Lessons In Seduction: Women's Secrets From An Experienced Seducer

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Lessons In Seduction: Women's Secrets From An Experienced Seducer
Lessons In Seduction: Women's Secrets From An Experienced Seducer
Lessons from temptation
Lessons from temptation

Nature has endowed women with the gift of enchanting representatives of the strong half of humanity. The secrets of male seduction are as old as the world! It is on these secrets that the lessons of seduction are built, which we are ready to share with our readers.

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  • 7 Seduction tactics
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Women's secrets

Having set yourself the task of achieving the location of the man you like, you should not forget about the individuality of each person. Each should have their own key, their own secret.

Secret first2

The first meeting is decisive. Naturally, you will exchange information about yourself. Try not to tell everything to a new friend, let something remain as intrigue. Show the man that you are interested in his person, but don't overdo it. It is better not to touch upon such topics as financial situation, previous relationships and politics.

Try to find common interests. In no case dump everyday problems on the interlocutor, otherwise you will fail. Show your communicative qualities and friendly character, appropriate humor and imagination. Believe me, all this will be appreciated.

Secret # 2

Undoubtedly, a lady should only exude fresh and pleasant aromas. Many men react quite adequately to the smell of perfume. But everything is good in moderation. A bottle poured on clothes, even the most exquisite perfume, will not produce the effect that can be easily achieved with a drop of floral scent behind the ear, in the hair, on the wrist.

Secret three4

A well-groomed appearance is half the battle. Therefore, try to choose your wardrobe in such a way that it emphasizes the dignity of your figure. Don't hide beautiful legs behind the maxi. A moderately open top is quite suitable for a high bust.

The fourth secret5

A man must understand that he is interesting to you. At the meeting, try to concentrate all your attention on his person. Agree, this is not easy to do with a phone. They may call you at the most inopportune moment. In this regard, it is better to turn off the gadget, or even leave it at home.

Secret # 56

Even if after the first meeting you really do not want to leave, you need to leave first. And certainly, leaving an aura of mystery, understatement, enigma, so that your gentleman craves new meetings.

secrets of seduction from an experienced seducer
secrets of seduction from an experienced seducer

Meetings that will give him the opportunity to unravel you as the most wonderful secret.

Seduction tactics7

To make a man look in your direction with adoration and wait for new meetings, it is important to know how you can excite and conquer a man. Armed with this knowledge, important in seduction of the chosen one, you can easily master the lessons of seduction.


At all times, one of the most effective tools of seduction was considered a glance. Shall we practice? We select the object. For 3 seconds, intently, without looking up, we look into his eyes. Then we languidly lower our eyelids and smoothly look away.

It is interesting! If a man's eyes dilate when looking at you - you are on the right track, you are appreciated. If they are narrowing, your chances are zero.

seduction lessons for women
seduction lessons for women

If you catch a man's gaze directed at you, be sure to smile. A gentle and benevolent smile will not go unnoticed.


The hackneyed phrase "they meet by their clothes" should be a slogan on the way to seducing the man you like. The first thing he will pay attention to is your appearance. Everything should be extremely neat. Considering that men do not like easily accessible women, deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a skirt that is too short and a deep neckline for a meeting. Take on minimalism. A little black dress will come in handy.

A minimum of cosmetics. If you are a happy owner of a beautiful appearance, then only slightly tinted lips. The war paint will not be in your favor.

The hairstyle should be naturally stylish and well-groomed. No tousled hair.

secrets from an experienced seducer
secrets from an experienced seducer

Be restrained in everything: timbre of voice, gestures. Maintain your posture, it will emphasize the dignity of the figure. By the way, a high heel will play an invaluable role in this.

Pay attention to the little things. Slips in the form of unkempt hands, pantyhose shooting, etc. will be appreciated adequately.

Internal content10

Remember the phrase in the movie of the same name "I am the most charming and attractive"? So, it is with this attitude that you enter the path of seduction. Feel your sexuality. And don't just feel, but believe in it. Everything you do, do it sexy: look, move, talk.

Analyze your personality traits. Those of them that are assessed as positive are components of your dignity. You can also profitably play on them.

So, you are fully prepared to conquer the peaks. The final touch in the form of a few drops of perfume. Look in the mirror. Your reflection in it should, above all, please you.

seduction lessons for girls
seduction lessons for girls

Hopefully our lessons in seduction have not been wasted. They will help not only charm, but also keep a man. This process is delicate and painstaking. But you are a woman! And a woman by nature is given special wisdom and intuition. They will become your assistants. Go for it!

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