Problems Of Beautiful Girls Or Beauty Is Not Yet A Success

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Problems Of Beautiful Girls Or Beauty Is Not Yet A Success
Problems Of Beautiful Girls Or Beauty Is Not Yet A Success

Video: Problems Of Beautiful Girls Or Beauty Is Not Yet A Success

Video: Problems Of Beautiful Girls Or Beauty Is Not Yet A Success
Video: The Problems of Being Very Beautiful 2023, June
girl in art glasses
girl in art glasses

Everyone considers truly beautiful girls to be the happiest in this life. After all, if a girl has a sexy appearance and unearthly attractiveness, then the best men in the world should automatically fall at her feet, get the most luxurious jewelry and the most expensive gifts.

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  • 1 Played and quit?
  • 2 Loners in life
  • 3 Insecurity and overconfidence
  • 4 Ruinous aid
  • 5 Beauty is the enemy
  • 6 I don't believe
  • 7 Envy
  • 8 You can't build a career….

Beautiful girls have amazing facial features, expressive eyes, a perfect figure, but all this, unfortunately, does not guarantee a problem-free life. And luxurious gifts are not a confirmation that she will be happy. Alas, the world is cruel and most beautiful girls realize this very quickly. What kind of problems do beautiful girls have?

Played and dropped? I

Often for a man, beautiful girls are just "dolls". They just play with them, they are not taken seriously. Yes, they pay attention to such in the first place, but it's worth thinking about what such fleeting attention is worth. It will evaporate as quickly as it was born, as soon as a man meets such a beauty for some time.

Loners in life2

Because of the excess of fans, a beautiful girl often “goes over” the guys. Possessing a charming appearance, the girl is sure that she can always find herself a man. Only as practice shows, most of these long-thinking beauties remain loners. Former fans have been busy for a long time, and beauty fades over time. And it turns out to be quite difficult to find someone worthy who will appreciate not only beauty.

Uncertainty and Overconfidence3

One of the problems of beautiful girls is self-doubt. It's hard to believe, but the charming beauties have such a complex. The interest of men only in the girl's appearance makes her hide her inner world. As a result, the girl feels unnecessary. All that is needed is its shell - appearance.

girls problems
girls problems

The opposite situation also happens when a girl, possessing an expressive appearance, becomes overly self-confident. It is really difficult to get close to such a girl, and sometimes she herself does not understand why she was left alone.

She does not notice her nasty self-confident nature, and is sincerely used to the fact that everyone owes her. Such a person will eventually become deeply unhappy, unless she can overcome her arrogance.

Destructive help4

They help beautiful girls always and everywhere. From school age, where boys carry their briefcases, to adulthood, where a neighbor is ready to collect a wardrobe for free. And, unfortunately, this help makes the girls vulnerable. Getting used to universal gratuitous assistance, the girl cannot cope with difficult problems on her own and is waiting for help from outsiders in everything. But not all life's problems are solved with beautiful eyes and a pretty face.

beautiful girl
beautiful girl

Beauty is the enemy_8212

Attractive girls take good care of their main weapon - beauty. Therefore, such people most often become victims of plastic clinics and beauty salons, which siphon money out of them in tons. Girls do their best to preserve their beauty and youth, but old age is inevitable. This circumstance most often becomes the reason for the depression of beautiful girls.

I don't believe5

When an attractive girl finally meets a man who shows genuine feelings for her, she finds it hard to believe. The first thoughts that arise from a bad previous experience are "he is using me." A charming but lonely woman will sadly think that for him she is just a toy. Again, this leads to loneliness and depression.


The beautiful are most often envied. Sometimes even unconsciously. At school, at the university, and then at work. Everyone around thinks that everything goes to the beauty for the pretty face. It is not difficult to guess that attractive and cheerful people are most often blamed for their own failures, even if they have nothing to do with the situation. That is why envious glances and whispering are a constant problem for beautiful girls. And jealousy in itself may not harm them in any way, but often it develops into unpleasant revenge for a pretty girl.

problems of beautiful women
problems of beautiful women

You can't build a career ….7

As a result, a beautiful girl has to constantly prove something. The company may simply not take her seriously, not consider her a specialist and quietly joke at her. If a beauty needs to prove herself in something, then she will have to work hard. And not just work hard, but also prove to everyone that beauty can be combined with intelligence. Therefore, the life of a beauty is an eternal struggle.

Unfortunately, beauty is not always the path to a happy and carefree life. The owners of an attractive appearance have at all times been disliked by their rivals. Beautiful girls were considered witches; they were poisoned or burned at the stake.

In our time, of course, the Inquisition does not exist, but at all times there will be envious people and ill-wishers who will not miss the chance to slander and insult. So beautiful girls always have enough problems, and if a girl was born attractive by nature, then you need to learn life wisdom and resilience.

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