A Girl Worthy Of Respect: How Not To Run Into A Fury?

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A Girl Worthy Of Respect: How Not To Run Into A Fury?
A Girl Worthy Of Respect: How Not To Run Into A Fury?

Video: A Girl Worthy Of Respect: How Not To Run Into A Fury?

Video: A Girl Worthy Of Respect: How Not To Run Into A Fury?
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A girl worthy of respect
A girl worthy of respect

Any man wants to see a worthy passion next to him. But where and how to find such a darling. Who is she, a girl worthy of respect, and where to look for her. This question is asked by more than one million men. In the end, someone finds a worthy girl, and someone, unfortunately, meets a semblance of a woman with rude manners and an irresponsible attitude towards her spouse.

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  • 1 For each his own
  • 2 How to start your search
  • 3 Strict criteria
  • 4 Respect must be earned
  • 5 Unfortunately, in relationships with the weaker sex, not everything is so simple
  • 6 Where to look for a beautiful stranger

Where is the golden mean, is there a girl who has enough both calm and extravagant character traits? There is no clear answer to such a question, because every man selects a companion based on his personal beliefs, preferences and desires.

For each his own i

It is impossible to make a precise list of positive qualities in view of the completely different preferences of the stronger sex. The cook, with appetizing forms, will be a worthy match for a lover of hearty food, which will cause absolute antipathy in an athlete with a mountain of muscles. A worthy passion is chosen purely individually. And character traits that are not acceptable for one type of man will be desirable and even divine for another. Whether the golden mean is possible and where it is, alas, not everyone knows.

Where to start your search2

If you are seriously thinking about finding the ideal woman, you should take this event seriously. It is required to think as much as possible about the traits that you would like to see in your beloved. Having set a goal, the main thing is not to go too far, and to make allowances for individual character traits. A beautiful sexy panther may not know how to cook, and a lover of vegetables will wrinkle her nose at the sight of a steak.

Small mistakes may not play a big role in family relationships, however, as practice shows, if partners do not listen to each other, a lump of small trifles can gather into a rather large "block of ice". Divorce and separation are quite possible with this development of events.

Strict criteria3

Having picked up worthy candidates, do not rush to delete those you dislike from the list. You should take a close look at the darling, perhaps small oversights in the lady's behavior will, on the contrary, amuse you, and the minuses will quickly turn into individuality. If the little things make you nervous, and it is not possible to come to terms with them, it is better to refuse such a relationship.

A girl worthy of respect should cause a storm of positive emotions, add strength and vitality to a man. With such a partner, the male representatives shine and at once forget about all the problems. You don't want to part with a woman for a minute, and here the main thing will not turn into a tyrannical jealous man. See the curiosity and desire of other men as just envy of your happy story.

how to recognize a worthy girl
how to recognize a worthy girl

Respect must be earned4

By presenting such strict principles in a love relationship, the partner should be ready for mutual responsibility. When you require your beloved to follow certain rules, you need to be ready to become a worthy example. Otherwise, the opposite effect will not be long in coming. You should not demand compliance with your principles if you ignore your partner's rules, or simply ignore them.

Over time, such a relationship will lose its former trust, and it will be extremely difficult to regain it. A girl worthy of respect in a relationship will always be demanding both in relation to her requests and in fulfilling your desires. If you are not ready to give up your principles, perhaps a partner with a softer character and a less principled position will suit you.

Unfortunately, in relationships with the weaker sex, not everything is so simple5

Any self-respecting girl will not just change for the sake of a fleeting acquaintance. Win trust, win over and win the heart. Only then can the "educational procedures" begin. Calmly explain to the beloved what criteria you see in the girl.

If your speeches are received with hostility, cool down your ardor, and postpone this conversation for a while. Be consistent in your actions. Avoid harsh and drastic methods. Physical methods are not acceptable for the weaker sex. Praise your girlfriend more often when she fulfills your requests, give gifts and the reward will not be long in coming.

A girl worthy of respect
A girl worthy of respect

Where to look for a beautiful stranger6

All ages are submissive to love, as well as all places. You can find your true love anywhere. From dance lessons to public restrooms. If you want your hobbies to coincide with your half, try to visit thematic establishments more often.

Meet friends, expand your circle of acquaintances, and pleasant love events will not keep you waiting long. Meeting up on quick dates is also a rewarding experience. At such parties, you can immediately discuss things that are acceptable and not acceptable for you.