Why Is It Necessary To Get Married - A Desperate Or Deliberate Step?

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Why Is It Necessary To Get Married - A Desperate Or Deliberate Step?
Why Is It Necessary To Get Married - A Desperate Or Deliberate Step?

Video: Why Is It Necessary To Get Married - A Desperate Or Deliberate Step?

Video: Why Is It Necessary To Get Married - A Desperate Or Deliberate Step?
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Why you need to get married
Why you need to get married

Wedding, pre-wedding fuss, gifts, joy - all this scares many of the stronger sex, but attracts most women. Often in childhood, many boys brought girls home and proudly told their mother - "Mom, this is my wife, she will live with us."

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  • 1 Marital duty
  • 2 Did you call the housekeeper?
  • 3 Cheaper than just a girl
  • 4 Age of Equality
  • 5 Report status
  • 6 Mutual understanding
  • 7 The main thing is deliberate

Time has passed, but in principle nothing has changed. Only in childhood everything seemed easier than in adulthood. Creating a family, having children is, of course, wonderful, but you should go for it confidently, and not under the influence of any circumstances. There will be people who will ask - why is it necessary? Getting married is not so bad, it also has its advantages, which will be discussed later.

Marital Duty

Contrary to popular belief, guaranteed sex takes place. Sex after marriage becomes quite a real obligation. After carrying out this event, the faithful may stop taking care of herself, show reluctance in bed. Okay, but not rare refusals will lead to hiking to the left. And then the marriage will go in one place. Therefore, in order to preserve him and his passion, it is necessary to come to a consensus and be able to yield. Therefore, after the wedding, there is complete liberation and enjoyment of the partner. Everything is like with food - the main thing is not to overeat.

Did you call the housekeeper? 2

Having got married, you can forget about the scattered socks and remember that there is a wardrobe instead of a chair back. Indeed, it seems that the primitive system has passed, but still there are echoes of these foundations in society - when the wife keeps the hearth, and the husband hunts for prey, that is, sits in the office and creates the illusion of work.

Coming home - cleanliness, beauty, dinner on the table, the beautiful wife is waiting in bed. The latter is not always the case, because in the process of cleaning the house and preparing food, energy is also expended. In general, the order in the house is in most cases ensured.

Cheaper than just a girl3

Young ladies love attention so much, they love to be desired so much and strive for it. The candy-bouquet period in a relationship is truly the most romantic, bright and colorful. But he requires money, and money must be earned. Or ask your parents. This is someone like. In any case, the spouse is cheaper than the girl at the time of the beginning of the relationship. Gifts associated with cooking will be pleasant for both. Especially if she cooks deliciously.

Age of Equality4

Oh, this emancipation, the fair sex now has the same rights as men. Both sexes, in fact, initially have equal rights, it is just the influence of time, different eras, gave rise to this inequality. But, in our time, you can marry a rich and successful.

decision to marry
decision to marry

Hence, there are immediately different goodies and amenities - beautiful housing, cars, clothes and other attributes of a rich life. And no one will look at such a relationship crooked and askew. After all, she earned everything herself, on her own.

Report status5

In our society, a family man gives rise to the impression of a responsible and loyal, breadwinner and protector. It is unfortunate that this is often not the case. In general, some people start a family precisely for the reason imposed by society, that they need to bring their own full-fledged unit of society and cannot otherwise. This can come from childhood when parents say that it is so right.

It also has a rather old origin, now, as it were, an aspiration is imposed, but the image is lost. Due to the fact that it becomes such an important goal in life. But that's a completely different story.

Mutual understanding6

dare to marry
dare to marry

In a good and strong marriage, this word is not an empty phrase, support and the ability to listen in a difficult situation is important. A man does not often want to speak out, and if such a moment comes, he will rather talk with friends than with a girl or a chosen one. Perhaps this is due to an unwillingness to look weak and lost in front of a loved one.

They say a man is a car without emotions and without feelings, and you can't give slack. But these are all prejudices. In a strong marriage, a man can trust his chosen one and discuss anything with her. He also wants to sometimes talk, speak about painful things and just feel the warmth and comfort. After the official part of the wedding, often the connection between people is strengthened and mutual understanding moves to a new level.

The main thing is deliberate7

From great love, you can completely lose your head and make a marriage proposal to your beloved woman. In such a situation, emotions, his heart rule. But, since this proposal is quite serious and has a long-term nature, it is worth making it after thinking it over and being completely confident in it.

happy marriage
happy marriage

Why it is necessary to marry everyone decides for himself, only the main advantages of this issue were listed above. In any case, we can say that by creating a family, people plan children in the future, and this is the continuation of their own kind, which allows them to carry out their biological functions from the point of view of human nature.

But why men do not want to marry, you should read in our article further on the link.

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