Why Women Choose Young: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Why Women Choose Young: Advantages And Disadvantages
Why Women Choose Young: Advantages And Disadvantages

Video: Why Women Choose Young: Advantages And Disadvantages

Video: Why Women Choose Young: Advantages And Disadvantages
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young guy
young guy

The trend for experienced women to choose young guys is gaining popularity. Celebrity couples set a good example, despite the condemnation of the majority. Why women choose young people is based on psychological and emotional factors.

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  • 1 Motives and reasons for informed choice
  • 2 Sincerity versus maternal concern
  • 3 Age, sex and appearance
  • 4 Attitude towards life and attractiveness

Motives and reasons for informed choicei

Advantageous, at first glance, marriage between an elderly lady and a young lover is often criticized. The answer to the question why women choose young people can be divided into two main motives:

1. Realization of the maternal instinct.

2. Imitation of the feeling of youth (second youth).

Practicing psychologists argue that the problem can be so deeply psychological that women interpret it as a manifestation of love. But as statistics show, marriages between partners with an age difference of more than eight years are stronger than between peers.

Love is an extremely rare factor that unites a couple with a large age difference. More often there is mutual satisfaction of interests, beneficial cooperation in emotional and psychological terms.

Sincerity versus maternal concern2

What drives a young man who is passionate about an older woman? Love can be the answer to this question. However, the following reasons are much more common:

  • Material security.
  • Stability in life.
  • Willingness to support a young lover.
  • Realization of the mother-son relationship.
young lover
young lover

Men care about why women choose young ones. After all, the first ones have more advantages. But the position of the guys choosing older ladies is completely embarrassing.

They are attracted by the consistency, pragmatism and confidence of older women. Certain sexual and life experiences are often the determining factor. However, the vast majority subconsciously seek the mother in such a relationship. And if a woman is ready to take care of a man like a son, then such a couple can exist for many years.

Alexey, 29 years old

“The difference with my wife is more than twenty years. Friends laughed at me, did not even believe. I divorced my young wife for Vicki. I came home from work, and she starts yelling from the doorway, unhappy forever, reproaches her salary. So tired of this! And it’s so good with Vika, I came home, ate deliciously (very tasty) and you can watch a movie together, go for a walk to the park. He will always listen, accept it as it is"

Mark, 27 years old

“I think modern girls are too hypersexual. Serve them three times a day to bring them to orgasm, and so on. Am I a sex machine or what? With Rita for a year now, he never insists on sex, but if I want, he does not refuse. Always calm and comfortable at home. She is 45, and any young simpleton will give a head start."

Demmy Moor
Demmy Moor

Age, sex and appearance3

It is understandable why women choose young people, but it is easier to maintain such relationships now than before. Modern cosmetology allows you to maintain youth with minimal surgical intervention. A woman at forty can look thirty.

Men strive specifically for well-groomed ladies when age is not so striking outwardly, but the experience in bed becomes dominant. A woman chooses a young lover to adjust or "grow" for herself. Building quite strong relationships. Even in sex, she will teach what she likes best.

Physical appearance is an important factor. Making love with a fit handsome man is much more pleasant than with a flabby peer. Unfortunately, mostly women keep themselves in shape. The culture of feminism and body positivity has led to the fact that ladies of the old school look much better than young girls.

young husband
young husband

Sex in the age of the mature porn industry is no longer a problem. Exciting creams, toys, lubricants that enhance pleasure. All of this can maintain a high level of intimate relationships with the frequency that both partners need.

Attitude towards life and attractiveness4

Another reason why women choose young guys is their laid-back attitude towards life. Gaiety, cheerfulness, ease of communication are very attractive.

A self-confident woman of age, who has a certain wealth, can pick a guy based solely on her character traits. Most of them are ready to provide for a young lover, give him expensive gifts, trying to compensate for the lack of youth.

Communicating with a guy much younger, the lady begins to feel young and attractive. The desire to be in a young age, to experience the same feelings and feelings can be a consequence of psychological trauma.

adult woman
adult woman

If a couple is good together, then age does not matter. The main thing is that the relationship should be dictated by feelings, not material goods. Then such a marriage will last for many years.

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