one will be embarrassed, and chance can be the beginning of a good friendship. So now you know how to recognize a lesbian.

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