Why Are Girls Prettier Than Men? Scientists Have Answered

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Why Are Girls Prettier Than Men? Scientists Have Answered
Why Are Girls Prettier Than Men? Scientists Have Answered

Video: Why Are Girls Prettier Than Men? Scientists Have Answered

Video: Why Are Girls Prettier Than Men? Scientists Have Answered
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In nature, it is usually males that are more attractive than females. Compare at least a male and a female peacock, a lion and a lioness, monkeys. When it comes to people, things are a little different. Why are girls prettier than men? How did it happen?

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  • 1 How do women rate intelligence?
  • 2 Pursuit of beauty
  • 3 Female anatomy
  • 4 Perceptions of men and women in society
  • 5 Heredity

Given that men in most of nature are much more attractive than women, why hasn't this been relevant for people? In nature, women should not be attracted to men. The woman chooses the winner: the more attractive the male, the more females the male will be able to attract.

In peacocks, attractiveness is determined by large and beautiful feathers - it is they that signal the female about the health and vitality of the male. Such a "peacock feather" for people is the brain. In fact, women are more likely to choose a mate for themselves in terms of a man's quick wits. Perhaps this fact explains why man is considered the smartest animal on the planet.

How do women rate intelligence? i

Male attractiveness in the eyes of women is the amount of resources obtained by a man, his sense of humor, ability to use tools, etc. But there is one problem, highly intelligent men are a scarce resource. Thus, women have to compete with each other in order to enter into a relationship with an intelligent, resourceful man.

Striving for beauty2

Man, as a tool maker, actively uses his ability to create tools to improve the quality of life in the development of "beauty tools": makeup, hairstyles, amazing fabrics, false eyelashes, artificial hair and nails - all this helps to maintain and emphasize feminine attractiveness.

Thus, improving her appearance, a woman subconsciously tries to lure and attract the right "man" for a relationship. But in fact, the difference between male and female attractiveness is not that great - especially when you compare a person with peacocks!

who is more attractive
who is more attractive

Female anatomy3

Do not forget about the fact that there are more women in the world than men - this may also explain why girls are more beautiful than men. The female anatomy is more adorable and tends to be encouraged by society more often than the male.

For example, beauty usually means soft facial features, regular jaw shape, full lips, medium-length hair - most of these features are typical for women. Far from being a beauty standard, this is the first thing that comes to mind when asked to describe someone beautiful. Perhaps this is the explanation why girls are more beautiful than men.

Perception of men and women in society4

Men are most often valued for their social status and ability for economic independence in society. Representatives of the stronger sex are characterized by how much they earn for a living, while women are often regarded as an exceptionally "handsome addition" to men. A woman's value and attractiveness in most cases depends on her ability to produce children, which a man usually determines instinctively. Thus, social pressure and competition force a woman to use various methods to improve her appearance.

gender preferences in society
gender preferences in society


An interesting fact is that beautiful people, as statistics show, have more children. And because attractiveness is hereditary, over time, women will become even more physically attractive than men. Thus, the human race becomes more and more beautiful with every century - and this is inevitable. It is also worth noting that more physically attractive parents have daughters than physically less attractive parents.

Thus, if the idea that beautiful parents are more likely to have a daughter and that physical attractiveness is hereditary (for example, beautiful parents give birth to beautiful children, and ugly parents give birth to ugly children) is true; it logically follows that over many generations in the course of human evolution, the average level of physical attractiveness among women should gradually increase, and the average level of physical attractiveness among men should gradually decrease. Regardless of what the initial sex difference in physical attractiveness was (were men more attractive than women, or women were more attractive than men, or there were no differences in physical attractiveness at all), the factthat women are prettier than men is a logical result of evolution.

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