Clothes For The Ages Or Why Girls Wear Skirts: Historical Evidence

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Clothes For The Ages Or Why Girls Wear Skirts: Historical Evidence
Clothes For The Ages Or Why Girls Wear Skirts: Historical Evidence

Video: Clothes For The Ages Or Why Girls Wear Skirts: Historical Evidence

Video: Clothes For The Ages Or Why Girls Wear Skirts: Historical Evidence
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girl in black dress
girl in black dress

The 20th century brought dramatic changes to the way of life for both men and women - equal rights and short haircuts, child free families and same-sex marriages. One in this world, turned upside down, cannot be more beautiful than a woman in a long dress. This article discusses 5 reasons why girls still wear skirts.

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  • 1 A woman feels like a woman
  • 2 Health of female reproductive organs
  • 3 Mental health
  • 4 It's just beautiful
  • 5 Warm in winter and cool in summer

A woman feels like a woman

Yes, of course Rosa Luxemburg and her associates have done a lot for women's independence. Now everyone has the right to vote, work on an equal basis with a man and other things that are common in the modern world. It is wonderful that no one else will squint and twist at the temple when they see a girl in a man's suit, as it was just a few centuries ago. Today, no one will be surprised at a girl in boyfriend jeans and a man's shirt, who, being a third-class locksmith, drags weights.

The past wars and the subsequent devastation and scarcity of men taught women to be strong and to cope with everything on their own. This is not bad at all, it was so necessary that the grandmothers could raise their mothers. But is it necessary now, when the peaceful sky is overhead.

A second wave of feminism is raging in our time. Women go crazy, and men who are intimidated to the extreme do not resemble men at all.

Sometimes you just want to put on a pink dress with ruffles and ask the man at the store to help carry heavy bags or park in a difficult place. Just because you can become weak for half an hour, nothing terrible will happen, you don't have to talk about thieves. When a woman is wearing primordially feminine clothing, it is much easier to ask for help.

Health of female reproductive organs2

Another undoubted plus of skirts, especially free and length from the knee and below, is that the pelvic organs are not pinched. This means healthy blood circulation.

Wearing skirts and dresses for the weather keeps your period regular and relieves pain during premenstrual syndrome. Indirectly, the clothes worn by the great… grandmothers affect the health of the hormonal system.

Also, such clothes are much more comfortable during pregnancy, which is calmer.

Mental health3

Nature has created women to be overly emotional compared to men. A typhoon may occur in their lovely heads, but outwardly nothing seems to have changed.

Why do girls wear skirts? This clothing slows down women a little, makes movements smoother. When you put on a beautiful dress, you don't want to march, but you want to float smoothly on the waves like a swan. From this, the mood changes, the thoughts in the head calm down, and the others breathe out with relief.

the reason why girls wear skirts
the reason why girls wear skirts

From an esoteric point of view, the skirt collects the energy of the earth, which is considered feminine, which is also reflected in the emotional plane of the wearer. Good mood, energy and increased libido are guaranteed.

Trousers accumulate male energy. Solar energy makes the wearer faster, more assertive and more purposeful. An overabundance of male power has never been good for the female body, and becomes a psychosomatic cause of many diseases.

It's just beautiful4

Over the centuries, women have created thousands, if not millions, of stunning dress designs. Long and short, made of skins and weightless fabrics, adorned with all kinds of stones and simple - all this is just to emphasize the feminine beauty.

In addition, there was a desire to do needlework, because you do it for yourself. The dowry for the Vesta was collected from the age of ten, and maybe even earlier. Hand-embroidered garments, trimmed with lace, knitted by themselves, have been passed down with reverence from generation to generation. It is rather difficult to imagine in times of too fleeting modern fashion.

the reason why women wear skirts
the reason why women wear skirts

A beautiful dress definitely needs jewelry, cute little things and accessories. This is what makes the image unique, complete and complete.

Body flaws are much easier to hide with a long skirt. Even in the same Russia, they knew how to sew sundresses in such a way that the dignity of the figure was emphasized, without unnecessary demonstration of bodies.

The male mind is arranged in such a way that the more inaccessible, the more interesting, because you can fantasize and what is not. A man, until his wedding night, was allowed, at most, only to kiss the hand. In the days of skinny jeans with a low rise, all the romance of dreams disappears in an instant, you don't need to invent anything: at first glance, it is clear who has what.

Warm in winter and cool in summer5

For a long time in Russia, even in the coldest corner of Siberia in winter, women wore skirts and dresses. In order not to freeze, they wore woolen stockings and several woolen petticoats before going outside.

why girls wear skirts
why girls wear skirts

Well, in the summer, a free-fitting dress gives coolness in the most intense heat. Modern times are so good that everyone has a choice. What to wear, whom to love and what to do, do not just condemn and take away this choice from others.

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