What To Do If A Girl Is Constantly Lying: The Reasons For This Behavior

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What To Do If A Girl Is Constantly Lying: The Reasons For This Behavior
What To Do If A Girl Is Constantly Lying: The Reasons For This Behavior

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the girl is lying
the girl is lying

The opinion that girls are pathological liars is very common and this opinion is not at all unfounded. Why? Today we have to figure it out. Therefore, if you think what to do if the girl is lying and are looking for the reasons for this behavior, then after reading the following material the questions will disappear by themselves.

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  • 1 A kind of female protection
  • 2 The habit of living in an imaginary world
  • 3 Girls think about the feelings of others
  • 4 Frequent contact with children
  • 5 Research

First, let's talk about possible reasons, guided by which a huge number of women are lying.

A kind of female protectioni

Nature has created men 40 percent stronger than women and 20 percent more. In general, with a strong desire, the average young man can easily take the average woman and throw it away. Unfortunately, this is proved by the frequent scandals in families, when the head of the family raises his hand against his wife. Despite the fact that they do it so rarely, it still has a place to be. Living with a tyrant, you may or may not want, but you will learn to defend yourself by any means, and it does not matter what way it will be

Since not all the fair sex can stand up for themselves and pile on anyone, they have to defend themselves in this way - to lie. So, for example, you have to lie to your husband, who does not know how to cook, but really wants to. Try his "masterpieces" and say that everything is not so bad, but something else should be added, instead of "you didn’t succeed again, throw it up."

In addition, in a stressful situation, when it is necessary to get out of the water dry, there is nothing left but to lie, if in this case the lie will be more pleasant than the truth. Most often this happens automatically and the girls think “why did I say that?” And nothing can be done about it. In addition, even in ancient times, the most cunning female individuals managed to survive, and this says something.

The habit of living in an imaginary world2

What if the girl is lying? Certainly not to lead her to a lie detector, since she will be able to deceive him too. The lie detector works in this way: a drop of lies and falsehood is noticed - it means that you are lying.

reasons why the girl is lying
reasons why the girl is lying

Girls are used to dreaming every day on the way to work, before going to bed, and in general almost always. They can convince themselves that they are generally the queen of England and say so while connecting to a lie detector, it will not show that she was lying.

A man is lying to a woman, on the contrary, adhering to a logical sequence in everything and lying is extremely rare, since they are quite bad at it. Girls from generation to generation learn the art of lying and can say completely illogical and untrue things to everyone without difficulty and fear, but people will be sure that she is not lying.

Girls think about the feelings of others3

The fair sex does not adhere to the rule "bitter truth is better than sweet lie." They understand. When a person needs to lie so that he is not completely disappointed in himself and in his life.

If the girls were all telling the truth, then another great depression would be expected. Think for yourself, would you like to know that your current girlfriend accidentally met someone from the former on the street and talked to him for several hours? That's it.

the girl doesn't tell the truth
the girl doesn't tell the truth

Ladies are much more sensitive to people's emotions. It is usually simply impossible for them to tell the truth, which will definitely offend the interlocutor. It is important for them that the person with whom they are talking should feel confident and calm, and if you say something unpleasant, albeit truthful, the former calmness and confidence will leave the trace free.

Frequent contact with children4

When you often communicate with children, the ability to lie is one of the most important qualities. No politicians and scammers will ever compare to a young mother in her life. Why? Let's explain now!

How to get your child to wash their hands after a walk? To say that if they are not washed, then scabs will grow or something worse. Does the child want more candy, although he has already eaten so much? Tell them that the squirrel took the sweets, that she needs them more and needs to feed the squirrels. Knocking your feet on the floor or any other object? We can say that the one he hits is in pain.

How to get pills to drink? To say that if you don't drink them, you can die like some boy who refused to take vitamins. Well, the most favorite trick is to say that if a child misbehaves, that uncle or aunt will take him away. This is where women learn the real art of lying is with children. Therefore, it makes no sense to wonder what to do if the girl is lying. Most likely, you just have to accept.

reasons for cheating a girl
reasons for cheating a girl


Interesting studies were conducted in Toronto and New York, during which it was found that girls lie 40 percent more often than men throughout their lives. We also managed to find out. That the young ladies manage to deceive much more skillfully and easier, thereby forcing people to believe in everything they say. This is due to absolute composure and calmness even during the most grandiose lies.

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