Is A Girl With The Character Of A Guy A Friend Or A Lover? Distinctive Features

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Is A Girl With The Character Of A Guy A Friend Or A Lover? Distinctive Features
Is A Girl With The Character Of A Guy A Friend Or A Lover? Distinctive Features

Video: Is A Girl With The Character Of A Guy A Friend Or A Lover? Distinctive Features

Video: Is A Girl With The Character Of A Guy A Friend Or A Lover? Distinctive Features
Video: Can Men and Women Be Just Friends? | The Science of Love 2023, June
girl with drill and hammer
girl with drill and hammer

A girl with the character of a guy lives in every woman, but he is hidden deep in the subconscious so that no man would guess. Every woman wants to command, to show character, but this behavior does not end with anything good.

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But there are girls who do not consider it necessary to be feminine and gentle, but on the contrary are fond of men's, power sports and behave accordingly. They choose a specialty, for example, a car mechanic, dress in sportswear, ride a motorcycle, listen to rock, are fond of cars, technology, and sports.

It is easier for a guy to get to know such a girl, but he does not see her as the mother of his children and is afraid to start a closer relationship. It is easy and pleasant for him to be friends with her, interests coincide, topics for conversation are the same. But there is no desire to marry.

Even in the family, such girls were brought up according to the male type, forced to be independent, taught to achieve goals, but were not attracted to needlework and the kitchen.

About this we can say: "A woman with character", distinctive features are manifested in everyday life:

  • They always say that what they think is best for everyone, everything is clear and understandable, they have their own opinion.
  • They do not shy away from problems, but look for their solutions, gaining life experience, which is what they win over ordinary girlfriends.
  • Self-confidence makes it possible to deftly take control of the situation into your own hands and successfully bring it out.
  • Showing their abilities, they steadily strive for success, always bring the matter to the end. They have nothing to justify because they are showing results.
  • They easily conclude deals, know how to negotiate and are successful in business.
  • Taking off is always fun and interesting, because they introduce everything new into their lives. They won't sit still.
  • You cannot catch them by surprise, such girls always live two steps ahead. They know about their capabilities and use them.
Girl with the character of a guy
Girl with the character of a guy
  • They themselves create the rules and live only by them.
  • They can point out mistakes, they are not afraid to offend them. Expressions are not selected, they say how it is and that's good.
  • They are happy to do any work above the norm, with high quality. Show intelligence, composure and energy.
  • They will definitely force their partners to make tough decisions, you don't need to do difficult things for decisive girls, they are able to take responsibility.
  • It's easy to live with those who know how to take responsibility for themselves.
  • They know where to eat and what to order. They will do it without hesitation at the best table.
  • Powerful girls know what they want and they will force you to be real, they will definitely give you motivation, they will be on your side.
  • They enrich life with their ideas, the desire to learn something new.
  • There is nothing to reproach them with, because they do everything correctly and thoroughly.
  • Such masculine qualities as assertiveness and decisiveness make it possible to build a career, turn into a business lady.

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A girl with a guy's character has excellent qualities, but it can be difficult for them to find a mate. Weak men, able to obey, are afraid of them like fire.

Girl with the character of a guy
Girl with the character of a guy

All other men begin to compete with them, proving their superiority. You can't build a family in such a confrontation, but they apparently don't really need it. And those who need it will skillfully hide their merits and give the man primacy, and they will prompt them unobtrusively, gradually, so that it seems that this is his decision.

A girl with the character of a guy knows perfectly well that it is impossible to change a man, especially if he is passionate about something, or sports, or work, or business, or a hobby. She is able to supplement him, he, in turn, will be faithful to her, since he will not be able to spray. The girl will not complain about the lack of attention from him, because she always has something to do, she has no free time.

And in order to achieve her goal, she will find many ways to instill her desire in a man's head and he will think that this is his idea. So, you can accidentally say what you want in a conversation and repeat it again at the end, so it is better remembered. Notice in another conversation. Referring to people who have authority with the husband. It is affirmative to say, as if by chance uttered, and to pretend that they accidentally touched on this topic. So gradually the thought will sink into his head and after 2-3 days he will give you "his" idea.

Soft, tender, flexible, feminine, defenseless - these women are adored by men. What to do for those who are endowed with masculine traits from birth: a decisive, independent, domineering, self-sufficient girl under the slogan "I myself", of course, try to hide their character and play the role of a Barbie doll if they want to get married. Read more on how to change the character of a girl, and for what reason it can change.

Girl with the character of a guy
Girl with the character of a guy

Otherwise, we can say with confidence that you will have to live alone, raise a child like a single mother and achieve everything in life herself. This happens most often, but such imperious natures do not even suffer from loneliness, they simply do not represent any man with them. They are raised like the Amazon.

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