The Benefits Of A Kiss. The More You Kiss, The Longer You Live

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The Benefits Of A Kiss. The More You Kiss, The Longer You Live
The Benefits Of A Kiss. The More You Kiss, The Longer You Live

Video: The Benefits Of A Kiss. The More You Kiss, The Longer You Live

Video: The Benefits Of A Kiss. The More You Kiss, The Longer You Live
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The kiss, as a manifestation of passion, love and tenderness, is still in the lead and does not give up its positions. In many cities, there are even championships for sports, "rapid-fire", basketball, the longest types of this lip-meeting. Even scientists daily prove to us the benefits of kissing. What diseases does this pleasant feature of a relationship in a couple treat? Details in this review.

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  • 1 You kiss more - you live longer
  • 2 Down with stress!
  • 3 No wrinkles!
  • 4 Boredom Injection
  • 5 Natural antibiotic
  • 6 Teeth will be healthy!
  • 7 Interesting Facts About The Benefits Of Kissing

The more you kiss, the longer you live

The average life expectancy of a statistical person has increased by 20-30 years precisely due to the lifting of the ban on public display of feelings in public places. According to scientists, earlier people were afraid to kiss in public, therefore, the benefits of kissing were less, and mortality was at a high level. Now, when the norms of morality are much relaxed, you can kiss everywhere, and, accordingly, constantly prolong your existence in such a pleasant way.

Down with stress! 2

For lovers of a slim and good figure, it is best to overcome stress with a kiss, rather than a proven chocolate or banana, which stimulates the production of special hormones of happiness. The exchange of sensations by touching the lips can cause the same storm of emotions and raise the level of happiness in the blood. You will gain much less calories, since such physical activity, for example, 5 minutes of kissing is equal to 10 squats! Or minus - 12 calories! The main thing is to try diligently and with pleasure!

In addition, the kiss develops the lungs, more oxygen enters the brain, which raises the tone of the whole body.

It is interesting! During breathing, a person takes about 20 breaths per minute, and with a kiss - about 60!

No wrinkles! 3

The best remedy for wrinkles is not expensive creams, but passionate and ardent manifestations of feelings. For example, a French kiss. What is a French kiss, and how to correctly perform it, read our article at the link.

benefits of a kiss
benefits of a kiss

During this action, all the muscles of the face work, and there are 39 of them for a second! This daily exercise, which can be repeated with your partner several times a day, will improve your complexion, tighten it and make you look fresher and younger.

Boredom Injection4

Sex quickly becomes boring, as the routine obligation becomes daily. This does not bring anything new to life. The kiss revives family life and adds variety to its sexual connotations. The quivering sensation of "like the first time" is added by new lip dating and the search for erogenous zones that can be explored endlessly. Many doctors even "prescribe" kisses to their patients, since during this process a person moves away from the state of depression and frustration into which modern society drives him.

Natural antibiotic5

A group of scientists from Australia even found many natural antibiotics in saliva that promote better wound healing. Therefore, in case of illness, the "Do not kiss!" it is better not to use, because if you have strong immunity, you will help your partner to quickly get out of the clutches of the disease. In this case, the benefits of kissing can be enormous.

Remember the animals that constantly "lick" their fellows. This is not only a beneficial process from the point of view of psychology, but the speedy healing of wounds.

kiss like medicine
kiss like medicine

Healthy teeth! 6

Scientists from the Chicago Academy are absolutely convinced that kissing is the prerogative of people with healthy teeth. And the first signs of caries do not appear from the fact that people eat the wrong food, but less saliva and kiss. The fact is that saliva has not only bactericidal properties, but also perfectly cleans tooth enamel. Saliva copes with this no worse than chewing gum, which, by the way, is extremely unhealthy for the body.

Interesting facts about the benefits of kissing7

Many people experience not only a feeling of joy and delight, but also fill their body after meeting lips with a real drug, akin to morphine. But this is a real pain reliever, so the children's phrase: "Mom, kiss, it hurts!" has a solid scientific basis.

In addition, kisses increase sensitivity and develop sensuality in a couple, since the lips are 200 more sensitive than the same fingers.

How many times do people kiss in their entire life? Approximately 500,000 times, and these are the most loving ones, which exceed the figure of 10 kisses a day. The average person transmits happiness hormones to their partner in this way about 5-7 times a day. Moreover, the age of the couple has a special influence: if they are young people, then the number of kisses and, accordingly, the benefits from them are much greater. Older adults only kiss a couple of times a day on average. And it’s in vain, especially for people with low blood pressure: an active kiss, at least for a minute, increases blood pressure, pulse and metabolism.

what is healed with a kiss
what is healed with a kiss

Thus, the benefits of kissing are enormous. And this is not only in the good antibacterial property of this action, but also in the fact that when kissing people become closer to each other not only physically, but also emotionally! Therefore, down with stress and illness, and for this you just need to kiss more often!

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