Why Is Being A Guy Better Than A Girl? Pros Of Guys Life

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Why Is Being A Guy Better Than A Girl? Pros Of Guys Life
Why Is Being A Guy Better Than A Girl? Pros Of Guys Life

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boy and kangaroo
boy and kangaroo

Some people, from time to time, wonder how much life would change if they were of the opposite sex. After all, many couples' problems are connected precisely because of a misunderstanding of genders. This article will help answer the question - why is a guy better than a girl?

The content of the article

  • 1 "I have nothing to wear …"
  • 2 No need to wear high-heeled shoes
  • 3 No need to shave your legs and do epilation
  • 4 No makeup needed
  • 5 Saving money
  • 6 Lack of scandals out of the blue
  • 7 No need to fake an orgasm
  • 8 No critical days
  • 9 No fear of getting pregnant, and no need to give birth
  • 10 Features of the reproductive system
  • 11 Employment
  • 12 Hunting and fishing

"I have nothing to wear …" i

The age-old problem of girls is that I have nothing to wear. Given that the wardrobe is already overflowing, and the wardrobe will soon be torn apart from the excess. Guys don't have such problems. They do not need to constantly update their wardrobe and show off in front of someone.

No need to wear high-heeled shoes2

Not only does it harm the spine, but it is also difficult and uncomfortable. After walking for a long time on such shoes, the girl's legs get very tired, and when she takes them off, the sensations of the long-awaited "freedom" come. Although the girls look very sexy in such shoes. Any guy would agree with this.

No need to shave your legs and do epilation3

Being a girl means spending tons of time hot waxing and shaving almost every part of your body. This is both long and painful. Guys just shave their face and armpits, and the rest is not necessary.

No makeup required4

A long makeup procedure is another laborious job. It also includes manicure and pedicure. Guys don't need this waste of time. I combed my hair and went.

Saving money5

Girls love to spend a lot of money on new clothes, shoes, cosmetics, sometimes without thinking about how much money is wasted. Guys don't need a lot of clothes, and even more so they don't need shoes and cosmetics.

Boys are better than girls
Boys are better than girls

Lack of scandals out of the blue6

Girls love to start a scandal just like that. One has only to say one ambiguous phrase, as the girl begins to alter it and change its meaning. And the guy is already to blame. Alas, it happens.

No need to fake orgasm7

Girls often fake orgasms. Moreover, some girls do not experience it at all, tormented by the thought of frigidity. Guys always have an orgasm. Therefore, they often want sex, since sex for them always ends with a voluptuous climax.

No critical days8

PMS is a scary acronym, which means only one thing for a guy - sex is not expected in the near future. And besides this, the girl becomes emotionally unstable. Even the smallest trifle can dramatically change a girl's mood in one direction or another.

Why is it better to be a guy
Why is it better to be a guy

A girl can be whiny, angry, or suddenly starts glowing with happiness, and then becomes sad again. The guy does not have critical days, but temporary problems from his girlfriend's critical days will definitely increase.

There is no fear of getting pregnant, and there is no need to give birth9

Since the reproductive system of men is aimed only at insemination, they are afraid of getting pregnant and carrying a baby under their heart for 9 months. And even more so to give birth, experiencing excruciating pains, they will not have to. Although it would be curious to see the guy who could get pregnant and get the Charlie Chaplin prize of $ 1 million.

Features of the reproductive system10

According to medical research, the older a girl gets, the higher the risk of having a child with congenital diseases and ailments. And also some girls find it more difficult to get pregnant. Guys have no problems with the reproductive system.

Even when a guy goes into the category of adult men, sexual desire does not disappear and persists for many years. After all, since primitive times, a man was designed so as to conceive as many children as possible.

Life is easier for guys
Life is easier for guys


The problem of finding employment for girls is still relevant. No employer wants to hire a girl if she is going to get married and have children in the future. Why invest money and time in a person who can go on maternity leave at some point.

The question "are you going to give birth" is one of the most frequently asked questions when hiring girls. The guy does not have such a problem in finding a job. What's more, guys have much wider job opportunities than girls. Although, over time, due to the growing trend towards gender equality, the boundaries of male and female work will finally be erased.

Hunting and fishing 12

Among the guys, as well as among adult men, there are fans of hunting and fishing. This is due to the passion and instinct of the hunter. The man has been a breadwinner and hunter since primitive times. And this instinct still awakens from time to time in the soul of a man who is bored of his everyday routine. Most girls do not share a love for these male activities, and therefore conflicts often arise due to misunderstandings of each other.

Why is it easier for guys to live
Why is it easier for guys to live

From all that has been said, we can conclude that being a guy is better than a girl. But on the other hand, as if the guys lived without girls. For the sake of the guys, they look after themselves, buy a bunch of clothes and shoes to always be different and unique. They do all this not only for themselves, but also for the sake of the guys. After all, it is better to see a well-groomed beauty nearby than a terrible ugly girl.

And for this it is worth tolerating her petty lady's whims! And we recommend reading our article on the topic of why it is good to be a girl, then follow the link.

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