Why Are There So Many Lesbian Or Bisexual Girls: The Facts

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Why Are There So Many Lesbian Or Bisexual Girls: The Facts
Why Are There So Many Lesbian Or Bisexual Girls: The Facts
lesbian or bisexual
lesbian or bisexual

Today girls are three times more likely than boys to be non-heterosexual, especially many bisexual girls. Have you heard of Constance McMillen? She is a high school student who wanted to take her friend to her prom at Itawamba High School in the North Mississippi. The director told the girls that all graduation couples should be with boys. Ms. McMillen called the ACLU, which threatened the school with legal action.

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1 History continues to grab attention across America

In response, the school board canceled the prom. The ACLU then asked US District Court Judge Glen Davidson to intervene. The judge ruled that although the school violated Ms. McMillen's civil rights, he would not force them to graduate.

The story continues to grab attention across Americai

According to psychologist John Buss, historical milestones mention that previously approximately 2% of women were lesbian or bisexual. But, everything has already changed, now the question of why girls love girls rises more often.

Recent monitoring of adolescents and young women shows that approximately 15% of the fair sex are willing to identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual. And only 5% of young men identify themselves as gay or bisexual.

Why is this happening? First of all, a woman has ceased to be just an attachment to a man and can declare her passions openly, without fear of being executed or starving to death.

But not everything is so simple. Acceptance of lesbian relationships often leads to the fact that not all girls initially correctly interpret their attraction to a friend. At times, soul mates are perceived by adolescents as sexual attraction. “Therefore, declaring bisexuality in adolescence is not always the choice of a mature woman,” says Professor Roy Bomeister of Florida State University. What if your girlfriend slept with a friend? We will tell you in our article.

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