An Undeniable Advantage: Why Girls Like Smart Men

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An Undeniable Advantage: Why Girls Like Smart Men
An Undeniable Advantage: Why Girls Like Smart Men

Video: An Undeniable Advantage: Why Girls Like Smart Men

Video: An Undeniable Advantage: Why Girls Like Smart Men
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girl carries a guy
girl carries a guy

When you start a romantic relationship with someone, you spend more and more free time with the person. It is always more pleasant to be with someone who is well erudite, gushes with interesting ideas, and simply can listen in any situation and help with solving a problem, which is why girls like smart guys.

The content of the article

  • 1 Have something to talk about and laugh about
  • 2 More tact and respect
  • 3 Listen more often
  • 4 More career prospects
  • 5 How to get smarter?

A well-read young man who, if not distinguishing Monet from Manet, by the way, Manet more often drew people, Monet - landscapes, is much more likely to attract a girl and stay in a relationship with her, then at least he will know that the word "quarter" does not apply only to the streets.

Smart guys have several advantages over stupid ones, so they are more often liked by girls who have more than one reason to prefer smart men.

There is something to talk about and laugh about i

The first and most common reason why girls like smart guys is because they're interesting. They, more often than not, tell stories well, unlike not particularly intellectually developed men, and what interesting stories can happen to a guy whose all the fun in life comes down to drinking beer in a friend's garage.

The ability to make a girl laugh is also not the last skill on the way to winning a woman's heart. It is believed that the sense of humor evolved with the person, the funnier with the interlocutor, the smarter he is.

However, it also depends on the intellectual level of the listener. It is much easier for two people who have their sense of humor stuck on "toilet humor" to get along than a woman who jokes about puns in English and a man who finds it funny because of the phrase "I rocked your house."

That is, the smarter the girl is, the more intelligent the interlocutor will be able to make her laugh. At the same time, laughter is one of the sources of the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness. It makes sense that a woman would prefer a man who makes her happy.

More tact and respect2

Smart men are much more respectful of women, show more understanding and patience with women's whims.

attractiveness of smart men
attractiveness of smart men

They understand much more without explanation, thus, they show more tact, since they do not need to ask unnecessary awkward questions, everything that they think logically themselves. Although this can cause some problems, because what men thought of logically, not considering it necessary to ask, can go against the feminine logic.

Nevertheless, such a man does not want to share with the whole company of friends the gossip that the other half shared with him the day before. What distinguishes them favorably from other men.

Listen more often3

A smart man understands that a girl's psyche is arranged a little differently than a man's, so he is more determined to listen than to speak on his own.

Most often, a man in such a situation uses the principles "everything is clear, what to say here" and "so what to say if nothing is clear."

girls love smart men
girls love smart men

A man who is tuned in to listen is much more attracted to a woman, because it seems to her that her experiences are important, which means that she herself is valuable to a man. Feeling needed is highly valued by women.

More career prospects4

When choosing a man, women always consider a long-term relationship, even when they say that this is not so, subconsciously they will still prefer the most promising man.

At the same time, parameters such as appearance and physical indicators for the most healthy offspring are considered, as well as career prospects in order to raise and put this offspring on their feet. Nowadays, money plays a key role in the ability to give children a good education, which, although it does not guarantee them a smart future, gives them more opportunities for self-realization.

How to get smarter? 5

It would seem a banal advice on how to become smarter - read more. Moreover, not only classical literature is suitable, but practically anything, the more a person reads, the easier it is for him to speak, due to the expansion of his vocabulary. Curiosity also works well. When meeting something unfamiliar or incomprehensible, refer to the literature, the Internet, acquaintances, clarify the question for yourself.

why girls choose smart
why girls choose smart

Crosswords, riddles, logical tasks are well suited as stimulation of mental processes. This will help the brain find non-trivial solutions to problems.

Communicate more with people, because each person has their own unique experience, and therefore, everyone has something to share with you.

Thus, the more intellectually developed a man is, the more chances he has to win almost any woman he likes. It is not necessary to have any supernatural knowledge, be a nuclear physicist or be able to prove theorems. It is enough to learn to listen to a woman, help when she needs help, engage in self-development and, of course, be able to make her beloved laugh.

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