How To Recognize A Woman's Coquetry. We Will Answer This Question

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How To Recognize A Woman's Coquetry. We Will Answer This Question
How To Recognize A Woman's Coquetry. We Will Answer This Question

Video: How To Recognize A Woman's Coquetry. We Will Answer This Question

Video: How To Recognize A Woman's Coquetry. We Will Answer This Question
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female coquetry
female coquetry

For centuries, men have been fighting for women, and they choose a worthy companion to give birth to heirs. In our time, the struggle for the beautiful half of humanity has evolved from the skin of a killed lion to hearts on Instagram. Women strive to master the best male using female coquetry. But if you recognize coquetry in advance, you can make a woman play by her own rules.

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  • 1 Expectation creates expectation
  • 2 Expectation makes her feel desirable
  • 3 Expectation fuels interest
  • 4 Waiting gives you time
  • 5 Good things come to those who wait
  • 6 Coquetry
  • 7 How not to get caught

Waiting creates expectation

The expectation is already there from the moment you feel attracted to each other. Attraction is not a choice, and expectation is not something "created" by intention. No girl who keeps you waiting thinks, "I just want him to enjoy this delicious wait."

Waiting makes her feel desirable2

Only a woman can be said to be of "easy virtue". It is important that a man does not perceive his object of desire as a frivolous individual. When it comes to sex, single women suffer from “what will he think” anxiety. If some time has passed since the first meeting, the girl feels that decency is respected.

Expectation fuels interest 3

The longer you are in a state of artificially fueled sexual interest, the less you will have the desire to consider other more affordable options.

Waiting gives you time

The one thing that most men rate about a woman they haven't slept with is how likely they are to sleep with her. This may sound logical, but it's really just instinct. Of course, you are a versatile person who would be interested in getting to know a woman better as a person, but in fact, the first thing you evaluate in a girl is what is your chance of being in the same bed with her, and the second is how to do it.

signs of female coquetry
signs of female coquetry

Women always play by the rules when they are relaxed and show you all sides of character while you wait to just sleep with her. They are unable to hide their flaws in their character all the time while you are waiting for sex.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait5

The woman is the prize. The game is really worth the candle. Play according to her rules and you end up with a nice piece of chocolate cake. This is the same piece of cake the random guy got about 8 months ago due to his hormonal needs, but she turns a new page with you. Now she is trying to do something differently with you because you are really a special person to her.


For those of you unfamiliar with the term, flirtation by and large is the natural default seduction method for women; the transition from hot to cold, from interest to feigned disinterest, the promise of fantastic sex and then complete disconnected indifference. This is flirtatious, and hardly needs to be taught to women, as it has proven effective in manipulating men over the millennia.

how girls flirt
how girls flirt

A woman's best means is always her sexuality. This is their first best key to power over men, which explains why it's so sad for women when their sexuality declines as they age.

In fact, men can also take advantage of coquetry - in fact, use the method of female seduction.

The principle is that the one who resists controls the dynamics of the relationship.

In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs others the least.

The trick for female coquetry is to gradually reward the man, while using a minimum of intimacy. At the same time, she provides the young man with sufficient resistance to keep him in limbo. This is necessary in order to choose the best course of events, as well as in order to evaluate him as a potential husband.

how to use female coquetry
how to use female coquetry

Women need coquetry in order to convince men to play by their own rules and to facilitate the real function of her coquetry - sexual selection among her fans. If a man is convinced that in fact it is he who resists, this only facilitates her coquetry.

How not to get caught7

If a girl starts playing "hot - cold", she saw a worthy man in you and wants to bind you using female coquetry. You either accept its rules or set your own terms. Self-respect should stop you from running to her at the first call, if the day before she was rude or behaved like the Snow Queen.

Also, it is worth remembering that the frequent change in a person's attitude towards you is one of the most common methods of manipulation. The subsequent relationship will not change in the least, even after you go from flirting to marriage. Therefore, agreeing to play by the rules of a woman, be prepared to endure it to the end.

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